Heroes and Villains

By Lee Ryder on Aug 19, 10 12:30 PM

The Premier League fixture computer certainly has a knack for throwing up the occasional juicy one - and in the shape of Aston Villa at home, Newcastle United certainly have that for their first home encounter.

Villa fans danced on Newcastle's top flight grave in the fateful final Premier League clash of the 2008/09 season which pushed the Mags into the Championship.

They even went to the trouble of unfurling flags such as "Sob On The Tyne" and "Who's your next Messiah, Ant or Dec?", some might say it was part of the jolly old terrace banter that makes the nation great, some might say they went too far.

Certainly, further details of the aftermath of relegation detailed on the True Faith website say Villa fans went over the top in their delight at seeing Newcastle go down.

Nobody connected with Newcastle United will forget that day at Villa Park.

But the great thing about this game is there is always another season, there is always another game and there is always another day.

People in glass houses should not throw stones - and life generally has a habit of coming back to bite you on the backside just when you don't expect it.

For Newcastle United their day comes on Sunday.

And by the time two or three mini buses from Brummie-land turn up at St James' Park, revenge may well be a dish which is served cold.

Funnily enough, it is Villa who are the Premier League's crisis club at the moment after Martin O'Neill quit the club and James Milner was quick to follow him out the door.

In short, there perhaps couldn't be a sweeter way to pick up our first three points of the season against the manager-less Villains.


Mark Scott said:

I think Everton and Villa are simply both clubs with fans who have something against NUFC. How close did Villa come to relegation a few times in the last decade? Everton were always flirting with the bottom half also, while we were in the UCL.
The songs / signs both sets of fans produced stunk of jealousy and vendetta against us because deep down, they know they will never recreate what we done. A midtable club to twice leading in San Siro, dancing in the catalan rain, first team to lose first 3 group games and qualify still. Beating Juventus. Everton and Villa frankly would never compete in that competetion. Nor will Spuds. Sorry! Spurs.

LN2MAG said:

Mark - Your hearts in the right place with your comments but look at the records of Villa and Everton. European cups, League Cups, League Championships and FA Cups. I hardly think they are jealous of our limited European adventures and Spurs are competing in the CL!! Some sets of fans simply don't like others for no apparent reason and NUFC, Villa and Everton fall into that category. As the song goes..........and Leicester....What did Leicester ever do to make them so universally disliked!!

Geordie Lee said:

Of course, the Villa fans weren't celebrating securing a European place were they...

DormAnt said:

If it would get rid of the own-a-loner I would personally meet and greet every Villa fan on Sunday and shake him by the hand like a long lost friend.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.....

toonagain said:

hmm Lee how many times are you going to roll this story out? this story is for the type of fan that still hasn't worked out how to connect to the internet... and i would hardly say they are a club in crisis -they beat WH at the weekend and just flogged Milner for £30m if thats cisis sign me up for that!

Al Young said:

Spit the dummy out Lee. I hope we beat them, but you need to get over this...

Ron Etherington said:

Good to see you being sociably responsible. You better hope there's no trouble tomorrow from some of our more gullible 'fans.'

Ryder's reply: We're talking about results of a football game, the Newcastle United fans are well behaved.
Actually, isn't Newcastle one of the only places in the Premier League that away fans can mix openly with home fans and talk football over a pint the way it's meant to be?

RN said:

You might want to try telling a Coventry fan they can safely have a pint in Town Lee. I'm sure there are a few that won't be rushing back to the Three Bulls Heads. Take the blinkers off. We are not saints.

Al Young said:

Carrroll got thr goals, but Smith, who I normally hate, was easily our MOTM, followed by the two centrebacks! Nolan, depite his two goals, was bliidy awful.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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