Blog on the Tyne at the Norwich City match

By Lee Ryder on Jul 24, 10 02:15 PM


jobzagudun said:

does anyone know if there is any radio commentry for the game

Toonie said:

The Toon need tougher pre-season tests to prepare for the prem.

snowy said:

is there anywhere we can watch the match or listen to the commentry?

Jarra Lad in Spain said:

Hello Lee.
Don't know about the faithful from last season eg. May the tea lady soto grande, the lad in L.A. and all of the world wide Mags. This new lot seem to be a lot of posers. Sorry Lee. I don't need to see images of these posers during what was a brilliant banter last season. As a mattere of fact. We can keep our comments low key ie the Carlisle game without the %**& included we had our say last season without any of that. Sorry Lee.

Howay The Lads

mccowie said:

you said live commentary! where?????

Jarra Lad in Spain said:

Any of you worldwide mags oot there ??

chris said:

Toonie said:

"The Toon need tougher pre-season tests to prepare for the prem."

As a Norwich fan I find this comment laughable...
What you need are 2 centre backs, a striker (or 2), 2 decent wide players (routledge and Xisco are far short of prem quality)
Newcastle played a mix of youth and 1st team yesterday and were shown up for quality, skill, effort and bottle by an average championship team.
On the plus side, the fans were excellent and deserve much, much better.

Do any of you really believe you can stay up with that team?!

najdat nazhat said:

what have you changed, I could not get any news from the game, as I used to before


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