Why the Green Army made a long old poke so worthwhile for NUFC

By Lee Ryder on Apr 20, 10 10:20 AM

You couldn't praise Plymouth Argyle enough after their post-match reaction to Newcastle United's 2-0 win in Devon.

When Newcastle were relegated last May, there were plenty of people queuing up to have a pop at the much maligned Mags.

Last night was a different story as Plymouth - despite relegation to League One - played a big part in why Toon fans will remember Home Park forever.

As Toon fans invaded the pitch the Pilgrims PA announcer found the humility to play We Are The Champions, The Blaydon Races and Local Hero in what must have been a dark hour for the home side.

It was all a far cry from last season at Villa Park and helped to bury some of the more painful memories of relegation.

But while Newcastle head back to the Premier League and Plymouth prepare for League One, the sporting behaviour of the Pilgrims should never be forgotten.


Fergie said:

Completely agree. The fans and the staff of Plymouth conducted themselves with impeccable dignity and grace. All the best to them in League 1 next season.

Phil K said:

Couldn't agree more.
Plymouth's behaviour was exceptional.
The complete opposite of Stevenage's behaviour of 1998

Ginola said:

Lee, they were absolutely fantastic and they deserve to know how we feel about them. We wouldn't have done that in all fairness, would we? I don;t think we would and i don;t think there are many teams that would.

Tip of the cap to the Pilgrims and all the best for next season and beyond. They will always be welcome back to St James long as it is not in the Championship!

Ginola said:

Daniel - i reckon that was a bit uncalled for. I know what you are saying, but maybe just be pleased he didn't mention 1993 this time! haha

We're champions and we're all heading back to the Premiership, lets all stick together.
Villa Park was shocking, i totally agree with Lee, it wasn't nice at all and Sky capitalised on it. Lee is saying in his opinion that this end of season has been brilliant in contrast and i fully support his opinion that Plymouth were respectable and great hosts.

LN2MAG said:

I fully agree with Lee on this one, he is not stoking any flames of hatred, simply stating an opinion. Villa park was shocking last season and I honestly hope they suffer like we did on that day,so they know how it feels. At least we've never been as low as the old 3rd division like they have!! Daniel has completely misunderstood the "Shame about the podium blog". It is right for us to decide where we want to recieve the tropy, not for SKY to dictate, they ahve enough influence over games, dates and K0 times as it is and they were almost as bad as the Villa fans last year when we went down, loving every minute of it.

The Plymouth fans were exceptional last night, friendly, dignified and they must have been really upset to see their team go down,as we were last year,I have a feeling a lot of Toon fans will be having a sneak peak at their results next season out of respect for how they handled themselves last night.

Peter Kenny said:

What about a friendly in the summer??

Hefner said:

Daniel James get a grip man,

it's all just banter and if you don't like the forum don't visit it!!!simple.

Well done lads for last night.

Chris said:

Well done to Newcastle and their magnificent supporters. I'm so proud of my club for doing what it did for you last night (even though, sadly, it's probably the last time we'll play each other for a while). You should never have been in the Championship this or any other year - good luck in the Prem and thanks for the kind words of condolence and support for our return to League 1.GREEN ARMY!!

KingsToon said:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this season. I would rather have had this season in the Championship - than another stressful relegation dogfight in the Premiership.
The fans in the CC are no less passionate and as proved last night - a truer reflection of grass roots football then the prawn sarnie glory hunters in the premiership.
relegation enabled us to clear out the dead wood and we now have influential leaders on the field - and a stronger spine running throghout the team.
Lee - I hope - in 10 years time - you will be as nostalgic about this team and this season as you are about the 93 heroes.
Lets hope carroll can reign it in - and scare these premiership fairies, and that Jonas can put the fear of god in to the defences in the same manner he has this season. Lets show the loyalty we demand to the true honest professionals that Nolan and Smudger have shown themselves to be.
Lee - thanks for the blogs and the stimulating discussion your work generates.

nufc fan said:

last home game is it televised?

sylvester scott said:

Congratulations to all involved in getting the lads back where they belong.Wish I could have been there.All the best for there return to the Prem. Go get em. H.T.L.S. TOON TOON TOON.

Dean said:

Well done all at newcastle utd,fantastic support for your team,the away fans were a credit to your club.

Plymouth Argyle season ticket holder

scoobytoon said:

Thanks Chris & Dean your club were excellent host's on monday night it was probably one of the best away games I have been to in along time. I hope there is still enough beer left in Plymouth for you lads to drink a toast to both our clubs all the best for next season c'cmon the TOON ARMY,GREEN ARMY.

keir said:

plymouth showed that there is still some class in football.
i will forever have respect for that team and wish them the best for a speedy return to championship after the way they acted.
mind you i did like the look of that judge player on the wing...
I must also say well done to the stewards, they knew what was coming but went with it and let the good natured celebrations flow.
all in all a cracking night and plymouth really added to the party.

Snapper said:

Could'nt agree more with any of the postings, Plymouth fans were impeccable, looked on one of their websites this morning, one or two are having a pop at the choice of the "we are the Champions music as it contains the line "No time for losers", and they were getting relegated. The point I wanted to make was this. I used to watch MOTD, but since our demise have taken to watching the BBC coverage of the Championship etc, and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it (possible the results helped), but no boring ex Scousers spinning out the same old claptrap, our own AS fell into the cliched rubbish after a while. I thought the production of Lower league football was much, much better.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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