You can't say Alan Pardew hasn't got bottle!

By Lee Ryder on Dec 9, 10 04:53 PM

Alan Pardew summed it all up well enough at his first meeting with the media when stating he'd had texts from friends telling him he was "mad" to take the managerial post at Newcastle United.

Already without a ball being kicked Pardew faces a battle to win over supporters after replacing the popular figure of Chris Hughton.

He stated it was impossibe to win a PR battle, he was right about that too, and then he went on to claim it was all about results.

He was right about that one too.

Whatever you're feelings are on Pardew - you can't say he doesn't have bottle.

One way or another, if he doesn't understand the passion of the Geordie public now, he will do come Saturday night.

Already the doubters have not been in short supply.

Already many have discussed his record elsewhere.

And already people have told him he's got a tough act to follow.

It would appear he's already faced up to it in some ways: "I know one of the biggest jobs is to make sure the players don't resent me", he said.

As I say, bottle can't be in short supply - the fixture list for December underlines that!

For that we'll need more of the passion that once resulted in Pardew squaring up to Arsene Wenger on the touchline.

Bottle, courage, bravery and a thick set of skin are the attributes Pardew requires to get through this.

Especially after signing a sensational five year deal.

And the five year plan?

It would appear to be bringing young players - or "local players" in the words of Pardew - is the order of the day.

The odds of success?

They are long in my opinion but not impossible.

The next major trophy has never been within reach since the days of Sir Bobby Robson - unless you count the Intertoto Cup that is.

Pardew arrives as a non-Messianic figure - exactly Hughton.

Hughton won over the fans and some sections of the media slowly but surely and not may would have predicted that his Toon exit would be so painful.

Hughton's legacy has been to give the Geordie fans some pride back.

As mentioned, the 5-1 pasting over Sunderland, the Championship title romp and all of the great memores to go with it and some excellent away days at Chelsea and Arsenal this season.

Therefore, Hughton is living proof you can win the fans - but Pardew has work to do in order to achieve it.

In football all a manager can ask for is a fair crack of that whip.

He will need the players behind him if Newcastle are to build on their 19 point start with 21 needed to all but guarantee a place in the top flight next season.

When Pardew broke off from a Sky interview to say he wanted to get to work with the players, you couldn't really blame him.

The hard work appears to have already started.

It doesn't look like it will be easy by any stretch of the imagination - but when has it ever been easy at Newcastle United?

Over to you Alan.


AdCodga said:

It will need a miacle to motivate the players on Saturday. Personnaly I'm still fealing deflated.

Jack said:

This is a guy who has colluded in the firing of Chris Hughton. He has already lied at the press conference, about when he was first contacted about the job. The only reason that this man is the manager is because he is friends with Derek Llambias. Sorry but that is the way it is. His ridiculous five year contract means that he'll get a nice pay off when he inevitably fails. Ashley looking after his pals.

Sorry, Luke, but the club can't just get off scot free again with treating the fans like this. Chris Hughton will not be forgotten. I will support this club forever more because I haven't got a choice. I'll support the players on the pitch but I can't bring myself to fully support Mike Ashley's yes man. No manager worth anything would have taken this job given the owner, except, or course, for one of the owners pals.

What I want to know is, as the regions leading newspaper, are you going to start asking some proper questions? Or are you just going to swallow the PR spouted from the club? You would gain a lot of respect if you did some proper journalism and tried to expose Ashley and his bunch of croneys for the liars and conmen they are. I will always support this club but I am just counting the days until someone comes in and buys this liability and cancer on the game out.

cannyman said: I can understand....but these guys are supposed to be professionals.....let's see if they are.

Exile99 said:

Yet again the cowards in the local media fail to ask the questions, fail to put our view across. Lee, Luke, all of you - shame on you. Parcel of rogues the lot of you.

AdCodga said:

All, its no good telling Lee to ask proper questions when no one at the club will answer them.


When will Thompson House compose an article regarding the the furore & injustice the Newcastle Fans are reporting ? I am very disapointed that no journalist has ventured onto the streets of the North east, as cold as it is, to capture the view of the public.

SimonSpain said:

I have read soo much negative the last week its unreal!! Have we not had enough over that the last 4 years? Negativity breeds failure, do we want that? Of course not, biting our noses off to spite The fat man and his entourage, forget them!! I dont need to go over anything thats been said but I would love this to happen!: I have heard a lot about different ideas/plots to protest on Saturday, one to the extent of the whole crowd walking out at kick off, what will that achieve?? Being a laughing stock can be fuelled by the fans actions also. How about no banners and no reaction and making the most noise the ground has heard in years. Not saying shout and clap Pardew, just ignore whats gone on and generate a tremendous atmosphere that would freak Liverpool out and the watching media/mackems etc and truly let the country know what its about being a Newcastle United!!! Fan, the players would love it!!! That would be tremendous man Come on


Bosh said:

Nice one SimonSpain - Pardew's here and there's nothing we can do now but support him and his efforts to bring some success and stability to the club. I know people are upset with the dismissal of CH but I also know that this season we won 2 in 9 at home, won only 1 in the last 6 and took only 2 points from 15. The way we played at WBA was appalling, the worst I've seen for a very very long time. This is not the championship and I think CH was struggling, so for that reason I can sympathise with the decision to take action, nice bloke CH is or not. Having made the decision then action was needed, any new appointment needs time to look at the squad before the January window opens. Pardew wouldn't have been my choice, but now he's here he needs to be supported. As for his contract, although long I can guarantee there's clauses included which relate to performance and as such early termination with little (in comparison to KK, SA etc) compensation. HWTL

terriblejournalism said:

Business as usual. Zzzzzzzzz

Jack said:

Don't you people think there might be a reason for the negativity?

The manager who got us promoted and who has led us to a 6-0, a few amazing away wins and an absolute demolition of the mackems has been sacked in favour of a failure...JUST BECAUSE THE GUY IS FRIENDS WITH DEREK LLAMBIAS!

If we can't be negative and say what we think now then when can we? It's this sort of 'let them do it' attitude which has meant we're in this pitiful state as it is.

I said before, I will go and support the team as much as I always have. But the day I cheer Mike Ashley and his pathetic bunch of yes men is the day I officially give up on NUFC.

The local press really need to sort themselves out now and actually represent the local people. Ask questions and if you don't get answers or get barred then so what? The pandering to the club is just pathetic. This sycophantic article is indicative of the way the local press has been for a number of years now. Shocking. The press have a big responsibility here and need to understand this and get a grip.

simon said:

The fact is there is nothing!! we an do about it aside from pull our own finger nails off with pliers or not, either way Ashley will not give a dame. Positive or negative, I like the positive option. CH is a star but was only a care taker manager. Which other Prem club do you think will employ him at the 1st chance?

I like this stat as good as it probs wont do as they dont have fat cockney owner:

"We’ve now got an woefully average manager who happens to have a better overall win percentage than Steve Bruce, As many promotions on his CV than Steve Bruce, More european qualifications than Steve Bruce, Better highest league finish than Steve Bruce, More major Cup finals than Steve Bruce and more trophy wins than Steve Bruce".

toonagain said:

LEE! NO! NO! NO! nothing to do with bottle nothing at all, if someone had just dragged me off unemployment benefit and said heres 700K go and say a few words then get down the park with a few lads for a kick about oh but by the way you'll not be popular I would laugh my head off and just say "I think the wife and bank manager would disagree!" hahaha. hes just been given a massive life line his CV does not warrent... bottle?! there people without work this christmas with families getting through that is bottle!

toonagain said:

can we also be realistic here; we were never going to win loads of games, not with a L1 squad. CH had to beg and borrow to get players in.he went for 3rd and 4th choise targets in some cases. regardless of the results of late we are where everyone expected us to be, and nobody would disagree if they brought in a top manager but that hasn't happend. i agree with the comments above, how many times do we have to give people a chance? why do we always gamble? why can't we get a decent experiences manager? its rubbish! Lee you have to look on the bright side thats your job, fine! but just let everyone else be realistic. thank you.

John said:

The entire Ashley era has been a farce. Whether this is the worst example yet or not, who knows. What I do know is that any prospective buyer is looking for fans that will give them an easy ride. If Qatar takeover rumours are to be believed, and it is us, Spurs or Everton, look at the other two clubs. Everton escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth a year or two back, and Spurs have only just turned around their poor PL performance and finally reached the CL. I do not recal any protests at their clubs! If crowds dwindle, protests rage and NUFC are in the news for all the wrong reasons, do you think buyers will not be put off? Who is to say that was not the case with the Man City owners? Sorry, CH was an absolute gent and a decent manager but right now we should be doing all we can not to annoy MA but to get him to sell up. That means portraying NUFC as a viable business proposition. Hit MA in the pocket by boycotting his shabby shops by all means, but whatever happens, NUFC is seen by millions, including prospective buyers. Consider your actions accordingly.

Scooby Toon said:

Are you off ya heed fredrick man championship yeah but not Champions League.I'm going to the Liverpool game but I will stand with my back to the pitch when Mr Pardwho? walks to the dugout. I will support my team when the game kicks off but I will never cheer for Mr Ashley's puppet Pardew.My future inlaws are Charton fans and they told me to enjoy this season in the Premier Lge because it will be our last for the next five years that just sums it up.

Richard A said:

Is it just me, or is Pardew's comment during his press conference that he's "sometimes taken my eye off the first-team so I have got to be careful that I get that right" just a little bit disconcerting ?

Laurel & Hardy are entitled to a new manager if they want one, but once again it looks like "This is another fine mess they've gotten us into" !

Cannyman said:

Nothing we do or say is going to change the fatman....he is what he is....he is running this " business" the only way he knows.
Its his cash and his choice.
We have two choices....futile protest or accept what we cannot change and look ahead,.
I detest the man, but love my team.
Therefore, when I look at what he is doing , and at the same time looking forward, sentimentality does not come into it.
His mode is to pay low money base and "incentivate" players and manager based on reuslts... To me this will generate hungriness instead of overpaid apathy(havent we had enough of that?) To Chris....all the best man , and heartfelt thanks.........your day will come, cheaters never prosper.... but I believe that he had taken us as far as he could....I sensed the deer in the headlights with him over the last few games.....We could not afford to wait for change....look what happened last time........Pardew...I liked the guy, and 2 West Ham supporters in the family would have him back in a heartbeat.
The change may galvanise the team, when they get their heads up.
Anyway, like I said, WTF can we do about it anyway........enjoy the ride up or down....been doing it since I was born over 60 years ago......
HTL Forever.

Heedthebaal said:

How come every time the TOON reaches a new crisis the Chronicle rushes for a quote from wor old marra. This time to back Ashley, sacking Hughton, in the clubs / businesses best interests. This coming from the man who put us into this hole in the first place, by sacking a legend and replacing him with a first rate mediocrity who emptied the kitty when he left, and also signing a useless little backslider of a striker for about ten million quid a game. Then skinned out with his pockets bulging when he spied a mug with money on the horizon. Isnt it time the local rag gave him the credit he deserves for causing this whole mess.HWTL

Jackie W said:

Whats a matter with you lot ? your starting to sound like the Mancs get your heads round the fact Ashley is either extremeley clever or extremeley stupid but either way its his club not ours . Yes you will all jump down my throat but the big lump has put his money down bought the club and until he goes we cant do nowt . What he hasnt bought is us , and never will and as we will be around for a long time after him we might as well get back to what we are good at and get behind the Manager and Team . Its not Pardews fault and who knows he may even suprise us so until some one comes up with the readies its Alan Pardews Black and White Army for me ...Jackie W

Heedthebaal said:

Ashleys plan for the club / business is. (a) stay in the EPL (b) cut the wage bill dramatically, back to the level of the other regular non achieving EPL clubs.(c) develop young players with the intention of selling on. He expects his manager to get 21 points at least from the remaining games, whilst moving out the big earners.Such as Nolan, Smith Barton, Jonas, Colo etc) and replacing them with free (and Lower League) transfers and the best of the young players (who would go into the shop window). He is gambling a kings ransom that Pardew will be able to carry out those 3 tasks and that Chris Hughton couldn’t. Face it he doesn’t give a toss what people think of him, only figures on a balance sheet can disturb his sleep. HWTL

Jackson the swede said:

All you Geordie lads do is talk. Throw MA out, storm the fort, do something for God's sake! If you need help, I'm flying over from Sweden directly. During 2010/2011 it is about execution, not results! NUFC have had a good season so far. Some fantastic football that makes us fans cheer. Such games have not been since the KK days. I'm sorry! But when one's best friends are Tottenam and Man United fans, I have been proud to be a NUFC fan. For I know that on a good day we could beat them. I'm just frustrated and do not know what's going on anymore.You who love and live in Newcastle must rebel .... NOW. Sorry. I'm just frustrated again!

Bob Franks said:

Utterly spinelss - just as I expected. It's why I wouldn't touch the nesspaper with a six foot pole.

sawdox said:

Where's John Gibson when we need him?

Jack said:

The local press is an absolute disgrace. Why don't you do some proper reporting on how people feel rather than sucking up to Ashley's latest yes man?

I expect this sort of nonsense from the national press but to see it from the local press is ten times worse.

You make me sick.

EldoradoArgentina said:

Geordie sheep???? Surely NOT ! STAND UP for DECENCY. Show the world you are disgusted with what has happened. Stay away ! An empty ground is worth a thousand banners. Chants never hurt the thick skinned. The lads will understand.

Heedthebaal said:

Eldorado: Stand up for decency you say, Im sorry marra theres no decency left in the game (when you get past the non league Sunday morning stuff, and Im sad to say not much left there now).I reckon any flag waving protest,or turning backs etc will collapse if we end up beating liverpool.No we have to hope our players are professional enough to do the job theyre overpaid for and we have to support them in that or stay away.A bit like 90% of the other clubs in the division really as thats what Ashley seems to want and he has proved conclusively he can do anything he wants.HWTL

spence said:

Hey Lee- does the word 'sycophant' ring any bells? Bottle? Are you for real mate? I see nothing of the sort from Pardew- he's a pathetic yes man for a regime that systematically and consistently tears this club apart. Anyone with half a brain can work out that the appoinment of Alan Pardew is as shady as a Julian Assange rape charge and I'm seriously beginning to believe that the chronicle is on board with Ashley and co.
So what's the remit? Are the local media tasked with gauging the reactions and feelings of supporters after Ashley has devastated us yet again? Is that what the blog is for? A catalyst for control? Are you on his payroll?
I can't believe someone who considers themselves a supporter of NUFC can be so blatantly apathetic, (granted you may call it 'reasonable' or 'measured'), in the face of such obvious nepotism.
This whole fiasco has jeopardised the stabilty and destroyed the optimism that Chris Hughton brought to this club and your reaction to date has amounted to paraphrasing the line we bloggers used, 'we salute you' in your previous blog and then it's business as usual. Get real or follow your predecessor to the southern media. This is beyond the realms of 'objective journalism' this is complicity in the hope of favour and this rag of a publication has no right to claim to represent the strength of feeling of the Black and White faithful.
Did I say 'apathetic'? Sorry- cross off the 'a'.

EldoradoArgentina said:

Heedthebaal said:

"Im sorry marra theres no decency left in the game (when you get past the non league Sunday morning stuff, and Im sad to say not much left there now)."

Absolutely agree Heedthebaal. Sorry for being confusing. But when I wrote STAND UP for DECENCY I didnÂŜt mean inside the ground. I really meant to say "show the world your SUPPORT for DECENCY by STAYING AWAY."

You are also most probably very right when you say.
"any flag waving protest,or turning backs etc will collapse if we end up beating liverpool."
Only EMPTY STADIUMS will get the message across. Sheep or lambs to the slaughter?

spence said:

I'm calmer now- I understand you're trying to look at the bigger picture and as a jounalist you do not have the option of opting out, boycotting, protest, etc, but answer me this Lee.
Do you believe that Alan Pardew was lined up for the post before CH was sacked? (Most of us do)
Do YOU believe that there is no existing friendship between del boy and pardew? (No one else does!)
Do you think it is plausible that Mike Ashley has brought in a manager who will be more compliant when he wishes to sell on our top players? (Lots of us do)
Was the decision to sack Hughton well timed in bringing greater stability to the club or will it jeopardise our return to the top flight? (the majority of us are inclined to the latter)
Was it to avoid buying players in the upcoming transfer market while enabling him to sell without internal resistance? (sounds about right to many of us)
In your opinion will Alan Pardew be able to improve the squad and move us up the table? (great dount has been cast upon this by us)
Will we survive in the PL this season? (a lot of us don't think we will now)
Will the turmoil galvanise the team against liverpool or will they fold? (juries out I suppose)
I understand your position, as best i can, but why no questions- where is the scrutiny of a week of unecessary mayhem?
All of the above, and much more, can be written without forsaking professionalism- especially in light of some of the reactionarry blogs I have read from you... so what's the score? I, for one, would love to know!

Colsafc said:

"We’ve now got an woefully average manager who happens to have a better overall win percentage than Steve Bruce, As many promotions on his CV than Steve Bruce, More european qualifications than Steve Bruce, Better highest league finish than Steve Bruce, More major Cup finals than Steve Bruce and more trophy wins than Steve Bruce"

Aye reet, like you wouldn't swap Pardew for Steve Bruce right now......although I suppose winning the Johnstons Paint Trophy is one piece of silverware to really brag about eh ?

nick said:

Clearly, I’m totally underwhelmed by Pardew but I reckon we were going down with Hughton anyway.

And give me a break with the we love Chris stuff – less than 18 months ago nobody wanted him - he was a yes man and an ashley stooge

Obviously, the win over Sunderland means a lot to those Toon fans who would rather the Mackams lost than we won but at the end of the day, I don’t reckon there were many more Emirates-style rabbits to pull out of the hat. 2 points from a possible 15 in home games against potential relegation rivals says more to me than 3 points from the derby.

manfromutopia said:

Too many bleeding hearts on the blogs over the last few days.Support the team,raise the roof la di la di da.The only way to get rid of this fat fool is to stay away and if you go you deserve everything you get so stop bleating on the boards because if you go,you're no NUFC supporter,you're an Ashley FC appeasist. If you can't also see that this smarmy big time Charlie fantasist is a reincarnation of Souness and will rid the club of any player he sees as being bigger than him, then you've a short memory.Stay Away or this club will die and you'll be spending your Saturday afternoons in a S***** D***** tat emporium on the Barrack Road

Skull said:

Lee, I often feel the fans give you some stick on here that is not warranted. You can only really write about what is happening at the time, there is only one club to write about and the owners and management are as reclusive as Howard Hawkes.

However, I really hoped that you would have written a blog about how underwhelming Pardew is as a manager with a CV that is at best poor. That Llambias showed how poor this appointment was by not accompaiying him during the, pretty poor press conference that was filled with gaffs by our new 'experienced' manager. If he had he would have had to face questions like 'how can you justify replacing CH with such a poor manager?' and what kind of 'experience' were you looking for with this appointment?

I also hoped you could have given us your views on the blatant fibbing about hearing about the job only 24 hours ago and how he had to fight to get assurances from MA and DL about stability from a 5 1/2 year contract, which is surely worthless given MA agreed so quickly, din't look to somebody who could do it on a shorter one or take time to consider whether it was the best deal for him - it all rather stinks!

I too now feel you have let down the fans and I struggle to see why. It's not like MA or DL are talking to you and Pardew will talk to you anyway, he has to that is why MA appointed him in the first place, to rub people up, do an Ian Holloway and get airtime in front of the SportsDirect banner!

Howard Hughes said:

Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes

toonagain said:

another blogga raisesd a good point about the contract ensuring that DL's mate gets a good pay off should they manage to sell the club and the new owners give him the boot. thats what its all about really, MA having the last laugh. MA has been trying to sell this club almost from the first yr he took over, sadly he can't get rid of it and just because the for sale sign is officially down doesn't mean hes not open to offers. If MA is still in control of this club in 5yrs he'll probably let it go to a good home and throw in a blanket for the back of the car. This is my only solace, I'm not going to hold my breath but surely the sun is setting, its just turning out to be a bloody long day...

DormAntDormAnt said:

To anyone caught in a quandary over unused season tickets.
Santa's Little Magpie Helpers.

If you don't want to go to the match on principal, sell your ticket to some one that does want to go and give the money to a children's or Sir Bobby Robson's charity (or any charity for that matter) of your own choice for Christmas.

At least that way some good will come of the bad place we find ourselves in.


marcusTOON4LIFE said:

Lee, ive always been your biggest fan on this blog when you tend to get a lot of stick from most bloggers here. But on this ocassion, i'm sorry son, but you are suking up to this vile fat creature! I thought this was meant to be a blog and meant to express opinions frankly, full on and no punches pulled. I agree with some of the other comments above. Instead of expressing your utter disdain for the way C.H. has been treated you seem to want to get round idea of Pardew being our manager. NO CHANCE MATE!! PARDEW OUT!!! This thought of saying it's not Pardew's fault is UTTER RUBBISH!! You know why? That FAT OARF, Llambias and Pardew hatched up this elaborate plan in their filty, shaddy casinos. "Do you fancy a job Al?" says FAT IDIOT. Are we supposed to accept these FILTHY IDIOTS who stabbed and shafted a decent good manager in C.H.? I DON'T THINK SO!! We need to get this FAT IMBECILE!! and his cronies out of our club NOW!! I don't care whether we win matches or not PARDEW OUT!!!! I SAY. So whatever protests or boycotts planned, we need to go ahead with them and this time send out a message that YOU CAN FOOL PEOPLE SOMETIMES BUT YOU CAN'T FOOL THEM ALL THE TIME!!

toonagain said:

Lee i would just like to add one final thought: i watch pardew's interview a couple of times and the was something that just caught my attension and i believe with his words he gave the game away himself. what he said in affect was that "Chris was doing a fantastic job, and what he has achieved was brilliant" - or words to that effect. now to me he has let the cat out of the bag here, he is basically saying there was no reason professionally based on CH's performance as a manager to sack him, he know that and he knows MA & Dl know that. it simply came down to MA & DL giving his mate a job and with it pulling the rug from under everyone elses feet. Cheers pardew for the little insight, your cockieness is already your down fall.. its not bottle Lee its sheer arrogance!

Monkey Arms QLD said:

Pardew is a scab and Hughton is a Geordie...enough said!

Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

My opinion is that Alan Pardew is obviously brave enough to take the stick.
The previous blog entry expresses sadness and disappointment that Chris Hughton went.
I know that fans and players are gutted that Chris went and I'm no different - I didn't like the fact he went.
But shouting "Pardew out" is just crazy before a ball has even been kicked.
NUFC made the decision to get rid of Hughton. NUFC made the decision to offer Alan Pardew the job. And Alan Pardew accepted it like many managers would if they were offered five years to manage Newcastle.
The media have no control whatsoever who is appointed manager and can only report on the decisions, views and results of what happens from now on in - while also reflecting what the fans are thinking.
All managers should be judged on results and performance in the table.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Sad truth is that the job is so toxic that the only way to get a new manager was to take on a no-name journeyman, to give him a ridiculously long contract and apparently pay over the odds. Nobody should ever blame Parwho for taking up a daft offer from Beer Barrel Ashley. At some point the complete truth about why they shot poor Little Bambi Chris will come out. Once again attention is directed away from the pitch towards the Soap Opera that is NUFC and to be honest that probably makes sense because what is likely to happen on it in the next few week probably will make Toon Fanatics ever more depressed.

For very different reasons this a very important weekend for Newcastle and Chelsea and it is anybodies guess whether at the end of it team and fan emotions of one or both of those clubs (at the moment it is hard to call either a team) will be sky high or rock bottom. If Newcastle lose to Lubberpool then I’m afraid that it is highly likely that in early January the Toon game versus Wigan will be about who will be in last place.

Current odds are: survival 4/1, relegation 7/9, another new manager within 1 year 1/1.

toonagain said:

Lee on reflection i was just about to add that i felt you had actually put up a good blog here; it seemed as though you had got the fans to write what you were unable to, but it seems that wasn't your intention. oh well never mind. I don't think anyone is calling for AP head just yet, we just don't trust any of the management nor do we like to see NUFC turned on its head once again. Nor do we want to see a manager that isn't any better than the last.

Good win for the lads, i'm sure it hasn't sank in yet that CH isn't coming back. With Nolan and Barton back in the team we were always going to look a better side. I read that Joey barton dedicated the man of the match to CH well all I can say is thats very ironic, as the 3 games he has missed through suspension has had a lot to to with or recent poor displays and the eventually sacking of CH, so Joey you might want to pop over with that bottle of bubbly and add your apologies to the dedication...

I read Sam A's column in the paper that man's ego is more inflated than his belly but possibly not his head. he has not got a scooby! he left our players demorolized with his style of play and managment. if england hire him we might aswell look to another sport.

spence said:

Sorry Lee, but- in reference to your reply- I think it's a cop out. Journalist's I feel have an inherent responsibility to report the truth and in order to report it the truth must be pursued. There are umpteen questions that could have been asked, either directly or indirectly that would have forced a corporate response lest silence be deemed as an admission of guilt.
Many of us want to hear someone from the hierarchy say such things as, 'we did not set this up... Pardew is not Llambias' gambling friend, but qualified for the job on the merit of his top flight experience... Andy carrol will not be sold, etc'...because these assertions are meaningless from the sources they are coming from. No one has suggested that the media has the power to appoint the manager, but I believe the media has the power to assert at least a modicum of influence and I think you have failed by not doing so.
Maybe you're keeping your cards close to your chest for good reason- (I'm sure many would agree that you know more than you're letting on), but the fans have been less fairly represented by the chron than they have from any other source, (it comes to summat when even the southern tabloids and Match of the Day condemn the decisions and question the motivation of Mike Ashley, yet this paper has not sufficiently done so, in my opinion). People like Ashley thrive on PR and you have turned down a glaring opportunity to help oust him or at least pursue the truth behind CH's dismissal/Pardew's appointment... this makes me exceptionally suspicious of YOUR motivation.
I suspect it's something to do with not getting on the back of the man who holds all the aces in this game- I accept that if pushed he has the power to willfully destroy our club and so reactionary rhetoric (like mine) may not be deemed helpful or even desirable- thing is though mate, he can do that whenever he wants and this latest farce is living proof that he will. It doesn't seem to matter what we do or don't do- the man is a law unto himself and most of us are dreading the day he decides to cash in and leave us up the proverbial creak without a paddle!
This was an opportunity to force his hand either way and either confirm or help ease the fears of a highly insecure geordie public!
Anyway- Ashley must be happy and relieved that we beat Liverpool... and I even admire his bottle for turning out amongst such hostility, but I don't think anyone believes this is the end of his power play and i think the life blood of this club, (of all clubs) THE SUPPORTERS, deserve the truth.

Bill Edwards said:

Nicely put Spence. I think many people felt this way - and still do.

spence said:

Cheers Bill, I'm glad someone thought my comment was worthy of a response!
I'd never claim to represent anyone, let alone everyone, but the strength of feeling was/is so obvious that I felt we were done a disservice by the resounding silence and meek acceptance of yet another atrocious and nonsensical decision. I draw the line at threats to and abuse of the owner in protest, but that there was no attempt to mobilise the collective force of dissent then take a measured approach to challenging the past actions and future intent of the owner and board seems highly suspect to me.
Now of course it will all dwindle until the next time something ridiculous happens, but my mouth will be shut then- cos I'm almost beyond caring what happens now. What is the point when everyone knows that the toon army will return to St James' in their droves and finance the very people who cause the chaos and controversy. In this instance alone Ashley gained free advertising just before xmas and a full house at the next home game after sacking the manager in dubious circumstances.
I bet he'll never dare do anything like that again eh? ha ha ha! The joke's on us again!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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