Geordie fans showed the nation how to support a football team

By Lee Ryder on Feb 6, 11 12:10 PM

I wonder if we'll be seeing less of Stan Collymore firing home at the Kop now?

You have to doubt it, given the nation's enjoyment of walloping Newcastle United at any given opportunity.

And that 4-3 defeat at Anfield has been rammed down our throats in the same way as Ronnie Radford at blinking Hereford.

I admit it, sometimes, they get plenty of invitation to do so but I just hope that Newcastle United get the credit they deserve for their part in what was the greatest ever Premier League match following the incredible and amazing 4-4 draw with Arsenal.

If this week, Carroll-gate to the Geordie public, has been an emotional rollercoaster then you have to wonder how to describe this!

At 4-0 down you have to say Newcastle were as woeful as any team to grace the sacred black and white jerseys.

But by full time they looked like one of the best teams ever to be scribbled on a team sheet.

Indeed, Arsenal didn't know what had hit them by the end and Newcastle left the field disappointed not to WIN the game.

Smug Arsenal fans chanted "You might as well go home" at 3-0 but by the end of it they were like church mice as they squirmed in their seats up on Level 7.

After a week of woe SOME of the media troops that descended on Tyneside - at four down at half-time - were revelling in Newcastle's despair as they looked forward to rubbing Toon fans' noses in the dirt a little bit more.

They were loving it as Arsenal's goals rolled in.

By the end they had faces like smacked backsides.

By the end they had been blown away by two things.

Newcastle United's never say die spirit and the full, full, full impact of the Geordie public who helped lift their team.

For them it was an education of what real supporters actually are.

Yes, a handful of Toon fans did walk out - but not the masses you might read in some of the papers today.

But the majority stayed at St James' Park and whipped the place into a frenzy.

They could easily have protested throughout the whole game and laid into the boardroom regime for selling Carroll.

Yet the majority for the majority of the match got behind the players and stunned Toon stars admitted aftewards they were taken aback by it.

I've been going to St James' for my entire life but that atmosphere was right up there at the top of the pile.

Mark Lawrenson on Match of the Day commented: "It's a good job Nolan's effort late on didn't go in, because the stands would have fell down."

You can't disagree with him!

Even as I write this now a day later, I'm still actually shaking a bit.

I've seen nothing like it which is actually a fact as United became the first team to come back from four down to get something.

From Barton's ice cool penalty kicking, to Best's prowess and then Tiote's wonder goal - all of it should be replayed on TV for years to come.

I wonder if ESPN have it lined up for their ESPN classic channel in the same day they did with Newcastle v Stevenage just a day after the result?

Answers on a postcard please.

All in all, this game was an example to everybody in any walk of life...don't give up on anything.

And with 14 games to go that has to be Newcastle's stance on this incredible campaign of ups and downs.


Farhan Ahmed said:

Really enjoyed the game, crowd was right behind the team for whole match... Really hope NUFC will avoid relegation this season... A fan from Pakistan

Ted Baxter said:

Great game. With the exception of Lovenkrands, who was well off the pace, those who were poor the first half (Nolan and the defence, to be honest) had a fantastic second half. Best game I've seen Jonas (he, Tiote and barton were all over the pitch to great effect), Ranger and Best play for a while. Pity about Best's goal being chalked off.

Shame on those fans who did leave after the 3rd and then the 4th goal

Fergie said:

I can't be bothered to send a postcard Lee as this comment section seems much more convenient. But in answer to your question, no, ESPN Classic won't be showing the game any time soon as they don't have the rights, unlike the Stevenage game which they aired live on ESPN.

Also, in my opinion, unfortunately the 4-3 loss at Liverpool remains the greatest game for me. A great game should ebb and flow between two fantastic teams throughout the 90 minutes, not two one sided halves. But take nothing away from the lads 2nd half performance. Absolutely incredible. I knew they had team spirit but I thought this was beyond them. Unbelievable. Must have watched Tiote's goal about 30 times already!

Malta Mag said:

Let that be a lesson to the sickening comments on these blogs towards our, yes "our" team. In football you are going to get a hammering from time to time when the team, for whatever reason are off the pace, and 1st half we were woeful. That doesn't excuse the disgraceful comments towards anything Black and White. Chairman, Manager, and players. Disgusting.
Let's put a few myths right when we are all in good spirits
1. All things Mike Ashley aren't poison whether we like it or not. If you want evidence then just mention the "good old days of Seymour, McKeag and Shephard????? 2.Everything Chris Hughton was not good. (as much as I loved him when many of you insisted he was a good coach but wasn't good enough to manage??) If you need evidence think back to Bolton away?
3.Just because Alan Pardew is an articulate Southerner doesn't make him a soft southern shandy drinker who many have already decided isn't good enough to manage our club. Whatever he did in that dressing room at half time deserves our respect because it was a different team second half.
So easy to get smug on these blogs and slag people off when things aren't going right but I for one will continue to swim against the tide and say that although I may not warm to Mike Ashley I actually believe that he is making necessary and unpopular decisions which may ultimately save this club and that Alan Pardew has the potential to be a top manager no matter where he was born.
Now let's get behind this team like we did yesterday and let these men get on with their jobs.

tonagain said:

beautiful! the toon army -players and supporters have just scared the life out of everyone within the M25 hahaha brilliant, brilliant brilliant! straight away the southern press start chucking stories out to try and break the geordie spirit once again, no chance! Lee, great blog after a great game. they say our expectations are too high!? eh!? rubbish, just everyone elses is too low...

DormAnt said:

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Sometimes the pure pleasure of something simply seeps into your bones and becomes part of your life, your very DNA (doubt never again) philosophy - now and forever.

Please forgive an unworthy servant who was wavering on the brink of doubt. I am suitably chastised and humbled by your courageous performance and crave your indulgence that I may walk in your light, always.

Stevie in Iraq said:

Well said Malta Mag. We are where we are regarding the ownership of the club ad how it's ran. The fact is that if Ashley had actually carried out due diligence on the Toon, he would have walked away and the Shepherd & Hall mob would have destroyed us in a way only Leeds will understand. My criticism of his regime is the atrocious communication problem and down right lies of Keegangate, etc.....Lambias needs to be replaced with someone who both understands the club and the fans and actually has a clue about football and talking to the media in the correct manner. That will go a long way to appease long as Ashley invests wisely and freely in the squad this summer. Anyway.....

I had a really bad day at work yesterday and came in 12 mins after kick off to log in to the match expecting to see us giving a real good go of it to cheer me up.....and it was 0-3.

I hold my hands up and just threw the top of my laptop down and went to the gym to batter the punchbag within an inch of its life, came back, checked the score...0-4...kicked my chair across the room, showered, pulled my Toon top on and guiltily knocked on my neighbours door to watch the second half (who is a Man U fan)..To be fair he just took cover behind a cushion trying to hide his smirk whilst also limiting the effect of a straight right to the jaw if he dared mock my disjointed team.

He even made me a brew as I settled down to see if my team still had the same character that got us promoted, beat the Mackems and Arsenal away.........and then Diabolical Diaby committed suicide and I sat up a wee bit and voiced a muffled 'COM'OOON'.....Then as they say, the rest is now firmly locked in our glorious history. Nobby wound them up some more to great effect, whilst Joey, Tiote, Simmo and Jonas bit their legs and they just fell apart. PENALTY......Joey was the calmest head out of 51,500 in the stadium and slotted home and Nobby wound them up some more (worth the yellow card). Best began to believe and then found the net. The Lone ranger came on for the ineffective Dane and went for the jugular from the off..they flapped, we got a soft penalty (there is a God)...Joey then 'chipped'..yes...chipped the ball in the net........and I stood and saluted him after 2 summersaults and a scream of 'GET IT RIGHT UP YEEE ARSENAL'....I knew then we were gonna get more goals....just knew it...and so did the greatest fans in the world too and raised the roof...BRILLIANT.......Then Joey, conned the ref and won us another freekick (well done son)..He floated it came back out to our midfield dynamo, who unleashed a left foot volley...Shearer-esque into the bottom corner before breaking the landspeed record for a goal celebration and I jumped up and down like a maniac and noticed my Man U supporting mate actually cheering the Toon and jumping out of his seat.

Only Newcastle United are capable of abject rubbishness and absolute brilliance in the space of 90 minutes...thats what makes us great...and makes our fans the GREATEST.......I was 1 years old when we beat the Hungarians to win our last cup.....and no club in the world would cram that many fans into their ground after so many barron years........Niall Quinn must be absolutely spitting feathers after pleading 'YET AGAIN' for his sorry lot to come and support the unwashed at the Landfill Stadium.........

Well done the lads...well done the fans....Mike Ashley... surely you can see how special our club is now??? surely....It's not too late to make yourself part of this.....just change your chairman, invest in the squad and TALK TO US!!


toon4life said:


Listen, I'm as proud a Toon as anyone who worships this magnificent club, so i don't mean to ram down this commentary down anyone's throat as i will explain now. I mean, who could ever forget that remarkable game back in 1996? To date, that game stood as rightly the GREATEST game in Premier League history - until the 5th of February 2011. Forget the shambolic first half performance of the first half, this game has gone down as the GREATEST EVER!! and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lee, i have to say this is the best blog you have ever written - and i include the time we beat the unwashed 5-1 as well. As I read it, i was filling up with the same emotion, passion and pride for our wonderful and unique club. You have summed it up here. They call us all sorts but BY GOD!! they will NEVER replicate the spirit and pride we show to our club and the boys who wear the black and white shirt.
Forget Ashley and his cronies, the 5th of Feb was ALL about the boys and the feat they achieved which will live in their hearts and minds - and ours until the end of time. We have now been invloved in TWO of the GREATEST EVER Premier League games.


Sulphuric909 said:

Living in London I find it difficult to get to the games as much as I would like. On saturday I took 2 friends with me, one was an Arsenal fan, and the other was neutral. Both were in the Gallowgate end.

By half time the Arsenal fan was extatic! The neutral supporter friend was wearing one of my NUFC tops and as soon as the 2nd half kicked off he was cheering on the lads as much as anyone. By the final whistle he admitted that he probably witnessed the greatest game ever in England, and will most probably become a NUFC fan.

These are the games that create the 'x factor' that no other team could even dream of having. These are the games that recruit more and more fans just like it did with my mate, and these are the games that go down in Geordie folklaw just like the 6-0 thrashing of Villa, the 5-0 rout of the Hammers, the amazing 5-1 demolition of 5under1and, and even the 4-3 away win to knock CFC out the cup.

Newcastle United. There is only one.

The seeker said:

Lee, please NAME AND SHAME those Southern hacks who were revelling in NUFC's dismal first half performance.
Was a Mr Dennis from the Express there? Mr Syed from the times. The odious Rob Shepherd put in an appearance did he? Pray tell.

nobody famous said:

the following rewrite of "That's Amore" did make us chuckle:

When you're facing a rout, and he's thirty yards out, Cheick Tiote!

From the Ivory Coast, blasts it inside the post, Cheick Tiote!

Oh he left Fabregas, sitting flat on his ass, Cheick Tiote!

When your losing four three, he says leave it to me, Cheick Tiote!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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