A night to remember at Stamford Bridge

By Lee Ryder on Sep 23, 10 03:27 PM

There weren't too many who saw that one coming were there?

An incredible night at Stamford Bridge that will surely go down as one of the most memorable matches in the club's history.

That's no exaggeration by the way, this long overdue victory had Chelsea fans as sick as parrots as they staggered up the King's Road after they were overcome by the black and whites.

Not many teams have Chelsea fans crying into their beer do they?

It's hard to know where to start, but the team Chris Hughton selected were hungry enough to get through.

Before the game, Hughton had played down the competition and its importance.

Was he carefully managing expectations or was he using a bit of reverse psychology which appeared to work a treat?

Either way, to see the players celebrating in such a victorious manner at the end was one of the best sights a Newcastle fan could see.

Earlier this week, this Blog discussed exactly what the Carling Cup should mean to Newcastle.

Well, as we head into the last 16, perhaps Hughton's B Team can provide a few more shocks yet.


Sir Cecil said:

Sad. So much merriment at beating a mere reserve team. Did Drogba play? Or Lampard? Or Essien? Or Cech? Or Ivanovic? Or Malouda? Or Ashley Cole? Or Mikel? etc etc.
Terry played half a game only and for a half-an-hour and more, Chelsea played with only TEN men (boys actually, with a 17 year old on the pitch and a 15 year old on the bench).
But if Newcastle fans consider this one of the most memorable nights in their club's history, that's fine of course.

Ryder's reply: Did a player that Chelsea want to sign play in Carroll? Did Nolan play? Did Enrique play? Did Barton have long enough to get a touch of the ball?
Where Chelsea at home? Did they not field over £60million worth of talent?
Did Newcastle have a host of teenagers on the field too? Have we won there for 24 years?
Of course it was memorable.

neeraj said:


Newcastle also had made 10 changes to the original squad....

If you think the 17 y.o. was good, what would you have to say about Shane Ferguson
Please note he is just 18 :).

He had both Benayoun and Ferraira in back pocket, don't tell me they are useless players, they both are international players with UCL experience, with the former being one of my favorite players....

Terry played 45 minutes, and made 2 mistakes, one resulting into a goal...
In came Alex who was responsible for both the goals first letting Ameobi the space and 2nd giving Ameobi a free header....

And you were lucky that it remained 3-1 till 65 minutes

If I were a Chelsea fan, I would be really worried that if Drogba/Essien/Malouda are missing then..........(fill in the blanks)

nicky said:

most memorable nights in their club's history... Oh dear!

It was a carling cup game against some Chelsea kids.

What is the world coming to!

Lee Robson said:

So Sad?

Was Carroll playing? Was Jose playing? Or Perch? Or Nolan? Or Ben Arfa? Or Barton, much? etc etc

Ten changes to Newcastle's team that were playing against Everton. If anything, Chelsea had the stronger team out... They only went down to ten men after they were 3-1 down. And all those other points made by Ryder are so so right.

What a night! I will never complain about Gutierrez taking a corner again. When did he learn to cross?

nicky said:


I think 3 of the goals were down to the Chelsea goalkeeper, he is awful!

Sulphuric909 said:

Dear oh dear Cecil

A bitter member of the prawn sandwich brigade who has nowt better to do than create one of the most biased, lacklusture arguements ever seen on this blog. I would say it was the worst, but every now and then we get some Spackems who decide to make conversation with less mentality than a deep fried peanut!

Anyway, I would like to point out that Ancelotti decided to rest a few of his most recent starting line up - 7 in fact, and that he also decided to play international stars such as Anelka, John Terry, Kalou, Benayoun and Alex. Like it or not, these are your 1st team players, just like Smith, Jonas and Tiote are ours.

The rest of your squad were a blend of reserves and youths (sturridge, fererria etc), much like our players - Krul, Lovenkrands, Ranger, Raylor...

We made 10 changes to the team that played - an beat - a strong Everton side who has been challenging in and around the European spots for the last 6 or 7 years. The only surviving member, who is a regular 1st team starter was Coloccini.

Conclusion: CFC and NUFC both set out with a mix of 1st team starters, with reserves, and a few youngsters to have a run out in a much overlooked cup competition, and on this occasion the toon won despite a much ridiculed and questionable penality desicion.

You haven't just made yourself look like a total mug, but also made your fellow fans fall into the 'stereotype' cetegory by being blissfully blessed with ignorance.

Geordie Lee said:

Cracking game, great result, 'nuff said! Now let's build on two good away wins and get a win against Stoke to ensure we're 25% of the way towards hitting the 40 point target and safety for the season.

BAZ said:


edd Hogg said:

What text entry was wrong?

edd Hogg said:

Reserve or youth players they may be but I'm sue they would be the pick of talent available and would cost Chelski big bucks.
It's about time the Chelsea's and the Arsenal's were repremanded for buying so much foreign talent and passing their teams off as English.
How can we improve our game if we do not give young British talent a chance.

I think the Premier Division has had enough of the lop sided and boring procession of the money bags teams - usually foreign - probably shonkey, that are destroying grass roots football in the UK.

Let us have some more legislation to curb all this nonsense. Platini has some good ideas on this, and we should listen to him; if we can put our greed and selfishness to one side; that is clearly obscuring our vision, may be we shall see a better day. - sorry for the mixed metaphor's there

Sir Cecil said:

Laughable. Sulphur says: "Conclusion: CFC and NUFC both set out with a mix of 1st team starters, with reserves, and a few youngsters to have a run out in a much overlooked cup competition.."
This second-rate pair of line-ups, he says produced a result worthy of being one of the best in his club's history! Says a lot for the competitions Newcastle challenge for!
It was a good, entertaining game by two teams featuring mostly second-stringers. For anyone to say the result is one of the greatest in the club's history is far more of an insult to Newcastle than anything I could add.

spence said:

Sir Cecil: That's not what you said in the first place though was it? You came across all sour grapes before being shown the flaws in your 'reserve team' argument.
I agree that it was a good game and I thought Anelka and Van Arnholt were absolutely outstanding for you, but we had a few star performers ourselves and could have been out of sight before you were reduced to 10 men. In the end it was one of those nights when anything could happen... and it did.
I think we're entitled to celebrate winning a game that most expected us to lose- we were the newly promoted Championship champions playing Premier league champions after all.
I also don't think it's one of the most memorable victories in NUFC history, (I'd at least put 3-2 against Barca and Howay 5-0 above that in recent times- though there are some FA cup, league and european stuff way before my time), but we've won nothing for years and this genuinely feels like a turning point in our history.
In the larger context of this debate though- is it really worth coming on here to have a go when we're not really a threat to chelsea's overall dominance as a footballing force? Definitely sour grapes!
As Sir Bobby once said to a great Arsenal team,
'You have to learn to lose graciously'

Sulphuric909 said:


There was nowt laughable in the comment you quoted me on - it was all truth, which in turn made yourself out to be the laughable point in your comment!

Wednesday was a night to remember in the clubs history, and infact it should go to show that CFC might have one of the strongest starting / 1st team squads in domestic football across the world, however peel back a few layers it showed that you haven't quite got the same youth development that the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd and the toon have at present.

Stop being bitter and go challange for our holy grail of Champions League, and let us back in the eternal optimism of the Black and White army's win.

As Spence said before me, it was a night to remember as it was a turning point in our clubs recent bleak history.

Nathan said:

I wish our reserve team was littered with quality Internationals!
Didn't Ramires and Zhirkov cost £18m a piece? Aren't Danny Sturridge (who was useless all night) and Gael Kakuta regarded as top prospects? Aren't Nico Anelka and Benayoun experienced top class prem performers? Does Paulo Ferrira have over 50 caps for Portugal?
The anwser to all those questions is YES. Quite easy to pick holes in your paper thin argument you bitter, sad sad little man. You'll win the league and probably the CL as well, yet you can't just accept you were outplayed, out thought and out fought by a better team on the night?

Relton said:

I think we can gather from certain comments that the Chelsea fans - at least - wanted to progress in this competition and are clearly upset by getting done in their own back yard, alas they have bigger fish to fry and pay the price as fans.
Chelsea are undoubtedly one of the strongest clubs in Europe and despite the cash (and the hero, leader legend - ha ha ha) - couldn't put out a reserve team to put our reserve team away. Clearly - if I were a Blue - I would be upset too. Nevermind son - dry your eyes and concentrate on Europe. I doubt that the return fixtures in the league will follow suit - so as it goes - let us enjoy our moment in the Sun.
Lastly - can we stop moaning about strength in depth at the club now !!!! The core of that Chelsea side could put away most teams in the premiership.
Shola - get your act together - the guy got us off to a flier last year and kick started our campaign out of the CC - I think he is is - on his day - I better player than AC - trouble is - his days are few and far between.
Stoke will be a punch up - and Nolan will have to keep joeys head on his shoulders maybe smudger to start too take the sting out of them for a half or so.

spence said:

Watch Live Soccer: You were 2-1 down when you lost John Terry and 3-1 down before the other two limped off... it could have been more as well. You had Anelka and Van Arnholt to thank for the brief comeback, but it still wasn't enough. I guess we were the better team on the night.
Maybe you're like the so called 'headhunters'- only sing when you're winning and got no bottle when the odds are equal.
Cockney casuals- em!

lee said:

chelski fans on here

both teams made changes, it wasnt a full strength team for both sides,

to lose is a bitter pill to swallow, but just face it, you where beat by a team that wanted it more on the night, your team thought it was gona be an easy stroll, esp when you wnet 1-0 up so early,

just because there wasnt full strengh teams out there dont make the game any worse, what we as fans of both clubs got was a great game of football, lots of attacing football,

from a luck pint of view, we where lucky that taylor stayed on, but, you got a pen that you shouldnt have got,

you had a lot of things going for you , home advantage, not loosing in so long,

im very proud of my team and what they did on the night, but we move on,

stoke next, keep it up lads


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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