Chris Hughton will always be a Geordie

By Lee Ryder on Dec 6, 10 05:31 PM

He arrived at St James' Park as some bloke who used to play for the Cockneys with Spurs but left as an adopted Geordie.

Chris Hughton gave the Geordies their pride back after relegation, the Championship title, the 5-1 win over Sunderland, the win at Arsenal and a treasure trove of memories.

He should be remembered as the man who bought back dignity to Newcastle United. A song that became an anthem of the Championship title win.

Chris Hughton deserved better than this. But he'll never have to buy a drink in Newcastle again.

Chris Hughton we salute you!


EldoradoArgentina said:

Hear hear! Many thanks and All the best Chris. You will not be forgotten.

Little Davey said:

Pardew? No thanks.
Another backward step by the club.
God help us.

Scooby Toon said:

Gutted to see him go the guy had class and diginty which we have not had since Sir Bobby was at SJP. Yet again that FCB Ashley has given the southern based press yet another big stick to beat us with. Do our club and fans a favour sell up then go and crawl back under the rock you come from you have heaped yet more dirt on our club and we are sick of it ya FCB. Taxi for Mike Cashley

Dave Robson said:

Chris Hughton, you are well out of it now, a man of your class, dignity, you far to good a human being, to be treated by some classless buffon like you have.
our loss is going to be definately someone elses gain (Arsenal, as pat rice rice retiring).
You will always be remembered with the fondest of memories by all the Toon army.
All the best for the future

Dave Robson said:

plenty from chmpionship
them from the dark side
not to bad in 14 months

Moaty said:

So many glorious memories. A man of immense intergrity. I'll never forget you. Only bringing King Kev back or Jose or Pep can restore my love for the Tooooooon. I was one of the 7,000 there against Norwich the lowest crowd out of any top flight attendance in the 1970s for any club. We are the loyalist supporters in the land.

kevin-toonlover91 said:

chris your legend for doing what you did last season and what you were doin this current season i hope somewhere along the line someone at the top end of our club publicly apologises for your sacking its a disgrace.if and probaly when you come up against the toon as a manager dont be too harsh on us we all know you wont be as bitter as other managers but good luck with the rest of your career you deserve more success you really do

useddad said:

Nicely said Lee, Hughton is such a dignified man, no place under the present regime. Have you any plans to write a piece criticising the way this club is run under Ashley now? Surely it's time that the Chronicle and Journal started setting the agenda now isn't it?

Freddie Trueman said:

Absolutly gutted today. Since 1992 weve had ups and downs, but today is the worst of the lot. Ashley is obviously cutting costs by not giving Chris Houghton a new contract, the money must have gone. I think this could be the start of a long slide down for our great club. I know the money must be gone because there's a massive sale on at SportsDirect. He must be trying to make more money. I think we should boycoutt and force him to go bankrupt. Then we can have a good chairman like Freddie Shepherd back, or Peter Ridsdale. He's done well everywhere he goes.

Come on ToonToon. Boycoutt and Mike Ashley oot!

DormAnt said:

We may never know how tight the gag was, or how secure the handcuffs were on Chris, we do know however that he had no access to the purse strings at SJP so his ability to lead us to the promised land was always going to be severely limited.
What we do know is that he strode the corridors of our confinement with his head held high spreading light, hope and more than a little joy (5-1) in his own simple and honest way.
He promised us nothing he could not deliver, and yet he did deliver in the form of a championship winning team and trophy, and promotion to the premier league. The much heralded promised land.

"I shared his shadow, felt his hand on my shoulder and his presence in my heart. I am a better man for taking part in his short journey with us, but more than that, he made me proud of my club, my heritage, and once again - of being a Geordie."

Make no mistake, Chris will go on, he will endure long after the false prophets have been cast out of the temple and their empire has crumbled. A beacon on the highway of honesty and integrity, we can do much worse than follow his good example in our own lives.

Thanks bonny lad, thanks for everything, and gan canny marra.

sanantonemackem said:

I don't get it. This is basically the same team that was so disfunctional a couple of years ago, yet he's got them playing some pretty good football now , not every week, but doing OK. And again we're talking about relegation team, championship team, promoted team, - what exactly was Ashley expecting from them this year that leaves him so disapointed to be mid table? And especially, doesn't he know that the mauling of us is worth at least 9 points to the average Magpie?

trujordie said:

come on lets not get too down, it will take more than this TO STOP THE GEORDIE NATION!! get shearer back in, he will have leaernt from his last spell, he is one of the worlds most iconic sportman and will have us back up there comepting for the title against our true rivals man utd in no time.

James Brothide said:


Please. This is the man who made heroes of Carroll and Barton, and cast aside pros like Steven Taylor.

I cannot celebrate a goal scored by a wifebeater, or created by an ex con. I'm sorry if this offends you, but I demand slightly higher standards of the people representing my club.

I just hope Ashely appoints a replacement who has more moral fortitude. I doubt it though. Our club is a moral vacuum and I am increasingly ashamed to call myself King of the Toon Army.

James, Deputy Editor of True Faith

Chris Gray said:

I am, sadly, a prophet. This is my blog on this site from August.

How about this? Ashley taps up O’Neill on the basis that we start the season badly (a fair bet) and he will therefore have a reason for sacking him – after, say, six games. Bring on O’Neill. Three years too late, but better late than never. (Yes, I know this is never going to happen but how often have we said that about Newcastle and then woken up to find that it just had. And yes I know O’Neill is supposedly a mackem and has said he wouldn’t manage us. And yes I know he left Villa because they wouldn’t give him enough cash. NUFC is hardly attractive on that basis. But – after 40+ years as a supporter I have learned that the most unlikely thing you could possibly imagine sometimes happens).

OK, a few games later than I guessed. But not far off. No-one believed it then, including me. Just shows you how ridiculous football is and how stupid NUFC are. Laughing stock again. Pardew? Surely not. I hear Jol has just resigned from his Dutch job. Remember when Chris Coleman resigned on the day Keegan (or was it Allardyce) was sacked/resigned? There was nothing in that either.

Frank The Hat said:

James Brothide asks, Dignity?

CH had it and lost it when he defended players who Head Butt, punch and elbow. His attempt to defend the indefensible was a betrayal of his previous standing in the game and was, ultimately, further betrayed by the people he sought to defend if rumours are to be believed. We will not sit at our rightful place at the head of the top table of English football for one or two seasons now, unless the Cockney gets wor Alan back in the job. Boycoutt the klerb till then.

Marcus Smod said:

Hughton was doing a good job at NUFC and did not deserve the sack. The team may be losing too many games but that was due to a lack of investment in the playing staff.

If Alan Pardew gets the job it will further confirm my view that the fat man is clueless.

I would love it just love it if this fat cockney barsteward got out of our club.

toonagain said:

its down to his success that hes been given the bullet. fat ash hates anyone that the fans like. he'll keep peter beardsly on until the toon army love him as they did a player then send him packing as well just out of spite.

there isn't another man that could of done what CH has done over the last 18mnths. hes been a breath of fresh air, since SBR was sent packing by the last fat idiot. i'm starting to believe this man has serious mental issues. he certinly is trying to show the toon army who is in charge, while cutting his nose off to spite his fat face. i'm holding out for him having a heart attack now, it won't be long!

Fed up Mag said:

Who's for starting our own club FC UNITED OF NEWCSATLE if it's good enough for them down in Manchester then why not us.I'm sure there are plenty of fed toon fans who would jump at the chance to watch a local club run by geordies and not by a FCB who has no respect for the fans & club.The Man Utd fans up and left after the yanks turned up so we should follow their example and show this clueless cockney market trader that we have had enough.You never know we could end up playing the Toon in league one in 2020.

spence said:

A blog that simply says it all Lee. Chris will be sorely missed on tyneside and I can't help wandering how many managers could achieve what he has under a regime that saw it fit to spend the grand total of 7.8 million on players during his tenure.
Keegan? Ferguson? Ancelloti? Mourhino? Mancini? (etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum)
No? I don't think so either!
The bloke deserved the freedom of the city for restoring our pride when it had been trampled in the mud by Mike, (the megalomaniac), Assley.
I doubt the next appointment, (probably with white heart lane connections), will be able to spur us on like Chris Hughton did- nor will they be held in such esteem. I am preparing myself for the pantomime villain donkey to strip us of our assets, sell up and leave us in a quagmire of footballing despair. I greatly fear for our future.

alan said:

yet again this regime is out to make the toon a laughing stock of the football world. alan padew, no thanks eve southamton sacked him, martin johl has left because of poor results, aln curbishly another cockney
which leaves martin o`neil an dI'm not sure he would come here and put up with this board of directors and muchI admire not alan shearer, he had his chance and blew it. After all that I', thinking who? maybe I'll apply.y8eet7

Dave McMahon said:

Chris did an ok job at newcastle but all the booing at home games tells a story. He was never going to replace keegan or shearer in haerts and minds of the geordie faithful. We need a big name in charge of the toon and unfortunately chris wasnt, i wish him all the best and 14 defeats in 70 games is not a bad record. Personally i hope we get pardew he has a proven track record at the very highest level in the game with charlton and west ham and would fit in well as he apparantly used to stand on the gallowgate as a kid and was a massive fan of the club.

P.S In Mike we trust.

Rob said:

Lee do me a favour and ask the club if their little Stalins will be instructed to kick me out if I take a banner this weekend. That's what they were doing last time!

Amy said:

The poster above me must be a mackem.

Well said Lee. Thanks Chris Hughton and good luck with your future. You deserved better.

Alan Pardew will break the camels back for the majority I would think.

Milo said:

Err, Francine is it?

Of course the Mackems are so superior to us in every department. The only reason they allowed themselves to be so emphatically humiliated at Gallowgate, was to lull us into a false sense of security so they can beat us by an even bigger margin in January.


relton said:

I rather fancy that Ashley probably had a few quid on Hughton being sacked before Christmas - and that why he did it.
Would have got good odds after teh Arsenal match too.
Hughton was everythign that Ashely wasnt - hard working, hnest and dignified.
Please pass on to Chris how much his work has been appreciated Lee.

belter99 said:

like i said after the mackem win no matter what happens at the end of the season we will never forget the 5-1 humiliation the scum suffered.

tell me again, what time is it?

oh its 5 past sunderland

karl essex boy said:

this is a joke FULL STOP i am a west ham fan but this is a joke to take out such a man i can only hope that he come to us i hope your owner lose's all his money
P.S if he is willing to do this could he sell andy carroll?

Matchday Meldrew said:

we need a new owner like the arab man at man city

Stephen Ashington said:

We need geordies to manage our club. I know Aston Villa fans suggested it first so Im not satying I know it all but what about Ant or Dec?

Think about it they are geordies and are high profile. I know they dont have football experience but Peter 'obviousley' Beardsley can be their assistant and provide that and guess what he is a geordie! If he wouldnt then I would consider wor Al and guess what he is a geordie. It worked for Cloulgh & Taylor why not Ant & Dec.

Cockney mafia out!

Franklin Thomas Machiavelli said:

Mike Ashley knows what's best for the Geordie nation,CH was going to take us to 6th at best , to get back our rightful place in the Champions league we need a next level manager someone like Pardew or Curbishly or dare I say it Phil Brown.
I'm 58 and have been a devoted foot soldier of the geordie nation since 1992 and believe a manager of the calibre mentioned above can push us onto a new level and take us back to being the barcelona of the north.

Francine Theresa McDonald said:

I agree with Franklin.
If we get the right man (or woman?) in the hotseat asap there is still time for a crack at a top four finish.
If we can keep Shola, Lovenkrands and Sol fit we can again become the entertainers and everyones favourite second team.
10,000 on the waiting list - here we come!

Sam said:

Pardew is right up the Toon's Street, enjoy the coming annonimity. Ashley must be the greatest Sunderland fan ever...........

Fred The Mentalist said:

Can't believe the uproar of Hughton's sacking, he was only ever a stand-in and rightly so. Never mind 11th place and 19 points, if we'd beaten Blackburn, Stoke and Blackpool at home we'd be sitting on 28 points at challenging for the title like we deserve, it's our right. John Hall brought us together when we were formed back in '92 and Mike Ashley has done a cracking job trying to carry on that mantle, ensuring we keep our place as one of the world's elite club. I know we've sounded out Mourinho but he's backtracking so we may have to settle for Guardiola, but he'll do until Mourinho realises Real Madrid will always be big in Spain but smaller than us in world terms. Maybe we'll have to settle for top 4 this season but next year it could be ours if we ditch Guardiola for Mourinho.

belter99 said:

the last few comments are from mackems, so dont try and pretend to be a geordie its just sad.

i would never try and be a mackem, i think i would have to have about 50 showers to get rid of the shame if i ever did.

good luck to owld mashed up face brucie ever achieving a top 6 finish, they will never be that good.

what time is it, thats right its 5 past sunderland.

the real messiah said:


John Smith said:

This whole sorry episode smacks of one thing - player sales. Bear with me. Players like manager. Manager likes players. Players on heavy salaries contracts due for renewal (Barton, Enrique). Said players are playing well so will expect at least same money again. Owner without an excuse to sell in current climate. Needs to foster unrest. Sacks popular manager. Players unrest. Out of contract players choose to run contracts down resulting in removal of high earners. Big saleable assets who have been linked with moves to big clubs (Carroll/Chelsea, Williamson/Spurs) are signed up on long-term deals to enable high transfer value. Players are sold citing clubs lack of ambition. Clueless manager with poor record who has no other alternative job offers on horizon (Pardew) accepts executioners role as manager. Owner makes a stack of cash, further insults Geordie nation. Relegation again. The end.

marcusTOON4LIFE said:

OMG, Where do I start? I will start with you Lee, I'm your biggest fan on this blog and once again that was a brilliant and emotional piece you wrote. Secondly, I thank 99,99% of TRUE fans who have posted those heartfelt comments about CHRIS HUGHTON above. Right, let me make my point now. When I had the sacking of Chris yesterday, I cried tears of utter rage, i was speechless with rage. Make no mistake about this, this decision stinks to high hell. This FAT EMBECILE! needs to get out of our club NOW!! This is a man, when all this Keegan debacle was raging, we gave him so much stick him and his family were not safe to be anywhere near our fantastic stadium, ok? His ego was so battered it would never recover and never did. This is a man on a payback mission to us the fans. This is man who put the club up for sale and couldn't wait to get out. So how can he possibly have the best interests of the club at heart when he knows how much we despise him? GIVE ME STRENGTH FOR GOD'S SAKE!! This man is a strange, reclusive fraud and needs to be ousted now!! without delay. I say to you my fellow fans, forget about who should be the next manager, mourinho, guardiola, we don't care. UPRISE!!! I say, and I do mean it!!!! IN CHRIS HUGHTON WE SHALL ALWAYS TRUST!! YOU WERE TOO GOOD TO BE MUCKED ABOUT BY THIS OARF!! GO WELL GEORDIE BOY!!! WE SHALL NEVER FORGET!!!

alex said:

i think there should be a massive newcastle united flag outside shearers bar on saturday. For all newcastle fans to sign and write thank you messages to chris. This can then be given to him as a small gesture of the AMAZING job he did he and the AMAZING amount of loyalty he should this club. He stuck by newcastle through thick and thin. Shame Newcastle couldnt repay the favour.

spence said:

Motivation? I think a certain spoiled overgrown child was craving attention and realises that being the owner of NUFC is better than any advertising he could ever pay for.
All he has to do is sporadically stir it up and all his sh*t rises to the surface- he and his businesses get noticed and he's quids in.
Just before christmas and the opening of the transfer market. Shrewd and ruthless business man and a disgrace of a human being.
Perhaps the stress of running a big business and a bigger football club twinned with excess waist will result in complications that bring a premature end to our problem?
I think I'll put a tenner on that!

taffontyne said:

Lee, why aren't you blogging and telling us exactly what you think of this circus? readers should expect comment at such a time form its local papers shouldn't we?

Ginola said:

Hi Lee, i like the blog, its simple but says so much.
I know you are a massive Newcastle fan, I know you feel the hurt that we all feel. And based on that i know you must be massively frustrated that you cannot write about the shambles of the Mike Ashley regime.

Isn't it time we changed things? All of this has gotten completely out of hand and its is embarrassing for us all. I know for a fact you are feeling the same way.

Why not break from the shackles and become our voice? What good is it doing the Chronicle to support Ashley? Because The Chronicle are beginning to ailienate the fans now and that is becoming a tragedy!

toonagain said:

there are reports saying that pardew as manager is a smoke screen for appointing klinsman, with pardew as assistant. tell you what is scarey if pardew does get it, the simple fact is they're giving him a job cause hes derwik lambsarse's mate from down the club. does the club mean so little to these people? simple fact is that if the club burnt down tomorrow FMA would be no worse off, still stinking rich...

DormAnt said:


The only smoke screen at SJP at the moment is the one being generated by the funeral pyre of the fans loyalty.

I had hoped they had said padre - not Pardew! At least we would still have had a prayer had it been the former as opposed to the latter.

toonagain said:

haha aye good one dormant we might need an exocisum before long things are beoming so odd in that old place on the hill Shearers bar is starting to sell holy water... if its down to MA i can't believe he'd be so daft to put him pardew in but if its left to that guy last seen in 'Team America' -dewick, it could all become very strange indeed, like the're not already...

Terry Robinson said:

Lads, you must start hitting Ashley where it hurts - in his pocket. Stop supporting Newcastle financially and stay away from games until this man is run out of toon.

Would you be loyal to your wife if you found out she was doing stuff behind your back making you look stupid? Of course you wouldn't. So why are you sticking by MA.

He doesn't care about your club, he has no interest in your club and will destroy your club. Chris wasn't the best manager in the world but he is a man with integrity and cared for Newcastle.

Stop giving your hard earned cash to this man. Hit him where it hurts - his pocket.

Wishing you all the best!
Terry (Tottenham Supporter London)

Scotty Mag said:

I have one thing to say and it's to that FCB Ashley "You win mate I give in". I have been fighting tooth and nail by boycotting games and your s***y sports shops for the past 2 years but I'm done fighting you have killed any passion I had for the club .I have followed this club
for the past 30 years and these last 2 years were the worst (Gordon McKeag you are forgiven). Hope your pleased with yourself MA.

Sandell said:

Lee i`dd like you to address some of the gutless,spineless call it what ever you like journalism reported by yourselves and sister paper the Journal! I`m appaled! One of the articles this morning "mixed reaction to Pardew taking over!!!" What a total joke all polls are showing that 98% of newcastle fans dont want the bloke! all you`s could come up with were a few cockney`s and saints fans!! Get a grip and show some back bone! are you scared to upset the Cockney Mafia up there or something!Your supposed to represent the fans and yet again your falling woefully short!

Scotty Mag said:

I have one thing to say and it's to that FCB Ashley "You win mate I give in". I have been fighting tooth and nail by boycotting games and your s***y sports shops for the past 2 years but I'm done fighting you have killed any passion I had for the club .I have followed this club
for the past 30 years and these last 2 years were the worst (Gordon McKeag you are forgiven). Hope your pleased with yourself MA.

Brad Dexter said:

"One of the articles this morning "mixed reaction to Pardew taking over!!!""

In a few weeks, it'll be Big Al this and Big Al that...

spence said:

We don't need the chron to represent us- let's give them something to report, something they can't ignore, but allows them to remain objective also. Perhaps a half empty stadium, at least, at home, but increased away support. A total boycott of Charva Fashion stores in the toon and walkouts/protests during home matches. I'm sure there's a lot more we can do to show Ashley his bits of paper are as worthless as he is meaningless at this club.
Only NUFC could end up with this billionaire benefactor! We have no luck! I'm sure we're cursed! You'd think our stadium was built on the site of former gallows or summat!
And we have to put up with those hideous black cat's crossing our path bringing untold ignorance and misfortune to the region!

Cannyman said:

I give up....just did a long long post and it was lost..........just like NUFC...goodbye

Cannyman said:

Ok guys...last shot at my tin hat and my shrapnel suit on.
Nothing we do or say is going to change the fatman....he is what he is....he is running this " business" the only way he knows.
Its his cash and his choice.
We have two choices....futile protest or accept what we cannot change and look ahead,.
I detest the man, but love my team.
Therefore, when I look at what he is doing , and at the same time looking forward, sentimentality does not come into it.
His mode is to pay low money base and "incentivate" players and manager based on reuslts... To me this will generate hungriness instead of overpaid apathy(havent we had enough of that?) To Chris....all the best man , and heartfelt thanks.........your day will come, cheaters never prosper.... but I believe that he had taken us as far as he could....I sensed the deer in the headlights with him over the last few games.....We could not afford to wait for change....look what happened last time........Pardew...I liked the guy, and 2 West Ham supporters in the family would have him back in a heartbeat.
The change may galvanise the team, when they get their heads up.
Anyway, like I said, WTF can we do about it anyway........enjoy the ride up or down....been doing it since I was born over 60 years ago......
HTL Forever.

purplefit said:

Newcastle Board - shocking decisions, delusions of grandeur, nothing changes, deserving of many expletives etc
Newcastle Fans - dedicated, brilliant, endless patience & deserving of the best
Chris Hughton - a true gentleman in the Bobby Robson mode - deserves an opportunity to join a club that respects and supports their manager. I wish him continued success.
Pardew - Why was he appointed when he couldn't even manage a Division 1 team?
Personally - If I wasn't born with a black and white soul, Newcastle would be the last team I'd support but only because of the board's lack of integrity among other things. As it stands, I'll still be a Magpie fan until my last breath.

Phil B. said:

Good luck, Chris - you are a gentleman with class and dignity. I am sad to lose you, and hope you return some day with a better owner at NUFC.

Phil said:

Thanks, Chris!

You are a real gentleman. You did a great job at Newcastle, and if it were up to the fans, then you would still be our manager. You have earned respect and admiration on Tyneside, and I have never seen a situation where such a popular coach was let go - it does not seem right. You won promotion, and were always modest about your role. You were there for NUFC when you were needed, and Mike Ashley rewarded someone else for your achievements - that must be so awful for you to have to accept, and yet once again, you kept your dignity. I'm sure you will have a job again soon. Thanks for what you did, and for the inspirational role model you provided for all people to look up to.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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