There's no I in team

By Lee Ryder on Jul 25, 11 06:21 AM

Jose Enrique may well have his opinions on just where Newcastle United are at right now but there has been a mixed reaction to the Spaniard's outburst here in Columbus.

His tweet came just after Newcastle had landed in Columbus and boarded the bus to their Ohio base.

But did it really come as any great surprise?

For a start, Enrique has been unsettled since January when talk of a new contract first came out into the open.

Since then he has made it clear he wants a move and Alan Pardew has went on the record to say that on more than one occasion.

The lowdown is, as good as Enrique is, no indvidual is bigger than any team.

The definition of a team is: "A group organised to work together."

And if one player is disrupting that group than it makes a hard task more difficult.

Enrique has a right to be concerned about the team's chances of finishing in the top six.

But in many ways, he is also insulting members of his team by suggesting they aren't capable of doing it.

Newcastle United existed before Enrique came to the club and they will exist long after he is gone, I don't know many fans who attend St James' Park regulary who have stopped supporting the team because an individual has left.

Besides, while a new left-back is on Pardew's wanting list, there are others here that would love the chance to show what they can do in that position.

Shane Ferguson is injured but more than capable of playing there and would jump at the chance - he may lack experience but in terms of raw ability, he has impressed.

James Tavernier is also capable of playing in the position and in my opinion, Newcastle have another excellent and versatile player on their books.

Throw into the equation the more youthful Paul Dummett, a left-back that makes superb forays up and down the field in the reserves, and you have another player of promise.

Dummett is already being fast-tracked by the Welsh FA in the style of Gareth Bale, who Wales trumped England to a few years ago.

Enrique has been a fantastic player for the Magpies in the last two years.

But when he arrived at the club he signed a contract to take him through until 2012, if nobody puts a bid in, then he has no choice to put up or shut up.

There are millions who would love to be in his position and thousands who pay their hard earned to see him turn out in black and white.

If he can't get a move, then he has no choice but to focus on doing the business for the Toon Army.


Has there really? said:

Has there really been a mixed reaction to enriques tweet? From what I can gather, bar the exception of MR Pardew, the reaction has been well and truely insupport of what Jose said...

Ed Begley said:

I guess it has to be gateshead-born Andy Carroll before you'd defend him. Snooze....

alex said:

does he not have a valid point though? he didnt say the team werent good enough... he said as soon as anyone comes through they are sold. and to be fair one of our best players last season has been sold to west ham!

Nice that people have faith in ferguson. But we need to see more of him... remember we all said this about huntingdon, ramage, edgar, ranger etc. Micheal chopra was meant to be the next Alan Shearer!!

John said:

If Pardew can tell us that Enrique is not committed then Enrique has the right of reply.

Please tell it how it is, not how the club pull your strings.

CATCHY said:

i understand you have to keep in with nufc chiefs ,
i think if i was in his shoes id be thinking the same, no matter who you play for or how much you get paid, pride has a big part to play,,
i get the feeling that you would like him to be more a pro like smith, someone who is just there to collect his really large pay and keep quite,
well sorry , id have a team ov enrique's over smiths every day of the week,
i wish ppl like you in your position would do your job properly, and write what you really think instead ov crap praising the club, as if nothing wrong is going on,
in many ways you are like alan smith, say the right thing and collect your money,

Rex said:

"Since then he has made it clear he wants a move and Alan Pardew has went on the record to say that on more than one occasion."

Pardew also said Carrol would not be sold, NOT AT ANY PRICE, that he was going nowhere, not in the January transfer window.

Was Pardew right about Carrol?

Is Enrique allowed to express an opinion? Is he a better player and does he command a better wage than he did when he was a 21 year old hopeful?

Marc said:

can't agree more. well said

ADEDPA said:

I think this is the best article on Enrique - he is good but not even as good as Big AL or Rob Lee, not to talk of Beardo or Asprilla so they have come played and gone. Let us try playing without him in the defence line. get faith in the young kids and bring in an experience man like W.Bridge so they can learn from him. I am tired with his attitude and think i'm going to lead some boooo boys against him soon if he doesn't keep himself quiet and leave if he wants to.

Nick said:

But there is in wIn

Driver said:

I've seen Enriqe up close and personal, have a pic of him with me 3 lads, he really is an honest person, not smug or stuck on himself as your missive would indicate. He played with great passion here in Orlando and I feel somewhat responsible meself for his tweet, simply because on numerous occasions that Saturday night, I implored him to sign a new contract.

He's class and I believe not an 'I' type person but a realistic one instead, he's read the writing on the wall after AC was driven, then sold, with Kevin being sold and wor Joey dissed by MA and DL. Did you interview him Lee? Had you done that maybe you would have sensed his real desire to stay with the TOON and this missive would read a lot different than it does.

Howay The Lads!!!

Ed said:

To be honest the reaction doesn't appear to have been particularly mixed, most fans sympathies lie with Enrique.

Let's not forget that he only became unsettled when Ashley shoved Carroll into a helicopter in January, the club then gagged the lad whilst making various claims about his contract. Surely he's entitled to respond?

Most fans will also remember that Enrique went down with us, he chose to stay and fight as part of 'an organised group who worked together'; a team that made us proud again, a team that the current regime has chosen to destroy.

His celebration when he scored against Forest showed just what Newcastle United means to him and I'm sure that if he has to see out his contract he'll do so in a professional manner and will leave the club with the best wishes of most supporters, more than could be said for our owner, MD or manager.

The saddest thing is that it wouldn't have taken much ambition on the part of the club for the whole mess to have been avoided.

* [I have to say that 'No 'I' in team' is management-speak of the worst kind; we'll be talking about 'helicopter views' and 'thought showers' next. Plus, if you check carefully you'll find that there is a 'me'...]


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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