The Premier League can be an unforgiving place

By Lee Ryder on Aug 17, 10 06:30 PM

Cilla Black would have struggled at Old Trafford last night when looking for surprises.

In the end it was another flame haired North-West celebrity who served up the punishment for Newcastle United in the shape of Paul Scholes and it wasn't a case of Surprise Surprise.

Newcastle players had spoke positively before the game and for half an hour or so they walked the walk too, then perhaps reality kicked in.

Whether some Toon players got drunk on the relative success they were having in the early stages of the game or Man U just kicked into gear, is no longer relevant.

Newcastle were left to clutch on to positives such as Andy Carroll's performance up front, a solid showing from Mike Williamson and some flashes of class from Wayne Routledge.

Apart from that and the 30 minute spell before Man U got into the zone, it was same old for the Magpies at Old Trafford.

A reminder that giving the ball away in the final third is a bad idea in the Premier League also came in the form of two first half goals.

That may sound obvious but there were numerous occasions in the Championship when Toon defenders were able to take two, three or four touches before clearing the ball up the pitch in the second tier.

Mistakes will be punished.

If anybody connected with Newcastle didn't know that before, they do now.

Carroll was a revelation for a 21-year-old up against Nemanja Vidic, and the good news is he won't be up against defenders like the big Serb every week.

He will get the goals.

Despite the weight of expectation on his shoulders and despite being given a rough ride from the Cockney Press last night, who re-emerged into the world of Newcastle United after a one season break.

Carroll is a worthy wearer of the number 9, and what the big man can bring to Newcastle will be beyond people who make judgements in just 90 minutes.

It was good to be back playing and working at a big Premier League ground but nobody at Newcastle is disillusioned by the task in hand this season.

And with a 52,000 crowd hopefully waiting ahead of the game with Aston Villa and a 15 month unbeaten home record to protect, the season starts on Sunday.


DormAnt said:

Sometimes, on a balmy summer evening, I take a drink into the garden and smoke a last cigarette before retiring to bed for the night. On such nights I often look up and into the heavens to reflect a while on the past, and hopefully get a tiny glimpse of the possible future.
Last night was no exception in terms of my now familiar routine. The past was there in all its glory, unperturbed, and settled for all eternity.
The future was by no means as clear or well defined. I had indeed, great difficulty in interpreting the heavenly signs in any meaningful way for some considerable time.
Then, in a blaze of light, the stars revealed their true meaning to me in a moment of revelation that rode the mare of night across a threatening sky. Fear, nay, sheer terror held me in its icy grip, filled my heart with an unshakable sense of dread and foreboding.
I slept only in fits and starts last night as the (big) four horsemen of the premier league apocalypse sat astride their giant steeds while they pawed the turf with menace.
I turned and fled their awesome threat toward a strange, claret and blue horizon, beneath a sunless sky.....

gordon said:

Its taken ryder 10 years to work that one out.

Al Young said:

Give him a break, it's not the Times blog, it's the Evening Chronicle's, not exactly a newspaper known for its journalism.

toonagain said:

CH is never going to be a KK. Keegan last took us there with intent -intent to beat them at home. CH took us there with intent to salvage a point or a credible loss.

if we go toplaces like this i.e arsnal, chelsea, liverpool is it not worth just trying something creative 4 3 3 or one of the young guns?

I could disect it further but there isn't really anything more to say...


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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