There is a light that never goes out

By Lee Ryder on Jan 11, 12 01:09 PM

They say for some the light will never go out, and for Andy Carroll and Newcastle United I think it's safe to suggest that will always be the case as long he's on the professional football circuit.

We're well into football's silly season now as far as the transfer window is concerned, and after waking up to a round of speculation that Carroll is to be offered the chance to head back to Newcastle, no sooner had many of us finished off our cereal, the claims had been denied by sources at both Liverpool and United.

It hasn't been a bed of roses for Carroll at Liverpool.

He arrived at Anfield with an injury, struggled to get into Kenny Dalglish's team on a regular basis and has not enjoyed being a regular scorer like he was at United in the last couple of years.

Liverpool fans - rightly or wrongly - expect the best at Anfield, and due to that Carroll has been targeted by the boo boys.

Those same boo boys have failed to appreciate that, like all big units up front, Carroll thrives on service from the flanks to provide a flurry of crosses that will leave defences in all sorts of trouble.

But, for some reason Liverpool have not played to his strengths with Carroll not teamed enough with Stewart Downing - one of the best crossers of the ball in my view - meaning he has often looked isolated and unloved.

Inevitably, this has led to talk that Carroll is unsettled in front of the Kop and talk being bandied around that an escape route is possible back to Tyneside.

Believe what you want, but whether it's this window the next window or during a different era all together, the sight of Carroll back in a black and white shirt is one that nobody should rule out.


One said:

Two points I disagree with in this post Lee.

1. I don't think Carroll has been "targeted by boo boys" at Liverpool, I still think he's getting a lot of support even though things haven't gone all that well for him.

2. I am yet to see Stewart Downing put one quality cross in for anyone in his time at Liverpool. Although he has pace, he never gets to the byline to put in a cross, he always cuts and usually attempts to play a poor ball into the box.

I don't blame Carroll for his poor form at Liverpool, I think they spent the money too quickly when Torres was sold, Suarez was already in the bag at that stage and they should have kept the money they spent on Carroll until the Summer. His style of play doesn't suit the way Liverpool want to play and unless they learn to play to his strengths he will always look out of place in the team and in time will be sold on.

But it's still early, he's still young and with Suare out for a while now is the time to utilise Carroll, although I think the quality service will be coming from Bellamy rather then Downing.

Ginola said:

I think we've changed our game too much to have Carroll back. I prefer the way we play at the moment and i can't see Obertan providing the kind of crosses that Barton used to produce.

Saying that i think he'd woprk well with Ba and is a much better player then Ameobi. I just feel, as good as Carroll was for us, he made us play quite 1 dimentionally.

Dont you agree?

Faustino said:

I don't entirely agree with Ginola. ALthough our style of play has definitely changed, its more fluent and relies on pace more, there are still many times during gaes that Ba drops into the gap between the forwards and midfielders to collect the ball, hold it up and link up play, before getting on the move into the box. This is the kind of play that Knockout was excellent at during the first half of last season. He has excellent feet, and is strong.
Whether the two play players could coexist is up for discussion, but I believe they could.
It won't happen, but I'd take him back tomorrow for anywhere between 10-15 million.

Tony Poolan said:

Why would we want him back?

As has already been said we play a different type of game now. Demba Ba is a much better all-round footballer and is a natural goalscorer as we've seen so far this season and his record at West Ham in a struggling side proved that also. (I just hope we keep him!). Can't see Andy scoring the variety of goals Demba does or scoring as often.

Yes we need another striker - Leon tries hard but is he a long-term option, Shola will never get any better - but we need a complementary striker to Demba.

When Carroll left he was new, raw and defenders didn't know what to do with him. Looking at him now he doesn't look as dangerous and and quite frankly seems cumbersome.

Playing them together - I think he would cramp Demba Ba's style and we would be less effective.

My opinion anyway.

Never go back!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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