It's Dreamland for Carroll as bedsheet boys are silenced

By Lee Ryder on Aug 23, 10 09:36 AM

Andy Carroll may well be in Dreamland after the demolition job on Aston Villa - but the good news for Newcastle United fans is that more goals will come from our new number 9.

Whether he can do enough - or already has done enough - to win that England call-up against Bulgaria next month remains to be seen.

But if under pressure Fabio Capello sticks to his vow of picking players then Carroll appears to have genuine sniff of pulling on a senior England jersey in what would be a whirlwind 12 months for the Gateshead lad

Judging by England's last game against Hungary, Capello's boys were devoid of ideas in attack until Steven Gerrard pulled something out of the fire - and Bulgaria wouldn't know what had hit them if Carroll was let loose.

Those who have watched the rise and rise of Carroll from Academy left-back to Toon number 9, will know that the potential of the Geordie has always stuck out like sore thumb.

He's a different type of player that has so many strings to his bow.

His physical presence has always been there for all to see, but not only is the towering striker fantastic in the air at both ends, his left foot is arguably one of the most lethal in the business.

Chris Hughton and managers before him have questioned the amount of goals he's netted in the past, but last season from November onwards, he appeared to find the belief in front of goal some thought he'd been lacking.

Many had questioned his potential to do it in the Premier League while some have already dismissed his chances.

A hat-trick against a team in Champions League contention last season, surely proves that he can mix it with the big boys.

And as for the Brummie bedsheet brigade?

Well they left St James' Park in a state of shock after a 6-0 pasting that caught the eyes of the rest of the nation.

Some of the national Press still searched long and hard for a negative from the day accusing Joey Barton of making a Nazi style salute after his goal.

But with Barton entirely innocent it could not take the gloss of a great day.

You don't want to get carried away but if the 6-0 win achieved anything it was restoring belief back into everybody connected with the black and whites.

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spence said:

The national tabloid sport of poking fun at anything 'geordie' is irritating, but show who the fascists truly are; though in accusing Barton of making a Nazi salute they have indeed stooped to an all time low.
The mindful fabrication reveals their 'sour grape' attitude whenever the top north eastern football club, (and we are and always will be* note to mackem bloggers), do anything worthy of note and are little more than a scandalous attempt to take the sheen off an outstanding performance that threatens to mess up their hopes and predictions of NUFC relegation.
If I were Joey Barton I'd be speaking to my solicitor because there was nothing in his goal celebration even marginally indicative of making such an obscene gesture.
Barton gets a yellow per game 'for being Joey Barton' as it is and, although his previous behaviour does not leave me enamoured with fondness for the bloke, the last thing he, or the toon, needs is to be subjected to the blatant lies of the press.
I usually think the southern jessies are best off ignored, but this feels like ten steps too far!

Geordie Lee said:

Spence - look again mate, sadly Joey did make such a gesture, albeit he was laughing when he did it. After the lads had ran away and he was jogging back, he did it. It lasted about a second, but he put his right hand across his tache and raised his left arm. My old man actually left at that point, putting a dampener on what was otherwise a great day that will live long in the memory of the 43,000 that were there.

kieran said:

What were we worried about, eh? When was the last time we hit six, or even five? Shows what team spirit does for you, something that money cant buy. Having said that, it does help tho and i like the look of our new signing Cheick Ismael Tiote (great name!). When the opposition has a look at our midfield they'll not be too keen to get on the ball and run at us if it means getting tackled by one of barton smith nolan or tiote!

As for the nazi salute thing what an absolute disgrace! I was so angry when i picked up the guardian this morning and on the front page louise taylor had written an article saying "Barton denies Nazi-style salute". Having seen the celebration you'd have to be a complete idiot or a wind up merchant to suggest it was such a thing! And i dont know how she could of asked chris hughton about it with a straight face. If i was him, id have told her not to waste my time and called her a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

DormAnt said:

The two clips below by Louise Taylor of the Guardian show just what her agenda truly is regarding Newcastle United.
There is no comment whatsoever about what Carroll's contribution to the team (or his individual performance) was on Sunday at all. In fact she never even mentions the match in her whole article on him so, at least as far as I'm concerned, she has to have an ulterior motive for what she has written. Is my paranoia showing?
There are many more players with far worse records of violence against them than Carroll has. What he is guilty of, if anything, will be determined by a court of law and not Louise Taylor's innuendo in a newspaper column.

I only hope after the next two matches she is screaming for him to be taken to the tower to be beheaded.
That way I know we will have won both games and Carroll will have played out of his skin again, and scored another couple of hat-tricks into the bargain.

Taylor's comments:
Although the Football Association no longer demands that England coaches refrain from selecting players confronting criminal proceedings

Capello is well aware that Carroll faces a crown court trial in October on a serious assault charge.

That's what I like, a good unbiased match report, what say you?

toonagain said:

The southern press are a disgrace, JB was on top form all around and seems like he has had a weight lifted from his shoulders. He was clearly refering to the tash being removed, simple as that its embaressing to suggest anything else it really is... Well done JB and well done the rest of them, bring it on!

RN said:

Geordie Lee. You're spot on. He did it. Was obviously intended as a joke. But he did it all the same.

DormAnt said:

Didn't price Harry (or at least one of the royal family) go to a fancy dress party dressed in a German uniform sporting a swastika a wee while ago?
Two wrongs don't make a right but maybe these are just youngsters expressing their humour without meaning any real offence or malicious intent.
Humour doesn't always travel too well across the age groups. As Geordie Lee said, it meant something much deeper and therefore very hurtful to his father.

Geordie Lee said:

Oh, completely agree that some of the national media don't need any excuse to knock Newcastle (and the North East in general!). I just wish Barton would learn to think.

On the subject of Carroll, he'll do for me - fingers crossed he doesn't get injured!

And I've suggested my old man goes to specsavers!

Geordie Lee said:

Aye, Prince Harry went as an SS officer, which obviously antagonised alot of people. Proof that it's not just charvas who can be idiots!

relton said:

I would like to add a number of observations. Firstly - were it a Nazi salute - then this would suggest that JB was historically aware enough to associate the Nazis, the salute and his pathetic moustache - I doubt that Joeys Historical perspective is that astute.
Secondly - the salute JB gave was performed with the left hand, take a look at the England team's salute at Berlin in 1938 - clearly the Nazi salute is performed with the right hand (google search england football nazi salute).
Its tosh. I dont agree with lots of things this lad has done but i doubt he can be found guilty of this ridiculous accuation.

spence said:

Dormant: I think the Prince Harry thing was just him paying homage to his heritage!
Seriously though, I was raised around a load of 70's punk rockers who thought nothing of sporting swastika's for shock value, (or worn in sheer ignorance in some unfortunate cases), but it all became a lot more serious when idiotic NF/BNP followers started saluting the air to show their intended 'solution' to the economic envy fostered under thatcher. As a consequence of seeing such a rise in racism in the 80's I got involved in a lot of anti-fascist stuff back then so I it's not meant lightly when I say I believe the 'salute' was to do with his tash and not nazi trash!
Geordie Lee: good on yer fatha for sticking to his guns... if more people stood by their morals in such a way we'd live in a better world.

spence said:

Relton: Excellent observations!

toonagain said:

JB was refering to his tash or even maybe making a bassel fawlty type joke, why does everything we do have to be dragged down by the PC bragade? honestly!? JB was on form and its great to see, hope he keeps it up all season... i'm backing him he will only get better kncok him and the side will suffer.

BillBurch said:

Why would Joey Barton think to give a NAZI salute? To what would he be referring? He's said many times that he'd shave the 'tache off when we won our first Prem game and it's this and only this that he was indicating! For anyone including a journalist and Geordie Lee's Dad to infer otherwise is ridiculous!

Geordie Lee said:

Bill, it was the first goal not the end of the game - Joey's many things, but he's no Mystic Meg!

Relton - your first argument defeats your second! Joey's ignorance would naturally mean he'd raise the wrong arm!

Like I said, I took it in the manner which I'd like to believe it was intended, but I'm not surprised that it didn't go unnoticed. And the incident was certainly nowhere near as bad as when Mark Bosnich deliberately antagonised Spurs fans - anyone remember that?

And what about the crowd on Sunday? I was really surprised that it wasn't a sell out - am guessing the recession is hitting people hard now.

gordon said:

To be honest it was my criticism of the team that made this result possible,so i would appreiciate thanks all round.

ps,whats a bedsheet boy.

Relton said:

Gordon - a bedsheet is what Joey cuts eye holes in before putting over his head to go out burning crosses in people's front yards

Geordie Lee said:

Aye Relton, but he wears it back to front!

Seriously though, I hope Barton hits the form he showed at Man City, cos he used to boss a game.

Laurie Chute said:

Why in all the recent comments about great centre forwards of Newcastle has nobody mentioned the Mighty Wyn Davis?

toonagain said:

relton, geordie lee - give it up! ps. eastender isn't real...

captnkidd said:

Typical THey can'/won't leave us alone.
If the tabloids can't love us they will hate us.
Pathetic journalism from a cheap rag.

Terry Tibbs said:

Can everyone just wrap up on the bloody Barton thing he's done a lotr worse in his time at NUFC, let the kid enjoy having a good game for once.
Delighted for Carroll long my it continue but if your England material after a couple of PL games (not just AC but the couple of young lads at Arsenal as well) that tells you all you need to know about how desperate/hard up England are at the minute.
Best league in the world? Do me a favour!

hairball said:

Typical of the cockney press to try and take the shine off a fantastic team performance by attacking Joey Barton.

Geordie Lee'

I've watched your link over and over and I have to say that you're wrong. The Nazi salute is done with the right hand and not the left.

Great performance by Carroll and if he keeps it up he has to be selected!

Geordie Lee said:

Hairball - read my posts again - I took it in jest, but my old man didn't. And we've covered the left arm / right arm thing too. Don't think there was any reason to watch the link "over and over" - just once would have done! Could watch the goal a few times though!

Hopefully Joey will spank a few more in, and then celebrate in a way that can't be misinterpreted by the media and my old man! Interestingly, his biggest detractor locally is Super Mac, who reckons Barton shouldn't be at the club.


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