Enrique indebted to the Toon Army

By Lee Ryder on Feb 18, 11 11:19 AM

Jose Enrique has been nothing short of a revelation in the left-back slot for the last two years for Newcastle United but if he doesn't like life as a Toon hero then he hasn't got much of a choice but to head for the airport.

No player has ever been bigger than the club at Newcastle United so why should it be any different for the Spaniard?

I can understand exactly why he's unhappy.

Newcastle did not invest enough in the January transfer window, they haven't got too many quality back-up players and the void left by Andy Carroll will seem bigger in any game that United don't find the net or finish off a game.

But by the same token, the balance has to be exactly right when it comes to the type of players that come in.

The January transfer window is hyped out of all control and watching Jim White getting whipped into a frenzy on Sky Sports News over James Beattie heading to Blackpool or suchlike, is a problem in the game.

Newcastle may well have needed a couple of new faces at the club in January, especially after Carroll's shock departure but if holding back meant that we avoided signing players like the days of old such as Babayaro, Boumsong and Amdy Faye, then I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it.

From what I can gather money will be re-invested into the squad in the summer and we will be seeing new faces, but without the aid of a crystal ball, nobody could honestly tell you how much.

One thing is for sure, Enrique whining about going to Liverpool, AC Milan, Man United or anywhere else will do nothing but cheese off the majority of fans.

And what use to Newcastle United is an unhappy player who has only really performed at his potential in just over 20 Premier League games?

We waited a long, long time to see the best of Enrique at Newcastle and he didn't come here cheap at £6million.

It took him a long time to settle at Newcastle and it was only the drop down a division that helped turnaround the player's career.

He was excellent last season and in my opinion one of the best players in our title winning team.

He's continued that this season in the Premier League and the world have suddenly realised we've got a left-back on our hands.

And while Enrique has got a point that Newcastle need a few new players, moping around and crying about life isn't going to help the Magpies make this season a memorable one.

If anything, Enrique owes the fans of Newcastle for sticking by him not insulting them with talk of joining a rival club.

With 11 games left and handily placed in ninth, we've got a great chance to push on in the final straight.

The division is crazy enough without making rash predictions.

But with 33 points to play for, we need everybody going for it to secure survival and then hopefully push on for a respectable Premier League finish.

If, and it's that special word again, IF, Newcastle did end up scraping into the Europa League this season then it might just bring Enrique to his senses a bit and hopefully he can realise after Newcastle United there aren't too many better clubs to make yourself a hero.


Tokyo Toon said:

I could not agree more, well said. What was he saying about the pre-season target being a European spot? When was that ever on the agenda? Get rid of this idiot and replace with Shane Ferguson. 12 Million to re-invest in the frontline will do me.

KK said:

When JE came to Newcastle he was truly awful, however, the fans have stuck by him ALL THE TIME; if what we are to read is true (media speculation perhaps, or mis-quoted interviews to a Spanish newspaper), and he wants "bigger and better" things, let him go .. I recall Habib Beye wanting the same; grass always greener and all that.

What JE currently MUST do is get his head down and play his heart out for NUFC; and avoid the traps of giving interviews about his future, at what is, a critical stage of the season. Let's not rock the NUFC boat anymore than we need to; the club is heading in the right direction (IMHO) so show some loyalty for now and stand by the club and fans who have stood by you.

lee said:

Enrique owes Newcastle nothing. If he wants to go to Liverpool and Liverpool want him, then he will go and that will be that. Do you really think he cares about Newcastle United? Look at Carroll and Torres, there is no loyalty in the game anymore. Its cut-throat, everyone looks after number one. Newcastle should start looking for a replacement straight away as JE has made his feelings quite clear. He wasnt exactly subtle. He wants out. Thats modern football.

Sam said:

He is only saying what the rest of us are thinking. Lets not be too rash here, Enrique has been probably our most influential player this season. I include Barton, Carroll and Tiote in this. Him and Jonas have a good understanding on the left and his pace and energy get him in great positions and his delivery is getting better by the week. He is also pretty solid defensively. Yes he occasionally gets caught in possession but has the ability to get back in position and win the ball back. I be hugely disappointed but couldnt blame him one bit if he decided to move on following another transfer window of January's non-activity. Especially given that we have £35m to spend, plus revenue money from TV. If a minimum of £30m wasnt spend, as a player I would be asking serious questions, let alone as a fan.

AndyMac said:

Show some loyalty to the club ? Is this the same club that has no issue whatsoever in sacking a manager after he brought them back from the dead ? The same club that tells the fans that players will not be sold and then sell them ?

Yeah Jose what about showing some loyalty to this great club who show no ambition whatsoever but at least you can tell your grandchildren you won the Fizzy Pop League :)

Dan said:

Could somebody please turn the attention to Oscar Wendt of FC Copenhagen. Young Swedish left back who out of contract this sommer.

See him agains Chelsea in the Champions League next week – HE IS VERY GOOD!

AND FREE! Let Enrique go (for £12m) and sign Wendt.

Ootatoon said:

Well done, Lee, for producing some of the most worthless and lazy pieces of poorly written apologetics for the Ashley regime trying to pass for journalism that I have so far come across in the Chronicle. You sound like a half-drunk punter who has let some rumours crash around in his empty skull for a whole session, before vehemently spewing them out at closing time to anyone who will listen.
Despite being a stone's throw away from SJP, you have based your whole shoddy article on second-hand reporting lifted from unreliable (and unquoted) sources. Even then, you cannot be bothered to directly quote any of JE's purported words, and you naturally proffer no meaningful analysis of his supposed gripes about broken promises indicative of the club's lack of ambition. JE is not alone in this regard.
Like many others, I hope that JE stays with us, but if he feels that your unfounded harangue represents the universal viewpoint of the fans rather than an attempt by the SJP hierarchy to provide advance justification for selling off the club's best players in the summer, then I would have no hesitation about shipping out in the summer. it will take more than your half-baked arguments to get me on the side of the Ashley camp.

Ted Baxter said:

Have you interviewed JE about this?

Matt Black said:

There’s only one person who owes the fans and he bans journalists who don’t tow the party line from the Sportsdirect.Com Arena does he not?

Sean Notts said:

Had heard the comments attributed to Jose and was bit disappointed buy not really surprised. I was waiting to hear where they had come from before deciding whether to be really upset but looks like most people have already made their mind up. My personal take..

Took a while to settle but wasn`t Sam playing Insomnia at Left Back - that must have helped his confidence
Superb and consistent for the past 18 months
100% effort
Appears / Appeared to love the Toon
Would be disappointed if he went (worth £15m)
Ambitious - and needs to see some ambition from Board
Can`t blame him / his agent for trying to generate interest - looking for best possible contract whether it be from NUFC or elsewhere
Has same amount of confidence in ambition of board as 50,000 of us. Just a shame we have to sign up before we know summer spending / sales plans

Iain said:

There is only one lot who show loyalty to NUFC these days and that is ourselves the fans. We will never know the exact reason Carroll went because all we ever get is spin, from both camps. We all know Pardew is just another Ashley lackey who tows the party line, remember one of his first interviews, Andy Carroll will not be sold blah blah blah. JE has been as fabulous this season as he was poor the first season he was with us, again who knows exactly what he said or the context he said it, can you really blame any player for wanting to better themselves. We have put up with false hopes and expectations for many years and what you have to remember is a players lifespan at the top is limited, can anyone see us winning a major trophy any time soon?
If he wants out sell him for a realistic ammount, and use the cash to rebuild..the team not Ashleys wallet!

AndyMac said:

Sean, Notts said :

"Just a shame we have to sign up before we know summer spending / sales plans"

Dont do it Sean. In fact dont let anyone commit to a Season Ticket until the Fatman show's us the colour of his money for a change.

"Stand firm if you love the Toon"

Gordon said:

Good article from Lee Ryder, says what I feel about a player who for the first couple of years was not very good but, the fans and the club stood by him. One season in the Championship and 1/2 a season in the Premiership and he wants Champions League football typical modern player. Liverpool fans I know say he will be their player next season all over their notice boards, even toons fans are saying it is a done deal. The next question is Tiote for Chelsea?, could happen and boy we will have money to speand 55-60 million. A million for this layer, 4 million for that player and maybe if we are lucky a 10 million pound player. Ashley will laugh all the way to the bank 20 million spent the rest thats for a rainy day. Also there is a president of the 80's when we sold Gascoigne for £900,000 bought 3 players within 3 months one was sent back to Scotland where he came from and by the end of the season we we relegated, now here is a thought.

manfromutopia said:

Terrible article on our most decent player Lee and I agree with others that you are turning into an Ashley puppet.When will you learn that there will be no intention of the fat fool spending any of the Carroll money and his intention will be to get the most money he can for the likes of Jose and Tiotte. Pardew will say it's not going to happen and then claim 2 million was too good to turn down.It's a never ending tissue of lies and you and the other lame brains keep going down that yellow brick road of denial.You should be writing articles on the worth of no-one renewing their season tickets until the season starts and as for Jose,you should be praising him for standing up to this cancerous regime.I wish you would

toonagain said:

honestly Lee has he really said anything??? so what if good players want to better themselves just because we can't change what we've got doesn't mean the players can't. the sad fact is its not the club or supports hes frustrated with its the managment. i wouldn't be suprised if it was the PR people whipping something up (and the EC giving a helping had by the looks of it!?!), so they can sell him in the summer, this is an well trodden path now and it BS! he came in and has improved with every single game what more can you ask for..? i just hope if he does go he goes fo 20m not 12m whatever he does good luck to him.

Scooby Toon said:

What do FCB Owners (Ashley), Managers (Pardew),Footballers (Jose & Carroll), all have in common?? They are all liars simple as!! I no longer belive anything that is reported about Newcastle Utd if there was a Premier League for the club who spouts the most B#lls##t then the toon would win it every season. As for Jose you can get on ya bike to Liverpool and join ya judas mate carroll

Little Davey said:

Andymac - sick of hearing your vile defeatest twaddle. You spout the same garbage on every site and blog going. If you cant think of anything positive to say then why not go and join the unwashed down the road. I hear they have plenty of free seats available spend money beyond their means and have millions of debt. Sounds just what you're looking for. TOOL!

DormAnt said:

I cannot believe that some people are so naive as to think that loyalty plays any part in the lives of footballers, or supporters for that matter. They arrive, stay while it suits both parties, and leave on the same basis.
Supporters need to stop forming attachments to players who are unlikely to be at a club for more than three years unless that club is in the top four and challenging for trophies on all fronts - and in the champions league year on year to boot.
It is nothing personal, it is the cold simple logic of a business contract arrangement, it is just the way things are.
We, all of us, need to get up to speed with the times we live in. The club is the supporters, not the owner, chairman, players or manager. Supporters are the only constant in a sea of football fantasy, make believe and doubt.

normnufc said:

I would like to know if Lee Ryder has spoken to Enrique or is he just reading articles in other newspapers,how about it Lee?where did you get your info?

Regardless of whether Enrique leaves or not I dont think its the end of the world if he leaves.He is a good player but people coming and going is part of the game.I just hope we dont let him go for 12mill,though.

Chin up lads we are doing alright and who knows whats around the corner.

captnkidd said:

Firstly Lee , you say from what you can gather money will be spent in the summer. OK how do you know and how much and will further outgoing transfers mask any outlay for players coming in. Smoke and mirrors again.

Secondly Jose has lost faith and patience
and who can blame him. Don't single him out though Barton has now stalled on a new deal and trust me the way he is playing he will not be as suggested be taking a pay cut, that story is rubbish.

Sadly Jose and Joey are at the top of thier game and the vultures will be flocking in the summer unless the owner goes or changes tack others will follow.

Ashley out.

captnkidd said:

Are you aware that most fans/bloggers see the chronicle as pro Ashley and suspect he influences you and other journalists in the context and structure of your stories.

It seams even under the worst circumstances the Ashley regime can do no wrong and the fans have been waiting for three years for our local paper to champion our cause in vain. I hope the split of bloggers isn't used to keep you bimpartial as we all know there are fake bloggers on this site with a false pro agenda. The terraces and pubs make for better calculating on the for and against the owner issue and you know it.

Start repesenting the fans and the local area against this tyrant.

the captain HWTL

Rob said:

I have always liked JE and the way he plays, and if an oportunity comes along to move to a better well run club that ours, then why not, it is everyones right to want the best for themselves, we do nothing from the top down to make the club appealing to getting players in apart from our fan base that is, no wonder some want to move on.
Mike A and his buddies DL and AP will have even more cash to splash at the local casino come the summer months, because thats where the money will end up.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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