West Ham show NUFC the way when it comes to communication

By Lee Ryder on May 18, 10 06:14 PM

Newcastle United would have folded like a pack of cards last season without its loyal supporters.

That's a fact.

The players and Chris Hughton and his staff played a huge part but when you have fans like the Toon Army who got behind those players from the very start in the Championship, it was only going to snowball.

So when the feel-good factor was at a stage where Newcastle could take advantage of it, what do they go and do?

Release a statement that dampens that feel-good factor - even if it was supposed to be a honest and noble signal of intent.

West Ham may well be a smaller club than Newcastle and a club that are battling in the capital with a clutch of other big name sides.

But the statement they released today will certainly strike a chord with their fans.

Point 10 may is last on the list but it certainly gave me a lump in my throat when it read: "You who follow us every week, whether near or far, are the true owners".

How true.


dave said:

What you dont realise ryder is that gold and sullivan are west ham through and through mike ashley is a spurs fan a business man and a liar and a conman.

Andy said:

Well the West Ham board have got to put their money where their mouth is now. It may strike a chord with the fans right now, but who knows what sort of position they'll really be in by the end of the year.

I reckon the Toon statement is better. For too long we've been signing players on silly wages who've been awful. The board saying we have no money might not strictly be true. I think Niall Quinn might have it right that we could be playing a bit of a game here. We're not gonna be taken for mugs any more and I reckon Hughton would be able to persuade Ashley to fork out for a player if he thinks he would really be a useful addition to the squad. But this statement was probably made by us to try and keep prices lower, which is a clever thing. When we were signing the Owens of the world, everyone knew we would pay stupid money, but not any more. And I reckon the players we could sign this summer will be millions of times better than him, and cost a fraction of the price.

Mick G said:

Is this the brilliant West Ham owners who let it be known through the media that Ian Hollaway and Dave Jones are on there short list to be new manager a few days before the play off final.I bet the Blackpool and Cardiff supporters were chuffed to bits about that.Gold and Sullivan have as much class as Ashley .

Geordie Lee said:

Having read the '10 point pledge', it came across as a bit patronising, especially the last point. A little like when a player kisses the badge and then does a bunk in the next transfer window!

Most interviews with players, owners, etc, are full of cliches and reveal absoultely nothing. I'd rather the players shut up and performed on the pitch! Oh, and I'm sure there's plenty of Birmingham fans who would tell you a few home truths about Gold, Sullivan and Brady.

Nathan said:

Is this a joke? Ever since they have been there they have been an utter embarrassment. They have complained about anything and everything, released ill timed statements about the players and managers, and now they release some phoney '10 point pledge' to strike a chord with the fans. They are clowns and dare I say it I'd rather have Big Mike......

Ryder's reply: I think you and some others have missed the point, nobody is saying they want Sullivan and Gold in charge here.
But as far as communicating with fans is concerned, this is a really good step in the right direction.
Mike Ashley does not speak to anybody in the media, so therefore doesn't talk to the fans.
Since Chris Mort left the PR has gone out of the window - the club are desperate for some good PR that makes Toon fans welcome, new media chief Wendy Taylor now has the chance to make that happen.

keir said:

they love west ham
we have a lying, conning spurs fan in charge and a man who wouldnt care if we became a yo yo club because the parachute payments will help him.
thats the difference.

Geordie Lee said:

I wonder if Wendy Taylor's stock answer is going to be "That's all the club wishes to say on the matter"!

Not quite sure what you mean by "the club are desperate for some good PR that makes Toon fans welcome". As far as I'm concerned, I've been welcomed up and down the country, with Plymouth a particular standout. Toon fans are generally welcomed everywhere we go, apart from the obvious exceptions! And after deserved negative publicity (belated from the Chronicle), we had plenty of positive PR as we went on to win the league, only for Carroll to bring a bit of heat towards the end, and then for Ashley's 'communication' a couple of weeks ago.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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