It's time for Toon players to repay Hughton

By Lee Ryder on Oct 22, 10 11:58 AM

With the week we've had on Tyneside, perhaps it's quite ironic that we'll end it in the East End with the black and white soap opera not letting anybody down after an emotional seven days in Toonland.

But while the off the field distractions will iron themselves out in the fullness of time, come 5.30pm at Upton Park, many of us will just be glad that the emphasis will finally be on football again.

Nobody needs to be reminded of the importance of this game from a black and white point of view.

The next three games - as stated throughout the week - are now vital for Chris Hughton.

Three wins and it's a case of crisis, what crisis?

Thee defeats, and nobody needs to be told of the consequences...bottom three, out of the Carling Cup and second to Sunderland in the Tyne-Wear derby.

None of it appeals.

If you ever wondered just how newsworthy Newcastle United are, then the fact that Wayne Rooney has been given a run for his money in the news sections of the papers underlines it.

The Toon Army would much rather be talking about points and wins.

No doubt, the London media will arrive mob-handed at West Ham in the search for a gripping conclusion to the week's events.

But for Hughton, three points are massive.

Yes, Hughton deserves time and the bulk of the Newcastle faithful would be prepared to give him it.

However, while stability is the key word for the Mags, historically managers aren't given time in general.

But Hughton has stuck with his players through it all this week and absorbed the majority of the stick flying around.

Therefore, the players may owe Hughton one here.

Dare I even suggest, that it would be his biggest win (in stature) thus far as United manager given the way the season has unfolded?

That of course, could quickly be replaced within a week if he beats Sunderland.

First things first though, and West Ham must be floored in their own backyard.

Over to you lads.


Simon said:

@Jonnyboy - your spelling, syntax and grammar are appalling.

toonagain said:

wasn't at the game but great win at the right time. good to see CH is flexible on his tactics and team set-up again. think they're finding their feet now, long may it continue... you're right lee a miasive 3 points


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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