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By Lee Ryder on Nov 11, 11 11:31 AM

Attempting to change the name of St James' Park was always going to go down like a lead balloon on Tyneside, and inevitably the idea has been met with universal disapproval in the city.

Even the Newcastle City Council have got involved on this one with Henri Murison commenting: "While the council values its relationship with the club it has no plans to change any existing way-finding signs which bear the name St James' Park."

And from what we know the Metro station will also be staying as St James'.

It will also still be known as St James' Park on the pages of the Chronicle.

We can all see the idea of extra money coming into the club, and if that happens it has to classed as a positive - if the fans are going to see the value of it on the pitch.

But for those fans it will always be St James' Park.

All of this has been an unwanted distraction for Newcastle fans at a time when they should be enjoying the buzz from being third in the table.

Don't forget it was only six days ago that United levelled the record of the Entertainers team from 94/95 to equal the best start to a Premier League campaign!

Throughout everything that has gone on at St James' Park this year, one thing has stayed the same.

Toon supporters have really got behind their side and on the football side of things (the most important part of NUFC) they have really tapped into what Alan Pardew is trying to do.

Long may that continue, and despite tough times ahead, for example Man City and Man United away up next, I can't see that great support buckling anytime soon.


spence said:

I also think that opinion will be fairly unanimous in that any cash generated from sponsorship will not materialise on the pitch. Most fans are already canny certain that there will be no corporate sponsor- this is the sportsdirect show don't you know?

Chris Gray said:

St James’ Park for me will always be the Leazes End, the Gallowgate End, the Popular side, the centre and wing paddocks and the Main Stand (with the old grey press box up above it). All that disappeared long ago, fading away like a trail of cigarette smoke from Joe Harvey’s dugout. Not a brick of it remains. But it’s still the Gallowgate end. The Leazes End is now the Sir John Hall Stand in name, but in spirit it’s still the Leazes End. To me anyway. So what is St James’ Park ? It’s like my grandfather’s axe. My father replaced the head and I replaced the handle. Is it still my grandfather’s axe ? Of course it is – the idea of it remains. And whatever they call SJP matters not – what is important is the idea, and the memories – and what’s even more important is the team on the pitch. In my time 20-odd managers (some very odd) have failed to bring success to St James’ Park – not really very much tradition there when you think about it. Hopefully Pardew might bring a trophy to the club – and I personally don’t really mind whether he brings it back to the ToyRus Arena and parades it up and down in front of the Denis Wise Stand. I really don’t.

Mike said:

I had to let the disappointment at the re-naming of our beloved St James Park subside before writing this comment.
Yet again a slap in the face to the loyal toon army from Ashley and Co. Do any of the supporters, and I'm talking genuine long standing supporters, honestly think we are going to see any of the money for the naming rights being spent on players? Deep in our hearts we know it's just not going to happen.
Ashley and Co. are like most other businessmen, money is their only friend.
To me it is very obvious that Ashley, Lambias and cronies very astute when it comes to the cost of things, but have no idea when it comes to the value of them, a names is sometimes pricless, but you would sell it for a mere £10m.
Do you really think with all of the negative publicity surrounding this anyone will want to buy the naming rights? You can make millions, even billions and you will have wealth Mr Ashley, but everyday I speak to dozens of people in the course of my day and earn less money than it probaly costs to even heat your houses for a year, but I will always be richer than you because I have the friendship and respect of those around me, I don't have to buy it! You have wealth but no class. You may be a billionaire, but in reallity you are still a barrow boy looking to make his next pound. I believe in Karma Mr Ashley, what goes around comes around, life has a way of balancing things out, so for your own dignity and self respect, please change the name back.

rich said:

I wonder if the bookie stan james is interested. That could work!

Mal said:

I doubt if any sponsor will take it on because of the bad publicity surrounding it. So we may be stuck with the SD Arena for some time - although there's only MA, DL and the official web site who'll recognise it as such.
What we really want is a sposor who'll buy the shirt and stadium rights but is happy to only have their name on our shirts and leave the name as St James' Park - they would get a lot of very positive publicity and a fortune in extra business from grateful toon fans.

Ash said:

Just a quick suggestion, with Northern Rock ending their sponsorship with immediate effect, would fans be happy putting the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation on our shirts while waiting for a sponsor to come in? This will give the charity world wide advertising for this serious cause, if not you all know we will end up with SD on our shirts until that new sponsor comes in. Get behind this suggestion this could repair some bridges in the view of the footballing world

toonchairmandave said:

It's a pity Sid James wasn't still alive to sponsor the ground,
(you have to say it quickly!)


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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