Shearer statue would be a wonderful gift to people of Newcastle

By Lee Ryder on Nov 14, 11 02:42 PM

I hear that a local sculptor is currently in talks with both Newcastle City Council and Nexus to get an Alan Shearer statue in place on St James' Boulevard.

The life-size figure is understood to be crafted by Tom Maley, who is also working on a Jackie Milburn statue, and the dream is for the statues to be in place in time for when the Olympics come to St James' Park next summer.

To Geordies, Shearer will always be classed as a black and white god on Tyneside and as top scorer in the club's history, his efforts in a black and white shirt were second to none.

His 206 goals were merely the tip of the iceberg for me, and had more players during his 10 years at St James' Park got anywhere near his efforts then we would all have enjoyed more nights in the Champions League.

I always remember one game, Crystal Palace at home in the FA Cup in 1999, when Shearer was taken out by an outrageous tackle near the Gallowgate corner.

One concerned Geordie near me, in a serious voice, yelled: "Howay man, he's all we've got man!"

It was true, at a time when Kenny Dalglish and Ruud Gullit had failed to keep together the Entertainers team, Shearer was carrying not just the hopes of a team, but the hopes of the Geordie public.

How many times could Shearer have quit SJP for a club that was guaranteed trophies year in, year out?

Yet he gave up the dream of personal glory, to try to deliver that long awaited first cup to St James'.

I for one don't buy into theory that Shearer's character is tainted after relegation in 2009.

The Geordie stepped in with just eight games left and picked up a team that contained several members who could not accept the responsibility of a relegation battle that they themselves had dug themselves into.

Crazy decisions by the United board before Shearer was appointed made it an impossible job, such as to bring in the unfit and ill-prepared Joe Kinnear while the Kevin Keegan situation before it is a painful story that speaks for itself.

Therefore, Shearer was always fighting a losing battle.

In my opinion he did not get a fair crack of the whip.

Sources close to the dressing room told me at the time that several senior members (who have now left the club) of the Newcastle team, a squad that was heavily pampered, did not buy into some of his ideas.

And by the time they had decided to listen to the words of the manager, it was too late.

Unlucky to lose 1-0 to Fulham at home, before that toothless display at Aston Villa, Newcastle were relegated and went down at Villa Park without a fight.

Shearer was never to be seen in the dugout again and is highly unlikely to under the current regime.

Now is not the time to talk about Shearer as manager, with Alan Pardew, praised in sporting fashion by Big Al recently, doing a wonderful job.

Shearer is his own man and still young enough to be a top manager in the game.

However, for me Shearer the player has yet to be matched since he hung up his boots and the number 9 shirt he once donned in true Geordie style could go on for another 10 years yet before somebody to even get near his achievements wears it.

Some day Shearer will get the chance he deserves to manage his beloved Newcastle, for now, a tribute such as a statue would be a gesture from the City Council that is long, long overdue.


Richard said:

Shearer "deserves" a chance to manage? How do you figure that? Clarke perhaps, who is willing to learn, but no some chap who site on a sofa waiting to be handed the job!

Toonarden said:

He'd better hurry up before Ashley tears down Shearer's Bar and puts up a statue of himself.
With, of course, a slot in its base for Sports Direct contributions!

Jackie W said:

Howld on ! didnt Shearer have his chance to manage us ?? I went to the games he managed us and hate to say it but he is no more a manager than I am !! Build a statue if they really need to but him and Keegan should stay in our memories and certainley not be let loose with our futures any time soon ..

Jackie W

Norm said:

If Shearer wants to be manager of Newcastle then he would gain a lot of respect ( and knowledge) if he went off and managed another club and learned his craft. If anyone didn't see he was out of his depth last time needs to go to specsavers.

seanp said:

Bee nice to see a statue of SBR as well.

Larrytoon said:

Don't get me wrong. Shearer was a fantasic player in his time and I grew up watching him play some of his best football for Newcastle.

But don't you think raising a statue of him now is a little premature? Aren't statutes for people that have come and gone (died!) and have left an indeliable mark on the club?

Think of the Bobby Robson and Bobby Moore statues, now the Jackie Milburn statue, thats a fitting tribute...but a Shearer one? Howay man, he's not even a pensioner yet.

LN2Mag said:

It is a sad state of affairs when a statue of an all time legend at SJP has to be erected on private land away from the confines of the club because of the owners disklike and bitterness towards him. As for Shearer's managerial ambitions, there is no sign whatsoever that he is cut out for management an I agree he needs to learn the ropes at a smaller club, a bit like Lee Clark (A future NUFC manager?) is doing at Huddersfield. I am sure Darlo, Gateshead or Hartlepool would love to give him a chance.

Toonchairmandave said:

I stayed at the same hotel as the team on that fateful day at Aston Villa.
Here's what I saw:
Dowie out for a run early afternoon.
The "team" sitting in little cliques in the lounge/reception area mucking about on their posh phones, Jonas sitting on his own, "management" sitting seperately (Shearer, Dowie, Hughton, Calderwood,and Baron)
After an afternoon down Broad Street, we came back to the hotel to get smartened up for the evening session then into the bar for a couple of starter drinks.
Sheare and Co. now in the bar,Hhughton at the bar getting one or two bottles of red wine(didn't see Shearer drinking mind)
The players in the lounge/reception area again drinking coffee, hardly talking to each other.
Shearer and Co then posing for photos with a wedding party.
Players with faces like smacked backsides.
We left to go into town.

Sunday Morning
Got up late but still beat Viduka down to breakfast, no sign of anyone else.

12.30 the players are in reception looking like they were on their way to the gallows.
S Taylor says he'd settle for a s*it 0-0 and just go home now (that's the spirit!)
The team heads off for a light lunch down by the canal side(contemplating jumping in by the look of some of them.)
We left totally deflated to go for a couple of pre match beers in the full knowledge that we were already a Championship side even before kick off.
Come on Shearer et al, we only needed a point because Man U were always going to beat Hull City with which ever bairns they put out but at least six of the team were already planning their next pay day or exotic holiday.
You know I'm right Alan and I'm not afraid to say you blew it big style and had no interest whatsoever in motivating those dead men walking that weekend......
I've waited two years to get this of my chest, but strangely don't feel any better for it.

Ed Spozz said:

Great player in his day, but if you want a statue, build one to honour Joe Harvey.

Flyingmags said:

Shearer statue? Why???
He doesn't deserve one now. If he did bother to get off his backside and take on a lower league club we might see some evidence that he's desperate to manage NUFC at one point in time. Sorry but I don't see him giving up a soft sofa on MOTD for a hard wooden bench in Division 2.
I don't believe he has the cahonas to do it.

Mark said:

It's ridiculous to put up statue of any player who has only just retired and whose current job is to sit on a sofa chatting.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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