Street justice at Molineux

By Lee Ryder on Aug 31, 10 09:40 AM

You have to laugh at Mick McCarthy's attitude after United's game with Wolves and the treatment dished out on Joey Barton.

The rules of the world game are designed to be applied in each game as it comes but in the eyes of McCarthy, there appears to be a roll-over system in place.

Joey Barton complained to McCarthy when walking of the field at Molineux that the home side's tactics were over the top on the day.

McCarthy's response was "You're no shrinking violet yourself son."

So let's just get this straight.

In the eyes of McCarthy, because Joey Barton has form and has been involved in a few dirty tackles himself earlier in his career - it's all fine to kick him to near unconsciousness?

The rules of the game go out of the window therefore and instead McCarthy's street justice system comes into play.

That sort of attitude is akin to local 5aside leagues and Sunday League when a player walks on to the field having had trouble before with a ref or a team - and is usually set about early in the game or ends up doubly punished for fouls and niggles other players will get away with.

But this was meant to be the best league in the world with people paying their hard earned to see it.

Thankfully Barton out-thought Wolves and the referee.

We all know how Wolves fans felt about the performance of Stuart Attwell, well I do because I had to hear Stan Collymore on a radio phone-in inciting them to come on the air and cry about how badly they thought they'd been treated!

Make no doubt about it Molineux is a hard place to go and the fans make it what it is but talk about blinkered?

Attwell is not one of the best refs in the Premier League but what was he meant to do?

He clamped down on all seven of the fouls on Barton and issued yellow cards as Wolves queued up to chop Barton in the hope of a rise: Correct as far as Attwell is concerned.

Attwell then booked several Newcastle players who became frustrated and bit back: Correct as per the laws of the game.

So what exactly were the Wolves crying about?

Don't get me wrong, Newcastle United in the last few years allowed standards to dip.

But who do Wolves think they are?

In my opinion they're a team and a set of fans that are wet behind the ears as far as Premier League football is concerned.

Or maybe I'm getting carried away and applying McCarthy logic and allowing the past the influence any process of clear think.

They did used to play in Divison Four in my lifetime didn't they and their ground did used to be a bit of a tip with a muddy grass bank as part of the away end?

Well, I was delighted to see Newcastle United players stand up to the physical nature of Wolves' style of play and give a bit back.

In the end Newcastle could easily have nicked it after they failed to deal with Carroll and he rose to head home, although they did have a few chances themselves and in the end edged the possession.

And whatever way you look at it, Wolves didn't succeed in A) Getting a rise out of Barton or any Toon players, B) Getting three points and C) Winning any respect from the watching world of football


Rutz Nutz said:

Very good performance by the lads to add to a very promising start to the season. Joey handled the "treatment" dished out fantastically well and has more than let his feet do the talking so far this season...interesting match up at SJP come April mind...Karl Henry seems to fancy himself a touch....

SEL said:

I can't believe the nonsense written over the last few days about this match.
The ref never had a hold of the match. Carroll was elbowing from the start (photo in the press against Craddock's face who was badly cut so Carroll should have been sent off).
Wolves gave what they received and most tackles against Barton won the ball as seen on MotD. Doyle was booked for what had twice happened to him but the ref didn't want to know when he pointed to the spot where he himself was fouled which went unpunished - not even a foul.
Wolves should have had a penalty and Ebanks-Blake hit the post.
And Toon are complaining? Give it a rest they were lucky to get the point with the ref on their side as well.

Football's a man's game and Toon have gone soft after a year in the Chumpionship Can't wait for the return fixture.

William McGooligan said:

SEL, I really do find it amazing how you can see this the way you do. Saying we had the ref on our side is a lunatic statement. He didn't give a clear penalty - feel free to feel aggrieved about that; I would. However the rest of the decisions made 'against' you were not only deserved, but lenient!

As for Carroll, yes he shouldn't have elbowed Craddock, but without wanting to make excuses - that was after being kicked to bits all game. But elbowing from the start? Eh... no. He jumps with his arms raised - just like every other player in the game. His intent is proven by the fact that he wins the ball every single time! Yeah he's physical, but as you said: "Football's a man's game".

Ebanks-Blake hit the post... yeah, he missed a sitter. So did Carroll.

Just out of interest, are you happy with the tactics McCarthy is employing? As far as my opinion goes they're horrendous. I suppose Wolves will get their comeuppance with club fines and player suspensions, but we were lucky not to lose anybody to injury.

markaccus said:

SEL, u have commented on a different game. How u can turn wolves' thug play arround and accuse the toon of being the agressor is pathetic. Karl Henry is just a mindless clogger with no tallent who must be habouring some childhood memory of horror

samwwfc said:

I am a Wolves fan and was at the match and before I comment I would like to add I am glad the Toon army is back in the big time - now as for the game c'mon what do you wanna see a few overseas players tripping up like butterflies and winging to the ref???? Not me I think of the 1st tackel Henry vs Barton and what a cruncher did either player roll around the floor or complain?? NO its a pity they wernt wearing the White(or red) of England last month I think with that type of commitment we may just have gone a little further in the World cup. Anyway I cant wait for the return. My prediction for the end of season, Wolves to finish 14th or 15th Newcastle to finish 15th or 14th

Leedswolf said:

The match was a good old fashioned battle and played between two very committed teams.

Newcastle were certainly no shrinking violets and I think MOTD went completely OTT showing Barton being "targetted".

To be fair to Barton he had a good game and I thought he was your man of the match but most of the tackles were hard but fair and he only really complained at the end of the match.

Carroll could easily have been sent off for his persistent fouling and we had a stonewall pen turned down so stop your bleating and enjoy your good start.

I suspect we will be rivals down at the foot of the table all season.

"But who do Wolves think they are?
They did used to play in Divison Four in my lifetime didn't they and their ground did used to be a bit of a tip with a muddy grass bank as part of the away end?"

What the hell differance does that make to a blog on a 2010 game?

I am old enough to remember when there was no Toon Army and you were getting 12-15000 at home but not old enough to remember you win a trophy so show some respect!

Andy Kane said:

It was no penalty. It was, however, a corner because Perch put it out. I suspect that's what the Wolves players were moaning about. We should've buried Wolves but Nolan and Carroll spurned chances and we were punished by a great goal and for a while after that we were floundering.

Did they target Barton? Pretty obvious and it was to his credit he didn' respond (for once...). The ref was dreadful to both sides.

markaccus said:

Leedswolf. Wolves don't deserve any respect playing football that was worse than the toons 2 years ago. Mick mcarthy was a thug in his playing days and it shows in his management. Wolves have no deffence for this, they are a disgrace. Call it bleating if you want, you're just being blind.

Ad Mant said:

i remember when we knocked you out the fa cup, you whinged then and clearly havent stopped whinging since...

like a bloody soap opera, havent you got another game to prep for instead of harping on about your little tootsies getting stood upon

but then, i suppose if you ay got a job to go to you got plenty of time to reminisce over the last game.

bloody whingebags

Leedswolf said:

No Penalty?

Now I know your blind!

McCarthy has done a fantastic job at Wolves and anyone can see it.
We cant play the expansive football we would all like to see but he does brilliantly with the resources we have.
They are certainly not a "team of thugs" and I suggest you might have a bit of a downer on an ex Sunderland manager that helps your black & white tinted spectacles.

I actually like Newcastle and I hope you stay up but you need to accept you wont stay up on your reputation of being 2 a big club" and you will get plenty of physical games in the Prem

thesomething said:


Wolves played like a bunch of boys trained on prison pitches. No skill, flair and as several of their own primary forums concur "couldn't string four passes together!".
They targeted Barton as part of a conscience plan to get the player wound up with a subsequent sending off being the agenda. It had NOTHING to do with comeuppance ! There was no malice from any of the Newcastle United players. I question whether you were even at the match considering it was not viewed on British television, legally anyways. I ask in what section of the ground were you ?! Perhaps the bar I wonder, giving the lack of impartial view you have on this match.
Your attempt to justify the brutish downright thuggery of Wolves play by stating they gave what they received is desperate. A defensive reaction to what clearly is a sensitive issue that most Wolves fans have been exposed to. Considering that the large majority of media criticise Wolves and in particular Sam the Eagles deplorable "tactics", I am not surprised to see you so vehemently defending them. Newcastle United is a club steeped in proud tradition, fans with a thirst for seeing good attractive football produced with honest toil. Good honest football by definition. I see NOTHING honest in attempts to harm your fellow pro. I see no honesty in your attempts to undermine the violent undertones Henry in particular acted out on Barton, who having served his time, has recovered commendably from his problems. If only other repeat offenders could follow his example. I see no honesty in kicking anything above grass height with any first touch of the ball being a bonus. By reminding people on this site that football is a mans game is absurd and patronising to a clubs fan base who has seen only two seasons out of the EPL since its inception in 92. You think the writing between the lines for being a "man" is to be a thug ? That a "mans" game is all knuckles, bruises, blood and guts ?! I ask you SEL, what year are you from ? Do you think Man Utd play soft ? Or Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona ? Those lads are stronger, fitter than Wolves ! They do not need to resort to such utter gutter tactics.
You had a decision go against you, fine. It happens to many clubs. How unfortunate, PLAY ON !! To suggest we were lucky because one of your players hit the bar is ludicrous. The guy had a chance, the opportunity was there. A question was asked, was he good enough. The answer was no. Hence you not getting 3 points.
Trust me, as a season ticket holder...I also look forward to Wolves' return fixture. And I sincerely hope we keep our main boys fit to give your lot a proper education on football terms without your blood thirsty crowd screaming blue murder. After all, its a mans game.

markaccus said:

I knew some wazzok would bring up the cup game. Not worth any more comment.
Leedswolf, if our players had tackled as wolves did, then we would not have finnished the game with 11 men, its only because the wolves players have no reputation at all that they remained on the pitch. I actually liked mcarthy when he was at the makems so you can't use that one on me, he is unfortunate his players are not footballers, just donkeys.

johnwolf said:

Have a look at the fair play league for this seaon and last when you were in the championship -this season you are bottom, so on reflection that makes you (so far) the dirtiest team? + for discipline the two players at the top holding joint first are your players - Perch & Barton so on reflection that makes them the 2 dirtiest players.
Has for the match-I thought you lot were tough! Carrol elbowed Craddock then had a go at USA with his elbow, how he stayed on the pitch only your mascot (Attwell) will know.
but have you heard us moaning, football is supposed to be a man's game-maybe your lot should stick to tiddly winks!

markaccus said:

Players like barton get booked on reputation, we have that problem with smith too, this would easily account for our position in the fair play stakes. Just accept your side played dirty, I can't wait to see what happens when yoi play an over protected side like man ure or chelski, you will be lucky to have seven on the pitch come 90 mins

Johnboy McNeil said:

@johnwolf "but have you heard us moaning"... erm... yeah, actually.

I think some of the Wolves comments on here are amusingly contradictory... SEL saying Carroll wa elbowing from the start and Wolves gave as good as they got and then saying that it's a man's game and Newcastle have gone soft... make yer mind up pal!

Similar stuff from johnwolf...

Anyhoo, Wolves' tactics were clear for all to see. If that's what they need to resort to to stop the toon taking them apart then fair enough. They'll suffer for it in the long run.

SEL said:

Johnboy - there is absolutely no contradiction in what I wrote. It was a tough/hard game and we gave as much as we received because Attwell didn't blow for fouls that went against us from the start. And I've never bleated about the physicality of the game like Toon fans have been up in arms about.

Andy Kane - you obviously didn't see MotD and all the comments afterwards and all the reports in the press because Perch never touched the ball by a long way.

I have no beef against the Toon; having spent 4 years in the mid 70s living in Durham I've always liked them. I'm amazed at the blinkered reports from the North East and comments by their fans for the type of game which the Toon are used to playing.
As for us not playing football, that's nonsense as it was the Toon who frequently hoofed the ball and Wolves passed their way out of trouble. I would admit, though, that our passing wasn't as good as it should have been.
And as for Barton, there seven tackles on him, four were fair - though heavy, and three were fouls. Hardly a damming ststistic given Barton's history. Henry played the ball but it was he who seems to be blamed for the rough stuff.

I agree that Toon had 58% of the posession but they didn't do anything constructive with it. When Routledge beat the keeper at the edge of the box his passing was woeful. Toon had three good strikes on the target and one went in. You were lucky to get the draw under the circumstances (ref on your side, penalty not given, us hit the post) but a point wasn't a bad deal either way.

There you have it. I've been rational but I haven't seen the same kind of analysis about us.

Toml said:

I listend to the match on realradio, whose match analyser was Malcolm Macdonald. Now having listend to nearly every newcastle match for 3-4 years on this station, whenever MM comments on it hes is always fair and gives unbiased reviews on whats happening during the game, hes ususally telling everybody just how bad joey barton is but in this match he said that barton had grown in his estimations 10fold after recieving tackles that "would get someone on the street 2-3 years". Now if newcastle were being batterd fairly MM would be the first to admit it but that match wolves werent footballers. theres a difference in scrapping for the win and targeting a single player.

AndyNUFC said:

It's this "given Barton's history" comment that gets my goat. Let me preface this with the fact that I was hardly Barton's biggest fan the last three years, that was up until his return to the starting XI at least.

Wayne Rooney, Stevie G et al. are hardly squeaky clean. But, if Karl Henry had targeted either of them in the manner he did Barton (i.e. to injure or get him sent off), MOTD and all the red-topped tabloids would be up in arms. He would've probably gotten a wrap on the knuckles from the FA post-match too. It was absolute thuggery regardless of Barton's past. It was an outrage that he was allowed to do it. Even Joey Barton deserves protection from that kind of gamesmanship.

The two moments of contention were 1) Karl Henry not getting a straight red for the tackle he eventually got booked on (he should've been booked way before that too) and 2) Perch's tackle on Jarvis - stonewall pen in my eyes. I'd have been up in arms.

In saying that, I thought the match was a great match. It was a good example of why the Premier League is so much better than everywhere else. So let's not sour it with blinkered, defensive views. It was a show of 2 teams really fighting for it. One team, unfortunately, had one player who was unable to compete within the realms of the game and was unfairly let off with it.

PS. Can't believe what an amazing artist Jody Craddock is by the way... google it! Amazing drawing of Sir Bob.

beardlseyobviously said:

As an unblinkered Newcastle fan I think some forget that we are a physical team with players like Smith, Barton, Nolan and Taylor being rightly booked both this season and last. My gripe is that McCarthy employed no tactics at all other than trying to get our team either injured or annoyed to the extent that they would be sent off! That is purely cheating! Just like fielding your reserve team for a game against a team you think you cannot beat. Something McCarthy should've been thrown out of football for! I have no problem with him being a former Sunderland manager and felt he was not fairly treated by the Sunderland fans or board, although maybe they had seen him in training?

Phil K said:

Barton wasn't targetted ?
Hell man, even McCarthy and his neaderthal main protagonist Henry admitted as much !
I enjoy no quarter given, none asked. But McCarthy's plan was just to antagonize Barton to react. Nothing noble or moral or "old fashioned manliness" in that.
I'll just bet Henry gets a convenient injury before the return.

Stevie said:

@leedswolf "and I'm old enough to remember Newcastle getting 12000 and 15000". What one season of boycott? Why don't you mention any of the other 63 seasons since the war. Brummies man. I'm old enough to remember Wolves getting 2 and 3,000 as it goes, so I really don't see what your point is other than being a boring stereotypical brummie not entity.

We should've won the game on Saturday, that much is clear lets hope we don't rue the fact we didn't make the most of our chances, and well done Barton for not rising to the bait for once. Kevin Doyle was as anonymous as Jonas on the day.

Phil K said:

You know, reading Wolves fans defend the thug antics of their team on Saturday is rather like the charver parents of a psychopathic teen thug defending his "right" to attack others and it's always the thug's victims fault !

Phil K said:

AdMant - we get knocked out of the FA Cup frequently. So do you.
Your team kicked Newcastle players on and off the ball that day too.
Seems its the only way you know how to play.

SEL said:

I'm sorry lads but I continue to be disappointed by the sour grapes. Just move on and recognise it was a really decently fought hard match with a pathetic referee, and the result was the correct one - much as we'd both have liked the three points. The result hung in the balance throughout, we both had chances, there was the disputed penalty decision, the ball hit the post your end and you came close our end with two decent saves from Hahnemann, you nearly scored an own goal from a corner, no quarter was given and we both came away with summat - and there were no lasting injuries.
It wasn't a bad match, imho.

Leedswolf said:


Calling us Brummies is like us calling you Mackems!

Showing your IQ clearly

Geordie Lee said:

I enjoyed the game on Saturday - good craic over a couple of pints with a few lads from The Black Country, canny atmosphere in the ground, some good, old-fashioned challenges and a lousy referee that everyone could have a good pop at! Both sides could have won it and a draw was a fair result.

steve said:

leeds wolf ,

you remember a time when thee was no toon army ???????????? wot u been sniffing son ............. go look at the archives when at the turn of the last century onwards there was 80,000 squashed into a standing arena to watch a toon game .you wanna smell wot ur shovelling !

Yorkshire Wolves said:

I was at the game and I didn't think it was a particularly dirty game, yes the ref was a bit card happy, but given that fact, surely if "all these fouls" on Barton HAD of been bad, then he would of been booked long before he was.
I agree that the "tackle" Henry did get booked for, was a yellow card but no more.
As for the actual game, you started well but couldn't score, we then came back into it and did score, then we should have had a penalty but it wasn't given, you then scored a well taken goal and could of then gone on to win it.
The fact that you didn't means it was a draw and IMO a fair result.
BTW We're not Brummies, just like you're not Mackems.

Andy Kane said:

"No Penalty?

Now I know your blind!"

No penalty. Perch kicked the ball and it changed direction. Corner, but no penalty.

You're lucky you didn't finish with only 9 on the pitch.

It's 'you're blind', by the way.

I look forward to you trying similar tactics against Arsenal and a manager who'll speak his mind.

bob harvey said:

Joey Barton:role model for kids.

JoJo said:

Good on ya Joey Barton!
Mick 'Muppett' McCarthy had obviously intructed his players to get Joey lifted at any given chance throughout the game in the hope that he would retaliate and get sent off, which he didn't.
Muppett is obviously instilling some of his own playing values onto his current team i.e. when lacking in skill or ability just floor the opposition by whatever means necessary - what a role model.

mark said:

I think both sets of fans should show a bit respect. Wolves have always been a well supported team and always have a healthy away following. They have premiership neighbours close by so they do extremley well to get the support they do especially after years in the wilderness of the lower leagues. We at Newcastle do think so highly of ourselves we end up getting right up the nose of other supporters, its not for us to claim to be the best but for other fans and pro players to state it as they have done so in the past. As for the game I loved it, it was a throw back when tackles were allowed. However if it had been a european night Wolves would have been down to about six players, but they are fighting to remain in this league so a bit of determination is needed to succeed. I hope when we play Liverpool or Spurs our players display the same desire with a little more control.

mark said:

I think both sets of fans should show a bit respect. Wolves have always been a well supported team and always have a healthy away following. They have premiership neighbours close by so they do extremley well to get the support they do especially after years in the wilderness of the lower leagues. We at Newcastle do think so highly of ourselves we end up getting right up the nose of other supporters, its not for us to claim to be the best but for other fans and pro players to state it as they have done so in the past. As for the game I loved it, it was a throw back when tackles were allowed. However if it had been a european night Wolves would have been down to about six players, but they are fighting to remain in this league so a bit of determination is needed to succeed. I hope when we play Liverpool or Spurs our players display the same desire with a little more control.

relton said:

I agree with Mark. Come on - everyone who is upset - dry your eyes and toughen up. I loved the game - it spoke more about how Joey Barton has started to grow up than Muppetts maangement skills - and will go a long way in ensuring that other teams (Stoke etc) may now think twice before deploying such tactics.
Anyone who is upset - download from You Tube some matches from the 70's and see how the game used to be played when lads like me were growing up and initially fell in love with the game, believe me - saturday was nothing.
Lets stop the whinge - accept that some teams will deploy streetwise tactics and believe that Newcastle under Hughton are themselves streetwise enough to cope.

manfromutopia said:

Like Mark said(twice) it was great game with full blooded tackles,Wolves players doing to Barton what most of us have wanted to do to him for the last couple of years. He handled it well and like most toon players,had a good game.I was disappointed not to win but having seen the penalty on TV later, maybe a draw was a fair result,bearing in mind it is one we would have lost in recent years. The referee was pathetic unfortunately, with both teams getting decisions against them that were hard to take at the time. One thing I can't let go though is the Wolves fans who feel the need to comment (sometimes ludicrously)on our board. How sad is that lads ? I,nor most sane toon fans, would never be that insecure to have to try and justify ourselves on another teams board.Is it that boring on your own boards?

DormAnt said:

I remember games in the fifties that were fairly tough from time to time. We even used a ball occasionally, usually at half time, and purely for entertainment you understand.
A hard game, honours/points even with the biggest disappointment being the referee, which isn't that surprising really. He probably thought he had wandered into pit bull fighting ring at the moment money was due to change hands.

Wolves, I developed a soft spot for them in the Billy Wright days.
I suspect both teams will survive in the PL.
Howay the lads!


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