NUFC strike search could determine on whether we have a long hard winter or not

By Lee Ryder on Jun 14, 10 06:58 PM

So it emerges that high on Chris Hughton's wish-list is a centre-forward as another day is chalked off heading to the new season.

Taking a break from the now annoying, predictable and boring sound of the Vuvuzela, it's certainly reassuring to know that while the World Cup is a welcome way of filling space during the closed season at domestic level, before you know it we'll be freezing our backsides off and watching the bread and butter of Geordie life unfold when the Premier League restarts in eight weeks time.

And whether we're reading headlines such as RAMPANT NEWCASTLE or WASTEFUL NEWCASTLE in terms of chances, largely depends on who we bring in over the next few weeks.

For many the arrival of freebie Kris Boyd would represent a good signing, but while the Rangers ace certainly knows where the net is, there's knowing where the net is in Scotland and there's knowing where it is in England.

And believe me the amount of players who've struggled in England and done well in Scotland or done well in Scotland and rolled over in the Premier League is a long one.

I'm sure Boyd would relish the challenge and on the basis that there does not seem to be too many options around, maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

That said, Hughton has already dismissed the idea and suggested there are other strikers further up his list than Boyd.

James Beattie was mentioned again over the weekend but it was almost laughable to think we'd swap Andy Carroll plus a few million for a player who has blown hot and cold during the Premier League years - even if he has netted almost a ton of top flight goals since 1995.

Swindon's Charlie Austin, yes him who missed a sitter in the play-off final, has also been mooted.

Let's face it proven Premier League goalscorers don't grow on trees and cost money.

It's the key position for any team looking to stay alive in the top flight.

Newcastle of course do have experience and potential in the shape of striking group Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands and Nile Ranger - then there is the yet to shine Leon Best and youngsters such as Ryan Donaldson and Phil Airey below the senior pack.

Oh and Xisco...

Yes, we need a striker before anything else in my opinion.


Jim said:

In my opinion, Kris Boyd would do well in the Premiership. His goals for Rangers have been in front of huge crowds. He's played on the European and International stages and is a good age.

On the down side, he spat the International dummy out and walked away from his country. I'm not at all sure his temperament will gel well with our new found humility and team ethic.

keir said:

miroslav klose
said it for years.

Jackie W said:

Come on Lee lets have some rumours ! I fully appreciatte the fact that you possibly consider yourelf as a serious journo and are only reporting the facts but its a pretty grim state of affairs if the only bloke we are connected with is Boyd. I pick the Chronicle up in the evening to hopefully read of a just past his best superstar buying a house in Morpeth and seen at Netto in Kingston Park but alas just Chris Boyds agent just trying to drum up a bit of interest. In the good old days ( Alan Oliver era) we had every one who could kick a ball connected with us and as it transpired mostly fairy tales but I for one like the craic and boozy discussions associated with the buzz created by a few big names fired in our direction .And before any one dives in saying it was Keegan and co who started this it wasnt I Dont know if you lot can remember but a certain Soccrates was once on your back page lol. In your day to day job you must here a dozen rumours a day linking us with people so come on Lee throw us a bone ...Jackie W

Ryder's reply: An interesting post Jackie, I too remember rumours of Roberto Baggio buying a kebab in North Shields etc etc.
But that's fantasty football.
Anyway, perhaps you missed the Chron last night which carried the Vladimir Weiss story which we understand to be true, the same goes for Welbeck, Cleverley, Wilshere - all loan targets.
But carrying a different transfer story each night is simply dealing in the realms of fantasy.

Dosbag said:

Danish Mag. May I point out the small fact there is a World Cup going on so any transfer deals will not be going through until that is nearing the end. Another small issue is the transfer window does not open until 1st July so not sure who we could sign other than those released by there clubs.
Not a case of HWTL but most definetley Come on England!!


remember me lol.


Lee as I have said many times I have a great deal of sympathy under the lack of information or worse miss information you get from the club.

I do think NUFC need the chronicle more than theyb think and if it started looking further afield such as doing profiles on kids soccer in the area and looking more into the grass roots of football people would understand rather than the repeat stories.

It must be a nightmare at times looking for a story under these circumstances but as I have said in the close seasons with little prospect of signings what are you supposed to do pack up and lay everyone off for the summer.
A dificult situation. PS I know my poems go over the top at times soz lol.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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