Chance of a lifetime

By Lee Ryder on Sep 12, 11 09:54 AM

Nile Ranger was handed the chance of a lifetime by Newcastle United when he was plucked from football's scrapheap in 2008 and given the opportunity to resurrect his professional football career.

Like any young lad, the Londoner has made mistakes in his life but it would appear that he is failing to learn from them.

His lack of progress in the first team alone, having been overtaken by Sammy Ameobi, shows that.

This blog is not condoning any of Ranger's alleged recent activity but the alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear for the former England youth international.

Having watched Ranger - along with other regulars who take in the club's reserve games - move up through the ranks, there's no doubt that the striker is a talented lad who at one stage had the world at his feet.

His raw skill needs work, but there is a talent there as Alan Shearer pointed out during his short stint as boss.

It seems he has already distanced himself from England duty after his progress went backwards at Newcastle and he dropped down the pecking order.

Perhaps, some may feel it might be too late for United to put an arm around the player again.

After all, how much time do you spend bringing the best out of a player who has continued to let the fans, the club and himself down on many occasions?

Especially when there are others fighting their way up the system at the Academy.

One thing is for sure, there are players in this area and everywhere else who would swap places with Ranger and work for FREE to show they can make the grade at Newcastle United.

When Andy Carroll left for Liverpool in January, that was yet another chance for Ranger.

With Newcastle failing to bring in a striker this summer, there is another golden chance for somebody to stake a claim.

Ranger could spend the rest of his life kicking himself for wasting it.


paulathyem said:

Enough is enough for me!!! The lad has had his chances, as you say, everyone makes mistakes but Ranger seems to be on a downward spiral!! If Chris Hughton still wants him at Birmingham, let him go!!

alex said:

Times up Nile. You have blown your chance as a lifetime in professional football (not just newcastle united) where millions of people would have wanted to be in your shoes. You could have been a great player, but instead of scoring goals in the premiership and the chance to become a kids idol, you've chosen:
- Street Robery
- Drink driving arrest
- Assualt arrest
- Posing with a gun

All this while being on the verge of breaking into the first team. Now your struggling with the reserves.

Your a good role model... how not to be a professional footballer, and how to ruin a chance of a lifetime. Free transfer coming up...

Skull said:

I feel it is too late for him now to make a stake at any club! NUFC have shown patients with not only him but other players as 'troubled' as him in the past and I feel another club will be less forgiving.

His recent activities have shown he is now on a self destruct course with 2 arrests in as many weeks. Now is this due to him being cast aside by the club or as a result of his abandonment? I personally don't really care, he has a talent that he is not prepared to work on and for that I hope NUFC now terminate his contract and concentrate on the players who have ambition to be footballers and not a gangsta tooling about in their blinged up 4x4's!

Graham Southern Toon said:

How many chances was Joey given??? He is a young lad who obviously needs more than just an arm around him, the club have a duty to try and help him even if he doesnt play for us again. And after last nights performance from our strikers (If thats what they call themselves!) then I would throw him straight back in and say prove you should be here!

SimonB said:

Never mind offering him on a free. Sack him,and set an example. As for the club having a duty to try and help him, are you serious? His is a thug on superstar wages. Time for a reality check.

AldBob said:

My impression of Ranger is that he is a good runner, but doesn't know where to run to, his ball skills are very limited, he is unable to run at a defence and take them on, he might be big and tough
but that's about it, when he gets the ball he is not direct.
League 1 or 2 at best, unload.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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