How to deal with Andy Carroll and what not to do with your wheelie bin

By Lee Ryder on Apr 27, 11 12:13 PM

For many Newcastle United fans the trip to Anfield has all the potential to be a living nightmare with Andy Carroll pulling on the red of Liverpool against the team that handed him his big break in football.

The former number 9 has kept a low profile so far in the build up to the game and is trying to shake off a knee injury picked up at Arsenal.

In an end of season game that could well have had little significance, this one now has more spice in it than a Bigg Market kebab drenched in chilli sauce.

Carroll knows he will be on the end of some boos but that won't bother him too much given his approach to pressure in football to date.

What might bother him though is if Newcastle manager Alan Pardew and his trusty assistant get their tactics spot on.

Carroll was awesome for United earlier in the season with 12 goals earning him the £35million move to Anfield.

In just six months he went from being an old Second Division striker to football's hottest young property in England.

However, tactically teams were beginning to find a way of stopping him as Newcastle found out in certain games.

Suffocating the supply line to Carroll - or simply stopping crosses to the big man - can make all the difference.

It means that Carroll has to drop back to win the ball and that means he will become embroiled in a midfield battle with Cheick Tiote and his big pal Kevin Nolan.

With that knowledge in mind, I feel a little bit better about the trip to Anfield.

Yes, Carroll - if fit - is a handful and will relish any game of football in front of him, but if any set of players know his faults, it's Newcastle United

From Newcastle's point of view though, we need to see more of the same from Peter Lovenkrands and a big step up from Shola Ameobi.

Lovenkrands was prepared to buy a ticket at Blackpool and consequently he won the raffle with a lovely long range strike.

Shola missed two one on one opportunities and having followed up tamely from Wolves against Man United, he is due a performance.

There could be no better place for Ameobi to outshine his former team-mate Carroll.

Of course, trips to Anfield are gloomy (no league win since 1994) and nobody will be crazy enough to put even their wheelie bin - let alone their house - on a win on Merseyside.

Therefore, it begs the question.

Is a battling performance and a face saving point too much to ask?


Chris said:

As a Liverpool fan, I feel our biggest threat isn't Andy Carroll but Luis Suarez. With Carroll commanding such defensive marshalling, it leaves space for the intelligent Suarez to find areas to exploit and pull the figurative strings.

Birmingham can attest to this and although Carroll may be the subject of more focus, Suarez may well be the talking point post game.

Liam098 said:

Hi, good article. Im a liverpool fan and ghave always had a soft spot for the magpies! I agree carroll can be stopped as teams do know how he plays but with the way Liverpool are playing at the moment suarez will be an even bigger threat as marking carroll leaves him with space to do his magic. Also Dirk kuyt is on fire at the moment so he will also be a threat.

Xile said:

This season Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd & Man City have all visited Anfield, and between them they have only taken one point off Liverpool.

Liverpool are currently in fine form, particularly at home so I wouldn't get your hopes up about leaving with anything except a slightly worse goal difference!

magnumopus said:

Simply put, yes, something like a bridge too far!

Duf said:

Head over heart on this one, the only way the toon will get anything out of this is a five man midfield with stroller up front on his tod but dropping back into midfield for pretty much the whole match.

Best we can hope for 0-0! HA HA

DaveWestAus said:

The city's of Liverpool & Newcastle have always had close friendship ever since the 2nd world war-more likely further back than that!I also have some very good friends(from Newcastle),where I now live in West Aus!LONG MAY THE FRIENDSHIP LAST! but I hope we win again!!! ha ha !

toonagain said:

Cheers scouse lads for all the advice; think we know how to stop him its at the other end where we have problems, mainly caused by AC leaving. simple fact is he was never replaced, so you haven't really got too much to worry about sadly for us that means you'll be playing under little to no pressure...

Peter Harper said:

Andy Carroll should not be playing. Stephen Ireland couldn't play against Villa
and organised football clubs do not allow transferred footballers to play against them in the season the transfer takes place.
Did you miss that one Lee?

toonagain said:

PH - totally agree, how they have let this happen is real stupidity; it just goes to show anyone can run a football club..!

Kev Smith said:

Do you's two have a brain between you??? Ireland wasnt allowed to play against Villa because he his STILL Villa's player, where as Liverpool kindly gave us £35m for Carroll so they can play him against whoever the darn well please!!

relton said:

PH - not so. Ireland is on loan to us from Villa - so its a diferent scenario.
Chelsea played Torres against Liverpool - there are few precedents for what you are claiming. True - we should have had a clause that prevented him from playing against us - but we were to quick to grab the cash.

stuey said:

Yeah yeah yeah and so forth. Who gives a flying monkey nut about AC playing against us, lets focus on who plays for us NOW and get behind them all against the scousers.

In the few games hes played for 'pool he hasnt exactly set the world on fire, our wingers & full backs can handle the 'pool guys.

Monkey Arms QLD said:

Geordie pride and passion required. Howay the lads, get into them!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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