No justice for Joey

By Lee Ryder on Feb 7, 11 01:05 PM

At best Joey Barton can consider himself mightily unfortunate to be left out of the England squad for the game with Denmark this week - at worst he could feel victimised once again by the FA.

Fabio Capello is not a man of his word.

Unless he's changed his stance, the Italian should at least explain why he didn't select Barton after vowing to pick player's in form.

I guess Newcastle is too far north for him or too cold.

Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Scott Parker, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Ashley Young are all considered in better form than Barton.

Which only brings me to the conclusion that Barton is being punished for previous crimes.

Just remind me when Gerrard and Lampard ever played well together for England.

Scott Parker runs his socks of West Ham and is having a fine season but Barton would have given England the lift they needed.

I can understand Walcott and Wilshere coming through the ranks.

But Milner is a great player for the FA because he's squeaky clean, never speaks out of turn and is generally seen as a role model.

He couldn't cross a ball at Newcastle, and you have to wonder what football is coming to when you look at the price tag on his shoulders.

Do I really need to question Barry, Young and Downing's inclusion?

Or is not obvious that Barton has been miles better than all three?

I was at Wembley for the last England game to witness Andy Carroll's big moment but was shocked at how crap the Three Lions have actually became.

The World Cup was a big enough car crash but against a team in disarray England were all over the shop.

I always suspected that Capello would bottle it.

But if there's any good come out of his non-selection, then it's that he's fit and ready to play against Blackburn on Saturday.

England have a record of sending Newcastle players back crocked and Michael Owen and Steven Taylor know all about that.

Getting back to Barton though, it was interesting to hear the views of Glenn Roeder the other week who said: "How long does somebody go on getting punished?"

It's a good question.

If the FA need to look at a video of Barton, they could look at the Arsenal game on Saturday when the Scouser ran the show.

He was one of the main reasons why Newcastle done so well.

Barton has made plenty of mistakes in his life but if we now live in a society where you get punished for doing wrong in rollover fashion but then don't get credit you deserve when it is due, you really have to wonder what the world is coming to.

Good luck to Capello and England because boy you're going to need it.


LN2Mag said:

The problem is the England Manager does not pick to the England team, contrary to popular belief. It is picked by the FA suits to a large extent, whereby they tell the Manager who he can or cannot include. It is a disgrace that the best midfiled player in the country by a mile hasn't been picked, but from a selfish point of view I am not bothered because he won't get injured, booked or sent off now,so will be available for our next two crucial games. As for role models? Wayne Rooney,John Terry and teflon Steve Gerrard to name but three can hardly be caled role models. I wonder what would have happend if Joey Barton had chinned a DJ in a Southport club? definate jail sentence most likely!!

relton said:

Lets be honest - who cares?
Who cares about England - who cares who they pick? besides Joey is too honest a player to be included among the names you list up there.
I would rather NUFC won titles than England even qualified for anything - they mean nothing to me.
Ask yourself why Brian Clough (back to back European Cups) why he was overlooked for Ron Greenwood - or even wor Bobby.

DormAnt said:

Lee, Justice and right and wrong truly are strange bedfellows indeed my friend.
Justice is a legal system based upon points of law and precedent that is bought and paid for by those with sufficient funds to employ it in their favour. Right and wrong are moral issues and therefore have been, and always will be, the poor relations of justice.
Let the punishment fit the crime - it rarely does though.

LN2Mag. You can't mean Stevie G-whiz I got away with it, can you?

toonagain said:

Cappello lost it before the world cup, if he had played Lampard with Gerrard replacing him off the bench for the final 30mins we would have got somewhere, sadly he lost his bottle and with it his honour and respect. Joey Barton would give that team exactly what is misssing, real lions pride something Lampard is short of. Terry, Rooney and Gerrard have it, Lampard - he's a great player but his heart isn't in it. i don't mind JB isn't going, as you mentioned they far too often come back crocked but Joey is way ahead of some of the (above named) even Parker hasn't got what he has, and he's never played in the correct position (i.e. attacking midfielder) since he left charlton... forget them JB just keep on doing what you're doing, their loss is our gain!!!!!!!

Stevie in Iraq said:

There has been no such thing as an England team since the FA discredited the shirt and the nation by putting Johnny Foreigner's in the hot seat.

United Nations would a more accurate description now and has anybody disgraced that shirt more than John Terry???...Thought not.

I haven't supported 'England' since the FA sold us Englishmen out and won't support the again until the crown is passed on to an English manager so he can polish the tarnish off it, get rid of the 'teachers pets' in the squad and build a team of Lions who know what it means to wear the shirt with pride.....And who better to do that than 2 players who wear their club shirt with pride and passion every week.....Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan...both a landslide ahead of the muppets Capello continues to pick.......And di anyone notice that Karl henry was in the provisional squad???? KARL *&**&&* HENRY!!! If he's a better player than Joey then I'm a Mackem, he'd be more suited to martin Johnson for the 6 Nations squad!

Chin up Joey, you really are better off out of it and I genuinely hope they get humped off whoever they are playing.

England??? MY AR*E

Ootatoon said:

Well said Relton - my feelings exactly. I always associate the England team with the South East anyway to be honest, and with the blustering idiots at the FA (as you rightly point out: Brian Clough anyone?). It's really just something else for the southern press to get all hot and bothered about in the hope of flogging more papers. I don't think most people down there really care about the North of England, and they care even less about the North East, so I really don't feel any affiliation with their jingoistic footballing aspirations. I just want to see Newcastle do well, and even then, whoever owns, manages or plays for the team is really secondary to me since the club will alway mean more than anyone who happens to be passing through.
Like many people, I consider myself a Geordie first and foremost....
It's not hard to understand Joey's ambition to play for England, which he merits on ability, but he'll never get the recognition from England fans (many of whom love to hate him) that he does from us for doing the business at the highest level week in and week out.

steviemc47 said:

What a crock, its only a short while back you were all screaming for his head as he was an animal. Black and white tinteds and the same drunken auld hacks who have been getting away with this black and white drivel for decades. Laughable nonsense.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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