Would Toon hitting a ton mean they're better than class of 92/93?

By Lee Ryder on Apr 15, 10 10:39 AM

At the start of the season with the fear factor at an all time high that Newcastle would follow the path of Leeds United many wondered if the Magpies were good enough to scrape together the mere 50 points to survive a season in the Championship.

Well how wrong they were.

Victories over Plymouth and Ipswich would see Newcastle go beyond the 100 point mark with a game to spare.

It would also see Newcastle eclipse the points tally of 96 set by the side that clinched the title in 1993.

Already many have compared aces like Beresford, Venison, Kelly, Cole, Peacock, Clark and Sellars with Enrique, Carroll, Nolan, Simpson, Coloccini, Harper and Jonas.

But from my point of view we're talking about two teams from different eras.

And while this set of players are likely to get more points and have been promoted quicker with six games to spare as opposed to two, the 1993 brigade have thus far scored more goals and had more away wins.

The 2010 side could also be unbeaten at home with the infamous 1-0 loss to Grimsby in 1992 denting that record.

Back in 1993, the side had just fought of relegation to the old Second Division and were very punching above their weight to win the title, despite some great signings like Bracewell, Venison and Cole.

The 2010 side, who aren't champs yet of course, are mainly Premier League players who arguably should never have been relegated to start with.

I think perhaps the best way to look at the situation is to say that both teams have been fantastic for different reasons and will be remembered because of that.



Ginola said:

hahaha Lee you crack me up with 1993!
God bless you!

wozzey said:

As fantastic as this season has been the team has never reached the heights that the 1993 side reached. Re-watch the first half against Leicester winning 6-0 and football from another planet, Leicester were no mugs either. That was the beginning of an era we'll never see again and nothing compares to it. In 1993 when Keegan said we're after Ferguson's title we believed him and don't kid yourself that so much has changed over the years, that team with Beardsley back would still give that top four a run for their money, unlike now were everyone is happy just for us to survive.But that was Keegan for you he made miracles happen thank God I was around to see it all!

Restless Native said:

Would Toon hitting a ton mean they're better than class of 92/93?


LN2MAG said:

I just think it is difficult to compare the two and football has moved on a lot since 93. For a start I think the old 1st Division was more competitive, I think we lost 8 times in that season, than the Championship, which if we are realistic has been a stroll in the park. Also the squads are different. The 93 boys were a team almost down and out that Keegan performed miracles with, with some very good and astute signings. The 2010 squad are a Premier league team who should never had been relegated and we are in this situation due to gross mismanagement. Which leaves me on to the common theme that lead between the situation in the late 80's/early 90's and last years relegation. Both situations were caused by gross mis-management of the club, by a board of Directors who did not have a clue how to run a football club. John Hall stepped in and saved the day back then, lets hope the current owners realise the mess they made of things and continue to carry on trying to put things right or sell up to a respectable and reputable new owner.

toongonebad said:

lee; not sure which side is the best but i do like one thing about the side of '10, which i didn't think i'd see from a CH side, that is confidence. we have goals coming from all over the place. that shows not just talnet but that the players have trust in each other and the manager. i wouldn't want to see more than 2 or 3 players in and of not much more talent than we have. if we go out and buy 1 or 2 big stars they'll undo all the hard work. lets just take it in smaller steps raising the bar each season slowly and everyone stays grounded.

HK said:

As a long suffering fan from Australia, this is how I see the two teams:

KK Team of 1993:
Survived a relegation fight the previous season and have been in the second tier for a few years.

The pre-season prediction for Newcastle was huge and towards the end of the season, there was great expectation of how Newcastle will impact and 'entertain' at the PL level.

The promotion team have a mixture of veteran players (Bracewell, Venison) and up-coming young talents (ie Watson, Elliot, Cole, Clark etc).

It was the first season of the premier league and the phenomena of premier league easy beats who then becomes the big fish in the second tier was not evident....yet.

CH team of 2010:

The relegated team (of Shearer) consisted of over-paid, non-performing prima donnas. Who let the team and the fans down (under statement in my view). Under different circumstances, players of that calibre would have made something of the season and challenge for honours.

The pre-season expectations of this team was dire and grim to say the least...challenging for honours was not on everyone's list.

The players who stayed and dug deep, are experienced premier league players. As a long term experienced PL team, NUFC is a big fish in a small second division pond. Similar to Sunderland's and West Brom's previous experiences.

Post season prediction for this team is not as rosy as KK's team.


I do not expect the 2011 team be as competitive as the 1994 (finished 3rd place) team.

After nearly 2 decades of PL, the gulf between the top 4, the upper mid table, lower mid-table avoiding relegation and easy beats are obvious...for a new comer to join in the party will be one very hard ice to break....even if it's NUFC.

PS: my father, born and bred in Gateshead, was 21 when he was in the ground when NUFC beat Rangers in the semi-final of the 1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and have not seen NUFC win anything major (apart from 1993 and 2010 promotion)....and no, the 2006 UEFA Intertoto (that looked like a toilet tile) does not count!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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