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The grey skies that have hovered above St James's Park this season have continued to clear with Dennis Wise now a goner at Gallowgate.

On the same day Alan Shearer emerged as the Toon's new boss, Wise's controversial role as transfer chief is now well and truly at an end to the delight of Geordie fans.

Shearer has always maintained he would not work under a director of football and it looks like Wise's departure was all part of the deal for Big Al returning to the club as boss.

It may not be the news that Newcastle United fans were looking for but at least the future (well until the end of the season) is a little clearer following the full-time appoinment of Joe Kinnear.

Most Newcastle fans don't blame Kinnear for what the mess that has unfolded at St James's Park this season.

And although Mike Ashley tried to get Kevin Keegan to come back just hours before the protest game against Hull City, the longer things dragged on - the less likely a return seemed to be.

Takeover hopes also appear to be fading fast and doubts whether interested parties were really that serious kicked in some time ago.

So in the end it was textbook performance but not textbook as in how to win a football match and take three Premier League points from Chelsea.

No, this was how to defend, how to frustrate and how to make sure a team picks up a point when they so desperately need it.

I put my hands up, I didn't give Newcastle United a chance at Stamford Bridge and without being negative I did fear a hammering, four, five or at one point six or seven until I calmed down and had a word with myself.

Jeff StellingSo Newcastle United are officially a laughing stock then, we are the biggest joke in football and our fans have no right to demand success, trophies or even aspire to top four place?

Once again our friends in the south have given it to Newcastle United fans with both barrels even though none of the current mess has much to do with them, most of the stick flying around stems from the appointment of one of London's favourite sons Dennis Wise being appointed back in January.

Now though with outsiders - a lot of them who probably don't stray beyond Jeff Stelling, Charlie Nicholas and Paul Merson on a Saurday - having a good old go at Newcastle, perhaps as a moment of light relief it's worth taking a LIGHT HEARTED (well you have to laugh at yourself don't you?) look at why most other football clubs are just as bad.

KEVIN Keegan taking his seat in the dugout against Hull City next Saturday may well sound like something out of movie but let's be honest after the week we've had it just can't be ruled out.

Pictures of Mike Ashley guzzling champagne in New York in the Pink Elephant have left a sour taste in the mouth for Toon fans with the shots taken while the Keegan storm was in full swing 3,000 miles away on Tyneside.

And as the rain lashes down on a depressed and blue city back here in Newcastle the feeling from many is that Ashley's position has became untenable.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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