A Potty way to lose a game for Newcastle United

By Lee Ryder on Sep 27, 10 11:03 AM

Even my uncle's dog could have told us what the main threat from Stoke City would have been when Tony Pulis and his abject team came to St James' Park.

And we all know who it was...Rory bloody Delap!

For almost an hour, Stoke didn't cause too much damage and 10 throw-ins later, a 1-0 lead has turned into a 2-1 defeat.

We'd all like to think we're a tactical genius when it comes to watching football.

But surely simply not conceding throws or limiting the amount of throws conceded would have left us in better shape.

I don't care what anyone says about Delap, if he's not taking throw-ins, he's not a threat.

That's all he can do - I mean come on, he didn't even warm up!

Both goals ended up being conceded because of Delap's hurls in, the first resulting in a free-kick after Enrique's foul on Fuller before Jones scored after Etherington's set-play.

The second panicking Williamson to boot the ball clear for a corner which Perch headed past his own goalie.

And that pretty much undone Newcastle in the space of the final quarter of the game.

Failure to create more presentable opportunities would also have killed the game off before Delap had chance to slip out of his tracksuit.

I suppose in the end you have to say Stoke resorted to Delap when their game plan failed - and they used all the tools in the box to get the result they wanted.

A bitter pill to swallow.


Sulphuric909 said:

Stoke wanted it more than we did, bad substitution decisions by CH, and poor service to a long striker resulted in the inevitable. Hope CH sorts it out for next home game.

Sulphuric909 said:

P.S. Lee, how much do you think your uncles dog will want in wages to be technical advisor to CH?

Geordie Lee said:

Fair comment - Stoke's gameplan in the first half seemed to be to get a draw from the game. However, eventhough we went in 1-0 up at the break, Stoke seemed to realise that we weren't carrying much threat (we had the beating of their fullbacks yet rarely got in behind) and that if they resorted to their normal game and played to their strengths, they could (and did) get a result.

Geordiedoonsooth said:

We were very poor even in the 1st half when Stoke just sat back, apart from Enrique a couple of times and Arfa once we never got behind their defence and created nothing. When they changed tactics and started launching long balls in to our defence in the 2nd half we couldn't cope. Williamson & Perch looked like what they are championship defenders. We need Steve Taylor at rightback & Campbell at centreback we may then be a bit more solid.

Brian said:


"Williamson & Perch looked like what they are championship defenders. We need Steve Taylor at rightback & Campbell at centreback we may then be a bit more solid."

You haven't got a clue. Both Williamson and Perch played well and Stoke barely caused us a problem until they resorted to their usual diabolical tactics. Honestly, what sort of fan can sit and watch that dross!? Shocking team with a manager from the stone age.

Geordiedoonsooth said:

Brian I agree that Stoke are a poor side an awful to watch but Williamson never won one header and Perch is not a PL player. And as far as not having a clue I have all of my coaching badges how many have you get

Les said:

The home form is really disappointing,away from home other than Man U we have played well and that is due to 4-5-1 but this does'nt work at home although after the Villa game CH could be excused for thinking it could work.Have to go 4-4-2 at home with Jonas on the left with Enrique as Ben Arfa always goes inside but Routledge has been disappointing so far so put Ben Arfa on the right and he can cut in on his left foot like Robben does so well for Bayern and Holland.

Scooby Toon said:

Yet another defeat at the fortress that is St James Park.I bet Wigan are shaking in their boots they don't have to play well because they can just wait untill CH makes a blunder with tactics,subsitutions etc and hey presto 3pts to Wigan. I'm starting to think about following them away from home more often this season it seems we have a better chance of win or draw than we do at SJP.It just goes to show that The Prem Lge is complete madness just ask any bemused Aresnal fan after saturday's defeat to WBA I bet we get somthing at Man City after defeat to Stoke complete madness!!!

CF said:

Chris Hughton has all of his coaching badges as did Souness and Allardyce... that doesn't stop anybody having an opinion on players or tactics.

Unfortunately we have no option but to stick with Perch as there is no viable Option..anyone suggesting Ryan Taylor should have a word with Lee's Uncles Dog!

Williamson has performed OK so far but hasn't really ben tested by quick mobile forwards which is wheer I think he will struggle. Better players than Williamson have struggled with the Aerial bombardment Stoke give you. I think Campbell will evetually replace him as first choice but was injured yesterday.

Hughton will work out the right formation eventually which I hope doesn't involve Nolan trying to play 'in the hole' at home except against Chelsea and Man U.

LN2 Mag said:

Regarding Ryan Taylor, firstly he is not as bad a player as some people on these blogs think he is. Secondly,he can take a great free kick and look at the opportunities we wasted from great positions around the 18 yard box yesterday. At least he would have tested the keeper. Rory Delap is in the Stoke side for no other reason apart from his long throws and as Lee right said, contributes nothing else. We can accomodate a player like Taylor at home due to his free kicks and shooting prowess if nothing else and I don't think we would suffer defensively with him in the team and anyway how much worse can it get, losing to Stoke and Blackpool? Lee what does your Uncles dog think of the 1 upfront tactic at home, which clearly isn't working?

Lee's Uncles Dog said:

WOOF! My opinion of R Taylor - he should be given a chance to show what he can do next home game alongside Campbell in defense, he is playing in another reserve game tonight and could be his last there for a while if he impresses.

LN2, you are correct I don't think much of playing Carroll up there on his own at home games, and would like to see Big Ben supporting him more on the right in lieu of WR. From what i saw on Sunday, he spent a lot of time over on that wing, and wasted time tracking back to the other side of the pitch.

RAFMAG said:

Gents we are all going on about our faults at the back, but lets look at he other end of the pitch. We starting to air trends that took us down, not in total performance which has been good but the good old last third problems. I said it before the season started and I am sorry I am becoming more and more concerned I am going to be right, we have a real shortage of pace up front. Yes we have the arial threat but thats it. We need some one who can run of Carrol which will give the attack another avenue. We are already looking like a one dimension attack team. We have pace outside but nothing up front or throught the middle, Afra perhaps but thats it. If you dont push the oposition back far enough then they will come forward and thats exactly what happened yesterday, one pace so they didnt have to sit deep (which would creat space in front of goal). We cant whing about there boring tactics, it worked against us so who is the mugs the one who played the tactics and won or the one who didnt deal with them and lost.

CH you are doing a good job but its big boys league now and the tactics books needs to have another few chapters written, we have already lost 2 games which should have been a solid 6 points you need to sort this out now.

RAFMAG said:

PS how many games plans did newcastle talk through as I was a bit shocked when we made our subs but nothing changed..Stoke changes and youl could see the difference. Again more than one play needed in the Book CH

toonagain said:

its true; Perch and Williamson hmmm Williamson looked like he was struggling against Everton, Perch hasn't settled in - panic & panic. R.Tylor deserves a shot. But you can knock the players all day long for me PL or Am-imoble should of been up partnering AC from the start how can we put teams on the back foot if we're playing defenssive footy from the off at home? CH sort yourself out first then have a go at the team.

Al Young said:

Perch was poor - before the goal - though he's often left on his own by Routledge. Williamson seemed to go to pieces in the second half, although by the end even Barton was giving the ball away. I can see why Ben Arfa was taken off, but surely his best position is playing off Carroll through the middle? Obvious to most people. In the second half, we had more going for us in the attack when Jonas was able to get behind their defence and might hjave scored had Nolan been a bit sharper. Tiote looks very good indeed. We've needed a player like that for a lonnnnnng time. Why on earth was HE subbed?

toonagain said:

CH said he brought Ameobi and Jonas on to try and win the game hmmmmm about 75mins too late Chris! But at least you've answered your own questions...

quinny1979 said:

message for lee ryder,
as you are in a position to speak directly to chris hughton on a weekly basis could you please ask him why when it is blatantly not working is he insisting to carry on playing nolan just off carroll in home games? i understand away from home but he is making us toothless up front as it only works on the counter attack, other teams know the line up in advance as ch has blind loyalty to nolan and they play two up front (or three in the case of blackpool) which makes us have to play deeper to counter their formation which is tactical suicide, he (nolan) looked shattered after ten minutes yesterday, we must play 2 up top against wigan and the mackems otherwise i fear for our survival,

Nath said:

We lost the game as we were too negative. Away from home that formation is spot on, at home against teams that are happy to bide their time and make the crowd restless it is suicidal. Nolan should be dropped for Jonas, with HBA playing in the hole. Or we revert to 4-4-2 and let Routledge/HBA and Jonas battle it out for the wide places. Two 'must win' games this early in the season against Blackpool and Stoke and we throw them away. Let's be honest here lads, we've had a fairly easy start compared to some teams and thrown six points away with our negativity. On the 16th against Wigan something has to be changed, else it will be a painful season at home and we won;t even get FA off the mackems!!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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