To boo or not to boo

By Lee Ryder on Aug 18, 10 02:38 PM

Newcastle United fans do not need a "who to boo" guide this season but the subject of booing may well be a recurring theme this season.

Michael Owen - even though he didn't play - was first to get some stick at Manchester United as fans made their feelings clear about the former number 10 who was never ever going to stay the second Newcastle went down.

The next player to test out the boo-ometer will be Habib Beye who arrives with Aston Villa this Sunday.

Ironically, Newcastle's last Premier League game in the Premier League was Beye's last in a black and white shirt.

He didn't play at Aston Villa when the Mags went down due to injury and weeks later found himself playing for the team that struck that final fatal blow on the Toon.

To refresh, Beye was going into the last year of his contract 12 months ago and wanted a new deal.

Frustrated with the lack of progress from a contract point of view and disarray around the club, he slapped in a transfer request and got it.

Beye was also at the centre of the infamous inquest at Leyton Orient when players were allegedly asked to raise a hand if they wanted to go.

Whether Beye raised a hand or not is not 100% clear.

I understood at the time that had Alan Shearer got the the job at Newcastle his contract may have been sorted out sooner rather than later, and Beye was public with his wish to see Big Al installed.

However, regardless of what might have happened, Beye left Newcastle and joined Villa where he spent an unhappy season on the bench.

To boo Beye would be to boo a player that gave everything in a black and white shirt during his time here and didn't shirk much during his two years at the club.

He was always one of the first to give an explanation to supporters (via the Chronicle), especially away from home, when things hadn't gone to plan.

Perhaps on a smaller scale, Beye was similar to Shay Given when it comes to putting a shift in for United, and I know for a fact Given won't be booed.

Given got out before Newcastle were relegated along with Charles N'Zogbia and Seb Bassong and Damien Duff followed later.

Bassong said he would always go if Newcastle were relegated, before it even happened but also said he would stay if United stayed up.

As good as Bassong was, his attitude was crap once we were relegated and he didn't entertain staying at Newcastle for a second.

Duff jumped ship after one game in the Championship.

I guess whether a player is booed or not largely depends on what they done on the pitch when they were here.

On that basis, Bassong, Beye and Given may yet avoid the boos while N'Zogbia, Duff and Owen will endure more their fair share on their returns to St James' Park.

That's my opinion anyway.


MentalToonHamster said:

Bassong was gonna stay if Shearer was manager I remember.
And Zoggy is gonna get booed a whole lot more if he does move to the Mackems

S said:

Beye is an interesting one. He was one of my favourite players whilst at the club but I read stuff in the press after he left to do with him wanting more money! He did say he would stay though and after the Orient massacre we discovered who was committed to the cause- and Beye wasn't!! If people want to boo him then fair dos as he was one of the players who jumped ship after relegation! Did Owen just get booed or were there some chants against him?

bb said:

I think duff was sold more to do with his wages than being one of the lads that put his hand up to go.
I think we should remeber the joy aston villa fans took in seeing us go down and boo every time villa touch the ball and put as much pressure as we possibly can on their players to hurry passes and make mistakes.
The more hostile it is for visitng teams the better.

come on lads we know we are good boo- ers lets give it tohiose that deserve it this year

come on the boos against villa

Al Young said:

At this rate, Charlie'll get booed wherever he goes. Either he's dumb or his agent is. Or they both are! I'd have Beye back. He may have lost speed but the brain's still there and he'd be a hell of a lot better than Perch (and Simpson).

My annoyance at Duff would be more for the fact he foud his form after he left us. Except for the last few games (he was easily our best player under Shearer - not that he had much opposition), he was awful. No pace; would beat a man and then go back to beat him again but lose the ball etc etc etc. Maybe it had more to do with out coaching. Who knows?

Al Young said:

Besides, the person who really deserves booing is the man who won't free up the cash...

And the diving sick-note mercenary Scouser, of course.

mark said:

boo or not, do you think the players will be bothered... doubt it..

DormAnt said:

Nothing upsets, or gets to a player more than wall of and silence and indifference.

Booing an ex player gives them a lift and drives them on to a better performance just to ram the booing back down the fans throats.

It would do us well to remember that players only reflect what the fans expect of them.

If you must have a go at some one, have a go at, and vent your spleen on the the Villains.

As for the booze, I'll sup wi anyone, just to be sociable mind.

toonagain said:

who cares!!! get a bloody stiker in - break the bank for robbie kean, can't believe we let beattie go to rangers for 1.5m?! he was obviously desperate to get out of stoke!! if we don't get a prem experienced stiker in it'll be the manager and the team being boo'd come christams...

Geordie Lee said:

I'm pretty sure that the Villa players will have experienced booing and a hostile atmosphere at St Andrew's!

toonagain said:

DG and PL have to play every game when fit in their respective roles they are the best we have. CH please play them in their best position and there will be no boo's. one thing that is bothering me and he will be boo'd if it carries on and that playing Gutierrez on the left and not on the right. he got away with it last season but in the prem he waas found out, the same will happen this season. let him play in his best position and avoid the boos...

TT said:

I wouldn't boo Beye or Given. However Given deserted us when the going got as bad as he's seen. For me he has sacrificed legend status for the hope of riches and silverware at Man City and now he's their second choice. I would boo Bellamy but boy would I have loved to see him come back - even on loan. He would've kept us up even if he is trouble. As Bobby once said "Its about what a player can do for you when he crosses that white line that counts"

Terry Tibbs said:

Boo or not to boo? Who cares get some new players in Mike or we'll be booing championship players again & for a lot longer this time!

Sameoldsameold said:

As long as we remember that the team in Black and white is Newcastle and we can't boo our team louder than that money grabbing ships rat.
But I agree with everyone that says it. We need players. No last minute rubbsih again like Leon Best. Decent, hard working, honest, skill full players. Ok, if they are PL footballers then decent and honest probably wont be part of their CV.

Jake said:

"Ironically, Newcastle's last Premier League game in the Premier League was Beye's last in a black and white shirt."

Should you really be writing for a newspaper?

Peter said:

Hey Terry, so you think Chris Hughton is Ashley's "Yes man"?

Well, come on then. Let's see you use this forum to slag off your boss in public...


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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