The refreshing world of Leon Best

By Lee Ryder on Sep 23, 11 02:43 PM

Leon Best has had his fair share of critics since signing for Newcastle United but his goalscoring record of nine goals from 12 Premier League starts tells its own story.

The 25-year-old's attitude is refreshing in the modern game.

In many ways, he is perhaps too polite and at times not arrogant enough, if that makes sense - if he was he may have even more goals to his name.

My mind takes me back to when Best first signed for Newcastle back in January 2010.

That day, I asked him if there were any comparisons to be drawn between he and another Nottingham lad in Andy Cole.

Of course, the number 9 shirt - again vacant at the time - cropped into the conversation.

Best's reply was: "I think the number 9 shirt is one that has to be earned."

It was a certainly remark that earned instant respect.

Best could easily have waxed lyrical about the shirt and had those same quotes chucked back at him weeks later as he found it tough to get beyond Andy Carroll and Peter Lovenkrands in the first team picture in the Championship.

Footballers have the ability to often serve up mundane quotes, but when it comes to Leon Best, the Republic of Ireland international always serves up interesting conversation and good quality copy.

Toon fans would probably prefer to see Best doing it on the field, and for now that's exactly what he's doing.

Best was supposed to be up for sale this summer but worked hard in pre-season and has waited for his opportunity.

In truth, only 20 plus goals this season will earn him the number 9 shirt.

For now, Best seems happy proving his doubters wrong.

Long may it continue, because it means Newcastle will have the regular goal-getter we all craved for this summer.


Little Davey said:

Best has averaged a goal every 110 minutes for Newcastle in the Premier League and has hit the mark with 86% of his shots on target. He is more accurate in terms of getting shots on target than any other Premier League player so far this season.

Darren Reay said:

I'd much prefer a player like Bestie than a Ruiz any day of the week.

What you will get out of best is a will to improve and prove people wrong. At the end of the day goals are going to shut critics up and he is certainly doing this.g

A Ruiz would come into a team working well together and expect respect from players and fans. The thing is in this already improved team every player has to earn respect and they are. They are showing that they are good enough to bring this club forward without putting the future of this club at risk with high wages and fees.

This may sound like a wind up but I honestly think Ashley is starting to show shrewd decisions. In another 2-3 seasons this will become more apparent and more and more fans will realise this. When other teams are looking into a black hole of debt we will be miles in front of the game and teams will be looking to follow our business model.

This is just my opinion though and I realise it's not shared by half the fans.

In Pardew we trust!!!


Aldbob said:

Well a'll gan te France, Everyone at SJP well and truly proving me wrong, I am HUMBLED, but so right about LB, TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE including Coloccini,
My apologies to Monsieur Pardew.

Please keep on proving me wrong, but don't forget the Americas
for reasonably priced young talent, it is becoming a hotbed.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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