Blog on the Tyne at the Manchester United match

By Administrator Newcastle on Aug 16, 10 06:39 PM


Al Young said:

God, how bad is Smith? Too slow, too dirty. And I'm sorry, but Carroll should've scored. You can't pass up an opportunity like that in this league. Perch and outledge are getting murdered. Williamson's having a good game.

We need more from Barton.

Al Young said:

Spoke too soon - Smith's getting stuck in the right way this half. Keep it up.

Al Young said:

Disappointed they got a third, but I feared worse. Hope it doesn't affect morale or Barton's moustache'll be around his ankles before long. We were overrun too easily on our right and the central midfield lacks pace and guile - still! No doubt we'll be crucified in the press, but did anyone expect different?

Let's get on with it!

DJC said:

Lets face facts we are very poor 1/2 yard behind the game. midfield has neither pace or guile so lets pray Ben Arfa comes tpo SJP. This squad just isn't good enough for Premiership. Please Mr Ashley spend some decent money. Nolan and Smith are too slow, Perch isn't a full back and Carroll needs help . Shola really is awful , at least Xisco looked interested and more mobile than Ameobi , perhaps he needs to play alongside AC. Harper looks slow at getting down to his left , surely time for Tim Krul to be given his chance . Not a knee jerk response I've felt this way all summer long and it worries me with 2 weeks to go before the transfer window thta we're not going anywhere fast .

manfromutopia said:

Well at least it's been a reality check for the usual numpties on the chronicle boards with their ridiculous optimism (you know who you are).This is a poor team and I can't remember a worse midfield than was put out last night. Routledge is,as most other managers have always known,not a PL player and never will be.Smith and Nolan might have brains but their legs can't catch up and Barton was just plain c**p (so much for the usual bluster before the match from all the usual BS merchants in the team). Jonas got a rude awakening (again)about PL pace and Perch.....well.
Happy with Carroll & Jose and Williamson and Collicini will have easier opponents to face but we need to get fitter and faster to have any chance. Here's hoping for 4th bottom,now that's a realistic hope not this garbage about mid-table and beyond. One last thing - Get out of My club Fatty.

Bob Kane said:

Nolan, Barton and Perch were awful.

Geordie Lee said:

Danishmag - The Daily Mail is distasteful, full stop! It makes The Sun look like a reasonable, well-balanced paper!

kingstoon said:

well - now thats the season underway - and the bubble has burst.
Remember one thing. We drew away from home to both Chelsea and ManUre the season we got relegated.
This proves the point - it aint the results agaist the top four that count - its the results against the dross - home and away.
CH will know this and have the relevant objectives outlined. Last nights objective was just a draw - we failed - so lets get on to the next objective - putting away AV at SJP - and getting hte wagons rolling.


Lee Ryder

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