Gosling was United's star in stripes across the pond

By Lee Ryder on Jul 29, 11 08:52 PM

There's a long road behind, but finally after almost 12 months on the sidelines, Dan Gosling is starting to come good for Newcastle United.

In a summer that has contained it's fair share of highs and lows, the midfield battler is starting to show signs that he could well be a key player in the crucial season ahead.

Gosling's box to box capabilities were there for all to see in the US for the Devon lad, and at just 21 it is clear that Newcastle have got a future England player on their hands.

Anybody heading to Leeds this weekend that hasn't seen much of Gosling will see that almost straight away as he begins to get back to full fitness.

Indeed, for the first time in a long time Gosling is close to playing in five games on the trot and that hasn't been lost on any of the coaching staff.

Whether he can push his way into the starting XI for the game with Arsenal, we'll see.

But he's certainly not losing the battle to start against the Gunners.

In a summer of frustration at times for Newcastle, Gosling's re-emergence has at least been one reason to be a little bit more cheerful.

And why?

Well, anyone who has watched Newcastle this summer will see Gosling put his heart and soul into tackles, make the runs that others don't see or want to make and also have enough goalscoring instinct to get on the end of things.

He's also got an old head on young shoulders and is capable of organising the team from the engine room when needed.

And if it all a sign of things to come, Gosling's fanbase - which was bolstered by fans in America - will only get bigger on the other side of the Atlantic too.


villamike said:

who's Dan Gosling?

dave said:

Our midfield is top 6 quality. But upfront is bottom half. Hopefully get a decent striker and we could get 8th I think if injurys are kind.

Nenad in Serbia said:

I just hope he stays injury free - that is the main thing. If healthy, he can push on. Good luck to the lad!

Malta Mag said:

I agree with Dave that our midfield looks top 6 and even though the decision to sell Nolan can't have been easy I do think it was the right one as there seems little room for him with the lads we've got. Let's draw a line under Enrique too as he's starting to make my stomach turn with his disrespect for the club. Let those sad Scousers pay over the odds and give Ferguson his chance. Yes we need a striker but otherwise I have a lot of optimism as to the direction of the club unlike the majority on here. Face it lads, all the clubs other than Barca, Real, Chelsea, Man.U and City are selling clubs but that's always been the way. The secret is bringing through young ones and buying bargain quality. Bring on the Gunners!!!

Bardia said:

If he does well this upcoming season, which I suspect he will, he'll have been sold by this time next year. THANKS MIKE ASHLEY!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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