I could have chucked pizza at the telly when Capello came on

By Lee Ryder on Jun 28, 10 11:51 AM

Rarely here in Blog on the Tyne does the subject drift from Newcastle United but after the national disgrace that was England's World Cup exit against Germany I think desperate times call for desperate measures.

For a start, this World Cup has been poor and England have been garbage all the way through, tactically inept and totally devoid of ideas.

Capello was struggling before we even went out there in trying to persuade Paul Scholes to come out of retirement, and succeeding in doing likewise with Jamie Carragher because he knew the current squad is way short.

People have said that some of the England players don't care, well I'd say probably some of them do care but they've been playing as indviduals and as we all know, you won't win anything with 11 people doing what they want rather than working as a team.

I wasn't expecting England to do that well in this tournament and even though people around me in the pub were getting patriotic pre-match, it was soon clear that the same energies weren't flowing in the players.

England started like a team of strangers, couldn't string two passes together and re-invented their own version of shabby defending, as Alan Shearer said, we could have been four or five down for crying out loud.

They had to offer something and they got it through Matthew Upson just before the goal that wasn't but even then it was disgrace they had to be 2-0 down to even start playing.

In the end Germany deserved to win, not only win, but beat us by even more.

Their younger squad showed all the passion and hunger that was so often missing.

Who do you blame?

I blame the players for not showing any passion and the manager Fabio Capello because, he's basically not the right fit for England.

In my humble opinion, we need an English manager who understands what it means to pull on the shirt and play the way we dream about.

Go back to Euro 96 and Terry Venables seemed to capture it perfectly.

I'm not saying Venables should come back but at the end of the day I'm sure had he been in charge at this World Cup, we'd have at least shown a bit of passion and got in the faces of the opposition a bit more.

The whole thing was infuriating to watch and I nearly hurled a pizza at Capello's face on the TV when I got back and ended up watching the highlights to double check if it had actually really happened.

Yes, it did happen and whether England will bring in a few of the younger players for the next tournament remains to be seen.

Andy Carroll, Jack Wilshere, Tom Cleverly, Henri Lansbury, Jack Rodwell - well they couldn't do much worse than some of the senior players on show against Germany.

Oh well, in a few days, we'll all calm down again and be dreaming about winning Euro 2012!

And by the time we start seeing the pictures of the Toon players filing back into training next Monday, the focus will have switched again to our beloved Newcastle United.


spoiltchildren said:

I reckon they should have to hand over the car keys before playing for England - and only get them back if they win.

Money is the only thing these spoilt little children understand. Maybe losing the Bentley Continental will make the likes of John Terry show a bit commitment.

Eldorado Argentina said:

Well said Lee - an English manager for an English team and one who kmows there is life beyond Manchester and Liverpool.

What a goal from Tevez! - oh for him JG and Colo together at SJP. We can dream!

Great atmosphere here. Talk now of Diego having JG starting v Germany - on the left!

Vamos Jonas. Vamos Argentina!

Geordie Lee said:

As usual we'll take the easy option of sacking the manager while burying our heads in the sand to avoid the real issues that have been ruining our game for the last 20 years.

DavidK said:

I don't think you'll get many complaints from us regarding an English manager taking over the reigns of the national team Lee, even if it is "Envelope 'Arry".
As for the players I've been saying for a while now (and being shouted down by the Sun reading sheep)that the England set up needs to look further afield than the select clubs in the Premiership. 11 "superstars" rarely makes for a good team performance irrespective of who those superstars are. I once played a friendly many years ago against a team that contained the likes of George Best, Bobby Moore, Alan Mullerey, and Rodney Marsh, admittedly past their prime and in Bestie's case, less than sober. This was aginst the Football Combination side I was playing for. You'd reckon with the pedigree on show thay'd have thumped us 10, 11 0r 12 to nothing wouldn't you? As it was, apart from flashes of absolute genius, the overall performance was less than stellar and they won 5-2. The '66 team weren't "Immortals" before the World Cup, in fact some of the Final team were 2nd and in some cases 3rd choice players. What they did have though was the right balance of youth, hunger and experience needed at this level of football. Perhaps an England team made up of a similar mixture might fare better.

zulu said:

England were at best average, and could not put away USA or Algeria, thats when the problems started.
We should have avoided Germany at all costs, and won our group.
Ashley Cole - world-class, Glenn Johnson - dont make me laugh. Watch the match again and see how poor our full-backs were !! Carrga was a joke, worst positionally play seen in years - Dawson should have been on the pitch from the off, Crouch on instead of Heskey, where was Lennon !
We had no pace in the centre, and Rooney should have been on the bench for the first hour, then pull him on and see the sparks. soory, but tactics from the USA game were poor.
Incidentally, my company hosted Algeria here in South Africa (on the south coast of Durban) and getting to see the training up close, I would recommend three excellent players to NUFC. Madjid Bougherra (Rangers); Nadir Belhadj (P'mouth) and Adlane Guedioura (Wolves).
warm regards, from a Sunny Durban, Zulu

Ted Baxter said:

Give the job to Fat Sam or JFK or maybe Shteve McClaren. What we need is a squad of fit players who show commitment.

LN2MAG said:

I agree with most of the article, but every one keeps going on about how good we were in Euro 96 with Terry Venables, even Alan Shearer. But the fact is we failed again when all the odds were stacked in our favour, so I wouldn't say it was a success at all. The expectations behind this World Cup were ridiculous and it was obvious we were going to fall woefully short as this squad is highly overated. Three of the 4 strikers are not even first choice for their clubs and Rooney was obvioulsy unfit or had some other problem, the second round was as far as we were ever going to get. And it will continue like this until we stop playin gthe 100MPH power game in the Premier league and develop some real technical and footballing skills. We are so far behind the rest of the world it is unbelievable.

Geordie Lee said:

Totally agree LN2MAG - at home in Euro 96, aside from a brilliant performance against the Dutch in the final group game (best in the 20 years since 1990 and THAT game!), we had to go to penalties to beat an average Spanish side, and then lost on pens to the Germans. Venables has always got alot to say and most of it is utter garbage. Same goes for Ian Wright and Harry Redknapp.

The people who The FA should be listening to, are the very ones they choose to ignore, because they tell an unpalatable truth about the state of football in this country. After this World Cup, how many genuine world class English players do we have? I'd say none. Not one. Yet Sky, the Premier League (who effectively run the FA) and the tabloid media will ram it down our throats that Rooney, Lampard and Terry are every bit as good as Messi, Ronaldo and Lucio. Sickening.

Terry Tibbs said:

Euro 96? We drew with the Swiss, beat the Jocks coz they missed a pen, granted we humped the Dutch but then only beat Spain on pens & they had two perfectly good goals ruled out!
"El Tel" sums up what's wrong with the English game, an over hyped friend of the press getting an easy ride while we're force fed "Super England " Garbage by the Sun & Sky.
As for 2014 I believe we won't even qualify due to the fact that 99% of English players are c**p!

Ryder's reply: They were a whisker away from playing the Czechs in the final man!
Gary Mac missed his pen because it was rubbish, the Spanish had two disallowed and we were a kebab away from scoring a golden goal through Gazza (one less and he would have reached it with pace and one more and he'd have scored it due to the extra weight in his boot!).
While you're at it Hurst's goal could have been scrubbed off and the pitch invader put the German defence off, it should be replayed immediately!
And if you didn't enjoy Euro 96, you must be inconsolable after the latest shower were dumped out in the 4-1 hammering from the Germans!

Geordie Lee said:

Since Italia 90 (which redeemed Sir Bobby after the disasterous Euro 88):

Euro 92 (Taylor) - bottom of group
USA 94 (Taylor) - did not qualify
Euro 96 (Venables) - semi-final
France 98 (Hoddle) - last 16
Euro 2000 (Keegan) - second bottom of group
SK/Japan 02 (Eriksson) - quarter-final
Euro 04 (Eriksson) - quarter-final
Germany 06 (Eriksson) - quarter-final
Euro 08 (McLaren with Venables assisting) - did not qualify)

Terry Tibbs said:


Yet again your missing the point, I never said I didn't enjoy Euro 96, I was at Wembley the day we beat the Dutch (or night) & it was great but don't re-write history. We should have lost to Spain that's a fact look at the goals agin if you don't believe me, so if we were a "kebab" away from the final we were even closer to going out at the 1/4 finals!
My point is England now produce c**p footballers who play for avaerage teams in an average league but the media want to tell everyone how great everything is when it's not.
Until the FA put country before the clubs we'll win nowt & people like you can get all hot under the coller & wonder why when the answer is right in front of your nose!

Ryder's reply: No it's up to the FA to put the right person in charge for the job and get the team playing properly, the media can only react and report the results they produce.
Whether we should or should not have lost to Spain is a pointless debate, we didn't lose and reached the latter stages of a major tournament.

Geordie Lee said:

The FA is powerless - it ceded power to The Premier League years ago. Imagine the outcry if The FA announced that as of 2012, you could only play 5 non-British players. All the big boys would be up in arms, and we'd hear, "it'll harm our chances in Europe", "it'll weaken our league", etc, etc. All of that is a smokescreen of course, to protect their own interest, which is money, and making as much of it as possible.

Terry Tibbs said:

The Spain result maybe a pointless debate but your the one banging on about how great we played, I was just pointing out we didn't play that well, played every game at Wembley & still won nowt! In fact we've won nowt since 66 & have only 2 semi's to show for our efforts.

I'm sorry but the media are the biggest reason people feel so let down when England bomb coz they (Sky, Sun etc) keep telling us how great England are when they plainly aren't, the record books don't lie.

You make an interesting point about having the right manager but I'd suggest no manager would have done any better with this current crop of over hyped & over paid average players, after all no one thought he wasn't good enough when we qualified. We can't keep sacking managers everytime we lose, as NUFC fans we know that better than most the FA, PL etc need to grasp the nettle & say enough is enough, it's what the Germans did in 2000 & since then they've reached a WC final, Semi & a Euro final. more than England have done in it's entire history.
Thanks for the replys Lee

Geordie Lee said:

Agree with Terry - it's ridiculous how many managers we've been through in the last 30 years - nine I reckon, not counting temps. Sir Bobby got 8 years in the job, but put his resignation in twice (84 and 88), and it would have been accepted if the alternative had of been anyone other than Brian Clough! The media really went for him in 88, but The FA were scared of the populist choice of Cloughy. They were rewarded with a semi-final in 1990.

Since then only Eriksson has been given time in the job, and while he got us to three quarter finals in a row, this was deemed as not good enough, eventhough there was a well orchestrated 'Save Our Sven' campaign in the tabloids and by the official England supporters group.

A new approach is required but it won't happen because of the reasons I've mentioned in earlier posts.

LN2MAG said:

This is the best debate I have seen for ages on this blog, but I'm afraid you're defending your trade Lee, not looking at the facts. The press and media and I agree Sky and the Sun are the main offenders, are always saying how great the England team is, Manager is, Golden Generation are and then the team go out and fail once again, so there is something fundamentaly wrong somewhere with the English game. Euro 96 WAS a failure and it is now being viewed as a success. Well if success means getting knocked out in the semi-final at home, then our last FA Cup sem-final trip and I mean NUFC, to Cardiff must have been an unqualified success and here's me thinking it was an unmitigated disaster. (PS in reference to Gazza's Kebabs, don't you mean one MORE, would have given him the extra weight? and you're a qualified journalist Tch Tch Tch!!

Ryder's reply: It depends what you class as a failure and how realistic you are, England or Newcastle have never won anything worth shouting about in my lifetime, therefore reaching the latter stages for England has to count as a level of success.
And if it's all about winning trophies in your eyes, then our Champions League qualifications must also mean nothing to you.
As far sticking up for the trade, well England got the plaudits in qualifying becuase they were er, top of the group and they got the stick when they went out too early, seems fair enough to me and not a defence of my national superiors!

Edd said:

I think we will have to stay with Capellow for now though I am in favour of bringing in an Englishman - (a Geordie would do)eventually.

I think the game needs a cleanout at the top and some good thinkers in there. Many things need sorting.

We need to get rid of the Premier League and the investment we get from SKY - these people have deliterious influence on our game.
Initially football must be for our British lads; their careers must be our first consideration. We must emphasise the need for an improvement in skills and commitment. We can do this if we have the will and be ruthless in implementing a policy of excellence.
Players are earning far too much money and if we want to ruin our game we are going the right way about it.
Lets make football a self sustaining industry and get rid of the dodgy money floating about.

Football in England at the moment is for a small minority of teams - the whole thing is unbalenced and unfare. One can only assume that it is kept like this because it fills the pockets of a favourd few. Lets even things up again and promote our own competitions - particularly the FA cup. Foreigners in our top teams have destroyed the balance that should exist.

Promote a salary cap and a limitation on the number of foreigners a club can hire. These are serious issues and need to be addressed now, not in ten years time when the whole set up falls to the ground. We need action now before people start voting with their feet.

brownalebelly said:

"Their (Germany's) younger squad showed all the passion and hunger that was so often missing"


They showed superior speed and skill.
All this talk about "passion" is annoying.

Keegan had TONS of passion when he was England manager. We as TOON fans know that there is hardly anyone more passionate than Keegan. Please remind me, what was the result???

Geordie Lee said:

brownalebelly said:
"Their (Germany's) younger squad showed all the passion and hunger that was so often missing"


They showed superior speed and skill.


I agree, but more importantly, the German players are tactically astute, can follow and play to their manager's instructions, are able to play in more than one position, and have on-field intelligence.

brownalebelly said:

Well said Geordie Lee, I agree with you.
PLayer for player Germany haven't got the best players in the world but they are sticking to a game plan which they are ruthlessly following with speed, skill and tactical astuteness ;-)
Living in Germany though, I have to say that I've had enough and am longing for Spain to do a Serbia on them!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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